Parfum de Maroc
    by Aftelier

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    When I was a kid, I had a difficult relationship with fingerpainting. I loved how the gobs of paint would interact with each other, creating amazing new hues and designs. With every new color, things would get more intricate and amazing. But then, I'd add one color too many and smear everything just a little bit too much and my beautiful abstract swirls of color would all mix together into brown sludge. Any further mixing just made it worse. Any more colors added just made more sludge.

    There's a specific category of natural essential oil perfumes that always make me think of that brown sludge. Around the edges, I can smell bright shards of beautiful flowers, interesting spices, and deep resins, but it all seems to come together in a sort of brown sludge. It's a certain mix of sweet resins + incense + flowers that vaguely reminds me of fish food next to a pissy hamster cage, but weirdly floral and sweet, a smell that always makes me think of fingerpainting and how it probably would have smelled way more magical with a few less ingredients.

    I am by no means trying to single out Parfum De Maroc - this is an entire genre of essential oil perfumes and pretty much every natural perfumer and attar maker has one in their line. This is simply Aftelier's. I still hold Mandy Aftel in high esteem - she has some truly interesting perfumes in her line, she's quite well respected, and her home-brewed essential oils are the stuff of legend. I just don't like Parfum de Maroc. Sorry...

    Neutral rating because I simply can't bring myself to give a thumbs down to an indie perfumer who's in it for the love and the artistic expression.

    29 June, 2012

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    Sultry, deep, full of self-respect.....Frankincense and rose! But not too musty or wistful.I love it. Being a natural perfume, it requires re-application, and no worries about punching people out with your sillage, which can be quite a bonus in this era of scent-sensitive public. And I mean no offense, I had my days of swaggering around in a cloud of Angel. This is sort of the opposite.

    22 March, 2010

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