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Courvoisier L'Edition Impériale (2006)
by Courvoisier


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyKraft International Marketing

About Courvoisier L'Edition Impériale

Courvoisier L'Edition Impériale is a masculine fragrance by Courvoisier. The scent was launched in 2006

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Reviews of Courvoisier L'Edition Impériale

Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
First of all, I'm only rating this positive if you got it at a steep discount and you like this kind of scent (in the Baldessarini Ambre range). For the first half hour or so, it's all over the map, and I had trouble getting a sense of what it was, but it wasn't good, AFAIC. However, this lasts a long time and after an hour or so it smells quite nice, though rather blended. There's a bit of tea, a touch of amber, etc. Later on, I get perhaps a pine/violet raising the heavier elements up, so to speak. Projection/sillage is moderate, and seems to come in rather gentle wafts (I've only tried the EdT). I imagine that the next time I try it, I'll be able to detect more, and possibly enjoy it more. Interestingly, I didn't get much if any of a boozy quality, though others have mentioned that it pervades the composition.
21st May, 2015
Love at first sniff. Blind brought this and glad I did. Starts out slightly boozy and sweet. Slightly powdery. The cedar kicks in with a nice touch of amber. Longevity is about 8 hours. Purchased for around $50.00. The leather and violet are noticeable in this also. 8/10
19th October, 2014 (last edited: 23rd October, 2014)
Sometimes great fragrances are completely under the radar which is really good!
This is a solid fragrance from an unknown brand that really surprised me!
The opening is a very brutal yet complex and high quality scent, mixed of amber, spices, leather, vetiver and some floral notes.
It's warm, ambery, semi sweet and sensual with soft boozy feeling.
There is a strong dose of coriander to make the opening very spicy and brutal.
The leather note is very smooth with touch of animalic feeling (animalic only at the beginning)
The tagetes note give the scent a light powdery floral feeling which is very elegant.
I can smell a smooth earthy aroma beside all these notes that give the scent more character.
It's a very complex scent.
As time goes by the spicy coriander settles down and leather become stronger plus a little stronger floral notes.
The mid and base are semi sweet and warm, bitter leathery and spicy scent with noticeable amount of powdery floral notes.
The scent has a classic leathery/powdery/floral vibe with modern twist that is awesome.
Projection is good and longevity is around 6 hours on my skin.
Good one!
05th May, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States

Nice opening. slightly fruity/spicy..

Then the cedar amber combo takes over with a strong background of Cognac..

Longevity and sillage are above average..

the price has also dramatically dropped..

a great alternative to Pure Malt and Frapin

Pros: lasts awhile- original
Cons: Pure Malt is better"

10th October, 2013
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
{Review of EdP} Essentially i agree with Swanky's review below. A complex, warm boozy amber with a hefty dollop of fir balsam to offset the sweetness. It smells more expensive than it is. The 'cognac' note lasts remarkably well. Overall longevity of the EdP is good, although it does wear close to the skin. Great for autumn and winter. Nice chunky bottle. Comparable to DS2's Potion and Lutens' 5 O'Clock au Gingembre.
04th October, 2012 (last edited: 08th October, 2012)
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
I guess I'm one of the few rubes with a dissenting opinion on L'Edition. I think it's a good fragrance. For the niche presentation, one might expect a great one and I agree that it is overpriced at the retail $110 (but if we are honest most fragrances probably are overpriced). I got my bottle for a significant discount so I've mitigated that problem.

As for the fragrance itself, it's a classically built gentlemen's club aroma. The peaty and spicy opening suggests brandy and cigars. The subsequent wood and leather notes pay homage to the leather seating and bookcases of a study/sitting room. Those who enjoy Havana and similarly complex old-school fragrances may be intrigued by Courvoisier's rendition.

So often these days a very sweet amber is introduced at the drydown and undoes any goodwill that may have been engendered. Mercifully, Courvoisier sidesteps this error by adding vetiver and fir balsam. The fir especially lasts to the end so the perfume never becomes sugary and cloying. The Eau de Parfum designation may promise a powerhouse and sillage monster but as most observers have noted, L'Edition Imperiale is restrained. I do get substantial longevity with this one but the low boil simmer may fool one into thinking it has disappeared. I keep getting whiffs of it throughout the day.

Now that the smoke has cleared, perhaps this maligned perfume might get another look from the fragrancehunters.
25th June, 2012

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