Fleur du Male (2007)
    by Jean Paul Gaultier

    Fleur du Male Fragrance notes

    Orange Blossom, Petitgrain leaf, Coumarin, Fern accord

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    You hate it or you love it

    This is very weird i smell some kind of addictive medicine i used to have as a kid,
    maybe its the strange smell of chamomile in it what makes this so floral sensual and bright! its addictive and i need to buy it as im using a tester.
    Need to walk outside with it to enjoy its aura.
    Need more wearing time to really review it but my first opininion is strangely good and i like it.
    Not for everybody thats for sure buts there are not many scents like this!
    Well done JPG!

    Pros: Unique and intriging
    Cons: Other may dislike it by its weirdness"

    23 August, 2013

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    Bulgaria Bulgaria

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    It's too....strong and floral. This is the kind of stuff that triggers people with allergies, I got complaints from wearing this.

    12 May, 2013

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    This is pretty foul to my nose. Smells like a cross of some Calvin Klein synthetic fresh scent with the most heavy ylang ylang and rotten fruit. Sickly sweet combined with sharp, fresh ozone and coumarin. Really a let down, and I can't wash it off! It sticks like glue!

    15 February, 2013

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    Singapore Singapore

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    The opening accord smells a lot like bug spray, with what passes for a soapish plastic-ky orange blossom note over a bitter-sweet coumarinic base. But it mellows out to a rather intriguing blend of florals and plastics. No surprises then that FLEUR du MALE loses the popularity contest on the designer front as it takes you out of your comfort zone into unfamiliar territory.

    The concept however is unquestionably brilliant even if it does seem a little too far ahead in the game for its own good. FLEUR du MALE is a daring interpretation of the masculine flower, eschewing the typically lush feminine floral aspects in favor of the soapy and the indolic, and grafting it atop a traditionally masculine fougère. Too bad its execution while competent appears hamstrung by the allocated budget.

    Projection and sillage are both top notch, a lighter application bringing out the best. Not the easiest of beasts to work with but it offers a rare treat to the few who appreciate its strengths. And perhaps brings a smile or two to bug-spraying ex-mozzie hunters like me.

    13 February, 2013

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    Flowers. Sweet flowers. This should be called "Flowerbomb" instead of V&R's one. Deep and sweet, tends to be more feminine. Lasting power, sillage and projection are hazardously high. Thumbs up!

    19 December, 2012

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    Turkey Turkey

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    Wow, a strong fragrance indeed. Sillage & longevity monster. The orange blossom notes are somewhat close to overripe fruits and the vanille & sweet notes makes this fragrance very close to a very feminine side. I can't imagine anyone emptying up a 125 ml bottle :) Careful, very easy to overspray.

    06 December, 2012 (Last Edited: 18 December, 2012)

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