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About Coconut

Coconut is a feminine perfume by Body Shop.

Reviews of Coconut

Oil version: When I had it I loved it, but soon I got very tired by the sweet scent. People said they were reminded of wax, surfing wax :/ Made me uncomfortable.

*Edit: Now I have the body spray version and combined with TBS Mango body spray it is a winner for summer and spring. Its fine radiance is not too tropical and not too overwhelming. It is a must for layering!

I can definitly recommend this to those who wants to smell like a feminine fresh fruit with exotic touch.
12th March, 2013 (last edited: 15th June, 2016)
I love the scent of coconut, however I do not like this fragrance.

If this fragrance had been strictly coconut and vanilla I would have died and gone to heaven, but the notes of coriander and sandalwood destroyed this scent for me.

I was searching for a foody and delicious coconut, but instead this fragrant oil has more of a tropical feel with added spices. It's not terrible, but it's not what I expected. Perhaps I should learn to test fragrances without having high expectations prior to smelling.

26th April, 2011
Top notes: - Coconut, coriander and coconut milk.
Middle notes: - Coconut
Base notes: - Coconut, vanilla and milky sandalwood.

As you can see, it certainly contains Coconut. The Coriander, Vanilla and Sandalwood give this a beautiful, sweet, creamy twist. Think of holidays in the sun and Hawaii'n Tropic Sun Tan oil and you've got it.

Now I suppose I should deal with the fact that I'm wearing it (I'm a guy). Let's be clear, this is a Female fragrance traditionally but I'm a sucker for anything that reeks of Coconut which means I wear this, I love it and I just don't care ;-)

It comes in a tiny 15ml bottle and is Perfume Oil. I promise you, one dab behind each ear and one dab on either wrist and you will be set for the day! The price belies the strength and quality of this. It's so economical. My method of applying fragrance is the usual 3 spritz chest routine so doing the dabbing thing was new to me. I did it and couldn't really smell anything. Then I left home for work and on my way in, suddenly it appeared out of nowhere. Not in a dominating, fanfare-ish kind of way but like the tide of a clear blue sea coming in very slowly.

It comes supported by a range of great products including Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Body Butter, Moisturising Lotion. All smell incredible and all have a great price.

I think Men can actually pull this off but it needs to be done with care. Apply very sparingly so it's just in the background and I think you'll not only get away with it but also notice a very different, strangely interested response from the people around you.

For the ladies, you can go mad with it and you'll smell beautiful regardless.

This to me is summer holidays overseas in a bottle. To try it is to fall for it's tropical, sun kissed, cocktails by the beach style charms. It's so good, you could almost pour it over Ice and sip it.

Seriously, give it a go!
07th June, 2010

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