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Blue Amber
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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Blue Amber

Blue Amber is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

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I'm not sure where the "blue" descriptor comes from, as this strikes me as an amber/vanilla mix that, while not specifically warm, isn't cool or fresh, either. Nonetheless Blue Amber is another great entry by Montale that is starting to show me their versatility, as the only other two fragrances of theirs that I've tried are ouds.

Its dry down comes quickly (any bergamot wore for me were off in 15 minutes) and vanilla emerges as more dominant than the amber through most of its longevity, which is solid. It''s very strong on projection like Black Aoud or Red Aoud, and is very dense and therefore a reasonable value for a higher-priced fragrance. I'm not sure I could pull this off in the summer so I'd tentatively have to classify this as a cold weather day/night option.

7 out of 10
03rd June, 2015 (last edited: 04th June, 2015)
Ambers, and especially vanillic ambers, are the comfort blankets of the perfume world for me, so I have to constantly be on guard against my Pavlovian response to them (basically, sit, roll over, and present tummy for rubbing), otherwise I’d end up with ten bottles of minute variations on the same theme. My response to Blue Amber’s big, dopey play-dough amber is initially the predictable one – I want to roll around in it. Done in the Montale style – rich, slightly synthetic, and none too subtle – it has the potential to be someone’s baby bear porridge of the amber category. Weight-wise, it sits between the sheer woody-rose amber of Histories de Parfums’ Ambre 114 and the heavier, more aromatic Ambre Precieux by MPG. Blue Amber is nicely balanced - its toffee and whiskey opening is cut with a huge dose of that icy bergamot oil Montale uses in their aoud compositions, and a big saltmarsh vetiver note in the base adds a pleasing shot of brine. Salt and lemon are very effective palate cleansers. Still, my wallet is safe. It is very nice but, in the end, nothing exceptional. Ambre 114 satisfies me on the sheer amber side, and Ambre Russe is my heavy hitter for winter. Having established – after much trial and error – my North and my South of the amber territory, I am finding it easier to dismiss contenders that fall in the middle.
23rd February, 2015
Surprisingly decent for being a Montale, a nice and well executed dusty-velvety ambery scent with a hint of citrus on a dry and dark woody base. Simple, compelling, slightly nostalgic and even a bit baroque, following the austere heritage of classic ambers à la Ambre Precieux. It quite lacks in class and "personality" to even compete with them, and show a bit of synthetic nuances (a sort of rubbery-medicinal feel) but it's not bad at all. As minutes pass it develops a vanilla-ambery accord, always a bit medicinal, but mellow and pleasant. Nice soft drydown. More than decent!

06th August, 2014
Genre: Oriental

There's been plenty of enthusiasm over Blue Amber here on Basenotes, and I've been eager to try it. The Montale fragrances I've worn haven't all appealed to me, but most of them have been daring and distinctive. I enjoy amber as a note, but most of the amber-based scents I've worn have been far too sweet for me. I'd hoped that Blue Amber would be less syrupy than the Serge Lutens/Chistopher Sheldrake offerings, while displaying some of the accustomed Montale flair.

The good news: it's not too sweet. The bad news: it's not all that exciting, either. The amber in Blue Amber is very dominant, but it has a certain crisp, briny qaulity about it that keeps it from becoming icky-sweet. It's a subtle scent on me, and within a half an hour settles down into a soft amber/vanilla skin scent that's attractive, but devoid of sillage or projection.

All in all, it's OK, but no more daring than L'Artisan Parfumeur's L'Eau d'Ambre or Ambre Extreme. A letdown after all the buzz.
10th June, 2014
Another great amber based fragrance which is not the best for me, but it's one of my favorites!
The opening is a heavy resinous and sweet (not too sweet) scent with some spices in the background.
It's not a very unique or different type of opening. it's like many other amber based fragrances out there, but it's quality and really heavy and great.
As time goes by, the scent become sweeter in the vanilla way and a heavy and sharp herbal note kicked in. you can still smell that resinous amber scent but it's not strong like the opening.
The sharp and herbal note looks like to be coriander, but I think patchouli and geranium notes are much more prominent than coriander!
In the base, the strong sweet vanilla scent settled down and turned to a semi sweet, creamy and sensual scent with some spices from coriander in the background.
Projection is great and longevity is awesome.
It's definitely unisex, but a little more on feminine side!
16th February, 2014
Deep, masculine amber

Opening: Vanilla, Amber (of course), and some Spice. Rich and powerful--a few drops will radiate out 7-10 feet.

Middle: The vanilla and amber persist as the spice recedes to the background. Patchouli begins to assert itself.

Dry down: Deep, brown vanilla. Amber is still present, though weakened. I am surprised that the Patchouli never became a dominant note.

What an intriguing scent, so different from the Aoud-based Montales! It is powerfully masculine to my nose, with an explosive sillage. There is complexity here, to be sure, but no ostentation. It is the complexity of a male tiger--danger, strength, opacity, millions of years of a finely tuned instinct for violence and predation. This is not a fragrance for peacocks.

Though there is no musk in Blue Amber, the fragrance somehow mimics its effect. The interplay of vanilla and deep, deep amber perhaps.

Most fragrances tend to die on my skin rather quickly. Not Blue Amber. The only other that has this kind of staying power on my body is Original Santal.

Scent: 3/5

Longevity: 5/5

Sillage 5/5

Pros: explosive sillage
Cons: possibly too much vanilla for some; linear

24th June, 2013

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