by Jacques Evard

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    I do like Thallium but it has nothing special that puts it aside the sea of fragrances out there. Sweet amber dominates from the get go being more fruity at the opening and woodier at drydown.
    A pleasant perfume that will not get you noticed. If you are looking something that sets you apart from the crowd, this is not what you are looking for.
    Thumbs up for the scent itself, thumbs down for being so unexceptional, therefore it gets a neutral overall from me.

    05 January, 2014

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    Thallium Black is a recent addition to my wardrobe but a good one, I must add. It is sweet without being overly so, and has a lingering appeal that is quite pleasing. It is comforting and projects pleasantly to passers by. Get it while it remains inexpensive. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

    28 January, 2013

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    THIS REVIEW IS FOR THALLIUM BLACK since it isn't in the directory
    I found this on a shelf of discount fragrances in a mall. SA spritzed a card, and I left sniffing it. WOW, I really like it for a discount fragrance. I wouldn't pay more than $25 for It, but It is astringent, sweet, and projects. Sort of reminds me of the opening notes of YSL L'Homme Libre. Longevity is about 4-5hrs on me, which isn't bad considering I paid under $20.

    21st October, 2012 (Last Edited: 18 December, 2012)

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    This one is definately a sleeper. Don't let the cheap price fool ya! This one smells better than frags 4x the price. Longevity is good, scent is good, and it's inexpensive. What more could you ask for?

    Update: I just smelled Dior Homme for the first time in Sephora. Yeah I know, I should have tried this a long time ago. Thallium and Dior Homme smell exactly the same on my skin. You got to compare these two. I was very surprised at this. The only way I recognized this is because I wore Thallium yesterday. Even more of a reason to try this one folks.

    01st October, 2012 (Last Edited: 16 October, 2012)

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    Its a light, pleasant, airy smell will surprising sillage as I can smell it within 30 ft of the mall kiosk. I love the bottle, color of the juice, and spray mechanism. It's scent reflects the juice in that it has a light, fresh smell with vanillic overtones and a fruity underscore thats just everso present. I wanted to get this just to have for novelty sake but would I actually wear it? Possibly but not often enough. It smells very "European" as it were.

    02 July, 2011

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    Funny how SmellyNinja said 'Just don't get swindled paying full designer house price at a mall kiosk.' because thats exactly how I found it and I overpaid for it as well.

    If you got an extra $20, this might be a safe blind buy. There is nothing to really hate about this EDT, but there is nothing really to rave about either.
    I like to spray down my sheets with this to sleep in. The spray mechanism is great.

    It's good for work because it won't choke out the person in the next cubicle, and it doesn't come off as trying to hard, and you don't smell like you just came from the club and went to work.


    20th January, 2011

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