Thallium Sport
    by Jacques Evard

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    Nice budget fragrance.

    First impression was a mix of the two Avon fragrances Derek Jeter Driven and Derek Jeter Black. Which smells like a fruity Acqua Di Gio with a Le Male tonka sweetness. Not too sweet which is where this separates itself from the original Thallium. Very casual fragrance that would be great for a high schooler or college student. Can't really see this getting a lot of wearings from a more experienced nose. The reason being is that this and pretty much every thallium fragrance is a big clump of notes. There's almost no note separation so it makes it smell very synthetic. Nice budget fragrance.

    Pros: Great price. Versatile. Smells good.
    Cons: For it's price range nothing is negative."

    22 July, 2013

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    Believe me on this one, you can't beat a fragrance like this FOR THE PRICE! It's not like you're settling for a frag just because its a low price ($20.00). This juice smells good. If you paid twice the price you wouldn't be disappointed.

    20th September, 2012

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    great sweet sporty fresh scent that gets compliments

    29 February, 2012

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    Not bad. It smells wonderful for the first hour, and then, it just disappears. It's great for preteen boys, because it's subtle, yet sweet. But, I wouldn't pay $40 for another bottle.

    20th March, 2010

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    To me this stuff should have been the normal Thallium, but since Thallium was already around they had to add something marketable to the end and they chose SPORT. It's really not that sporty, but that's not a bad thing, it's a very good thing. It's the better fragrance of the two in my eyes and I own both of them. They are readily available and cheap online and are apparently made in Paris.

    Some friendly Indians at the local mall own a Fragrance Hut store and they recommended it to me. I was curious what kinds of cheap cologne they would try to overcharge and get me to buy. They showed me 2 Thalliums and I have to say Thallium Sport is the best over regular Thallium. The Indian's said it was one of their favorites and I believe it. This stuff is surprisingly great. It's Citrusy sweet but not too sharp or tart, it's a light citrus and then there is some greens and florals in the opening as well as exotic spices. It must have some interesting spices because it's hard to describe, maybe some anise?. It doesn't seem to be very chemical to my nose, nothing about it is hard to take in or headache causing for me. It's pleasant the whole way through. I'm not really detecting very much wood, but I am detecting some amber, vanilla and musk in the base. For a sporty scent, I'm happy with the longevity of the top and middle notes which are definitely the best part. I would say they last a good 2-3 hours on me before the base is all that's left. But since it's so cheap, I don't mind carrying the bottle around in my car. The base is a very warm slightly sweet vanilla scent that is similar to the dry down of normal Thallium. It's a bit boring, but not entirely horrible. Whereas normal Thallium's base is a bit too sweet, the Sport version is just right. I would recommend this scent for anytime of the day and year. It's currently winter here in Utah and I love it. The Vanilla aroma just rolls around 3 hours in and makes me feel warm on cold days. I would say the sillage is pretty strong for the first 2 hours actually, and still fairly strong after it calms down into the base notes for another hour.

    Good job to Jacques Evard and everyone else involved with Thallium for making such a great inexpensive fragrance.

    28 January, 2010

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    great sporty scent very green, well blended citrus and just enough floral, woods and outdoor feel to be invigorating
    highly reccomended

    25 August, 2009

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