Ailleurs et Fleurs (2006)
    by Different Company

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    Ailleurs et Fleurs Fragrance Notes

    Ailleurs et Fleurs information

    Ailleurs et Fleurs is a unisex fragrance by Different Company. The scent was launched in 2006

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    A floaty jasminic note (divested of all animal passion and muck) hovers over a background reminiscent of Les Neriades' lovely Vert l'Eau. Pretty tempting stuff for summer, except like many Diffferent Company offerings this has little projection and even less staying power.

    05 June, 2012

    mnaonbn's avatar

    United States United States

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    Per TDC's website, the composition (at least partially) is as follows:

    Top Notes: Elder Tree Flower, Bitter Orange, Mandarin.
    Middle Notes: Lime blossom, Star Anise.
    Base Notes: Tuberose, Musk.

    Anyway, this opens with bright orange and a bit of petitgrain (even though the TDC makes no mention of it). The opening almost immediately yields to what I perceive as orange blossom (again, even though TDC makes no mention of it). The middle then mingles with a moderate dose of musk until the finish, which I could swear is capped off by sandalwood. I do not get any anise or tuberose, and I cannot speak to the elder tree flower since I am unfamiliar with it. (Incidentally, although tuberose is usually classified as a middle note, it can indeed qualify as a base note given its volatility.)

    Ultimately, I am unimpressed. I wish that perfumers would realize that when you combine citrus (especially orange) with even a moderate amount of musk, it often ends up smelling like laundry detergent (i.e., because laundry detergent primarily uses fresh and floral notes with lots of musk notes).

    For much superior orange blossom/neroli perfumes, try Frederic Malle's Lys Mediterranee, Le Labo's Neroli 36, Bond No. 9's Fire Island, and Jo Malone's Orange Blossom.

    04 April, 2012 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2012)

    Amos Jolthead's avatar

    United States United States

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    Starts out with a blend of some floral notes and basically stays there as far as I can tell. Some say it's tuberose or white flowers, and I'll go with that because I don't know my flower scents well enough to really say what specific notes are in this. There are at least two flowers in this - I can make that out. The scent itself is nice and is blended makes me want to go cavort around in a random field or something weird. This is listed as a unisex, but personally I find this too feminine for my tastes. The sillage isn't too strong, and the longevity isn't that great either. I got some random wiffs after a couple of hours, but it was kind of here and there and it still smelled like the top notes. I couldn't even tell you what's in the middle or base notes because it's rather linear on me. So, the rather feminine aroma, the short lasting power, and the rather expensive price tells me this is probably a thumbs down.

    04 December, 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    Nice but unremarkable blend of orange blossoms and neroli with a slight tuberose presence. Mannered, discreet, inoffensive...anything but distinctive. The fragrance per se smells fine but there's nothing particularly interesting in it. Botloads of better options at any price range out there...

    Zero sillage, weak lasting power.


    29 October, 2011

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    United States United States

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    D'AILLEURS ET FLEURS is another friendly floral offering from The Different Company. This one smells to me like a pleasing mélange of white flowers and linden blossom—whatever the precise floral notes are supposed to be, they blend together in this composition fairly seamlessly.

    Of the perfumes of this type familiar to me, Ineke AFTER MY OWN HEART may come closest to conveying this same aesthetic, at least by its dry down (the opening of the Ineke is quite different and more enticing to me...). D'AILLEURS ET FLEURS is a subtle, feminine, and politely floral perfume with an innocent feeling to it. But the politeness is completely natural and sincere, like that of a young child before achieving the age of guile and commencing down the spiral to corruption as he fights tooth and nail to climb the social ladder.

    Basically, this is springtime in a bottle, but not really better than many other perfumes of the same type.

    25 August, 2011

    Oh_Hedgehog's avatar

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Bigarade orange and neroli up top. A tuberose at heart. Along with a timid little musk follows a lifeless drydown of the indistinct white floral variety. Initially pretty; then pretty dull.

    29 December, 2010

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