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Sunset Heat for Men (2006)
by Escada


Sunset Heat for Men information

Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Sunset Heat for Men

Sunset Heat for Men is a masculine fragrance by Escada. The scent was launched in 2006

Reviews of Sunset Heat for Men

Sunset Heat for Men is a fresh and fruity tropical scent, that smells like a lot of other things but at the same time it's kinda unique. It sort of reminds me of a cocktail shaker/Bloody Mary meshed into a men's fragrance, and I'm glad they didn't add any cilantro or cumin to screw it up! Maybe it's that lavender - whatever it is, it's nice, and I now understand the meaning of "fizzy" in a fragrance. Nice woods in the drydown. Lasts for a decent amount of time and has moderate sillage. For the low price tag, Sunset Heat for Men is not bad. Cool neon-looking 80's throwback bottle, too!

Strictly casual, by the way.
03rd January, 2011
Redleg Show all reviews
United States
Very tropical fruity with admittedly little depth. A fun scent that I like to wear (appropriately enough) in the summer in casual settings. The girls like it, but I'll probably look for something else once this bottle is out.
21st July, 2010
This is actually a tough one to review, because on one side you've got lots of great reviews, but on the other.. you've got the facts. I've stressed this a lot.. scent life, longevity, transition in notes. While Sunset Heat smells great, it lacks a lot.

Lets dissect it a bit. The top notes are invigorating, they burst out.. I get a lot of watermelon with a little bit of a lavender hiding behind it all. As it drys down a little I get some sweet lime, along with some greens and flowers. I also smell a little bit of a basil possibly even tomato or tomato leaves. Very different, I'd say this is similar to IZOD. However, Sunset Heat seems to lack any woods, or any base notes at all for that matter. I feel that woods are what really binds a fragrance together, no matter what the scent, even if you can't smell the woods. When there are woods in the base notes.. the top and middle notes can absorb into it more.

What we have here is a very tropical fruity aquatic start, with no finish. Potential..yes, this could have been a huge hit. Worth a try for sure if you see it on sale. Good for summe. Longevity seems to be 2 hours at most, you could spray this all over your body and you're still only gonna get 2 hours out of it, if you have dryer skin.. you may wanna avoid this one all together.

The bottle is kind of feminine, and looks like something from the 70's or 80's. The cap is very flimsy. If you look at the bottle from the top, it looks like the top of one of those rings with the big gems and the cheap plastic silver around it that you can get out of the charm machine. Instead of your typical 1.7 oz, sunset heat comes in a 1.6 oz, or larger. My overall grade for this one is gonna be a C-.
03rd March, 2010
I had high hopes for this fragrance because of the lack of prominent fruity men's fragrances that aren't geared towards mainly citrus or aquatic notes. The top notes are VERY nice and it died down to a feminine fruity powdery smell within 30 min. HORRIBLY done fragrance but with a great scent.

Definitely not worth purchasing due to it's insanely bad longevity and not to mention the poor sillage. This could have been a pretty great scent if it was properly composed.

Not worth a purchase.
12th February, 2010
I used to love this scent. it's very fresh but after a while it doesn't appeal too much to me anymore.

i love the opening of this scent, very fruity but it's mid & base notes after some time of use just felt too sweet for me. i still use it once in a while though.

maybe just grew tired since i used to use it's still a scent that i'll recommend, just don't overuse it & don't overdo it.=)
10th January, 2010
eRL00p Show all reviews
United States
at first test, you will know this fragrance. It is sweet, very fruity and perfect for a summer vacation. It doesnt last as long as I would like, but I can see it giving me a headache if it were any stronger. When I sprayed this on a sample card, it dried down to a feminine powdery scent, but on my skin it fades down to a non-existent base. my main complaint with it was the feminine notes lurking on that card, but my bottle is halfway gone and I have yet to discover that note on my skin.
I bought two bottles at a tjmaxx for about $20-25 each. They had a giftset there last time i stopped in, but someone had taken the bottle.... not that I really need any more of it, but the shower gel would have been nice to have. Like another said before, I am able to apply this in the morning and switch up my fragrance later on in the day without any mixing going on after it has faded away.

Definitely worth checking out. Its a love it or hate it kind of thing due to it being aimed at the younger crowd. It is sad this is discontinued, I have an extra bottle on hand, but I would really like to pair it with the shower gel for the complete fragrance aura. Great affordable fragrance, I just do not want to get ripped off when I go to pickup another bottle years from now.
28th July, 2009

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