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Eau des Baux (2006)
by L'Occitane


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Eau des Baux

Eau des Baux is a masculine fragrance by L'Occitane. The scent was launched in 2006

Reviews of Eau des Baux

A wonderful woody cypress opening! I was amazed by the longevity and sillage of this L'Occitane EDT. It lasted all day and I'm still getting wafts of it almost 14 hours later! It does change a lot in the dry down, and becomes a strong vanilla and incense, but I can still catch just a tiny bit of woods. I like this fragrance. It's somewhat unusual, but in a good way...a thumbs up for me.
20th August, 2016
jrod85 is right on.

A gourmand you cannot gourmandize...

The opening will repulse most, but you've got to be patient.
I find it to behave indeed like Tom Ford's Tobacco vanilla, but EDB would be a cologne strength while TV would be a Pure Parfum concentration.
Takes time to love it, but it can be easily loved.
20th June, 2016
I like this fragrance, however it is one that people who smell it will love or hate it based on the opening. Some say it starts off like Shoe Polish. I do not see that, i admit that it is strong though and slightly odd smelling. The opening is the Red Peppercorn that seems to take over. This fragrance is original and it is fair to say that you will not have anybody wearing juice like this unlike Cool Water or one million. The dry down is good and is like an incense stick fizzling out.

Longevity is excellent, lasts and lasts. Silage is great if you can get passed the initial opening which as I have said will take over the space.
31st December, 2015
jrod85 Show all reviews
United States
Cypress topnotes with incense / rum / tobacco basenotes.

Its weird bc you spray & the first 10 mins you get the cypress tree note strong. Then that fades - like fast & you think its gone.

After bout 5 mins of thinking you might of under sprayed, wafts of tobacco / rum strongly permeate off of you.

I wouldnt say its a knock off of TV however It is close to a Tom Ford level smell at a price cheaper then Ulta design frags.
23rd December, 2015
Eau des Bavx smells natural. L'Occitane indeed uses quality ingredients.

But I don't get the so-mentioned-similarity to Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. It smells a lot like gingerbread (with excessive nutmeg) and pink pepper in the opening. It reminds me a lot of the Christmas time, seriously.

The base has a slight vanilla note with some incense in it, but they are not as distinguishable as it could be and the nutmeg note stays forever on the skin sort of covering the other notes mentioned to be part of the fragrance. I'd say that, at least on my skin, it's 90% of a linear nutmeg scent.

It is not a blind buy, again, it's NOT like Tobacco Vanille AT ALL, let alone the "poor man's" version of it like some one said it previously.

The tobacco note actually IS NOT even noticeable and I've sprayed it many times on different occasions.

It is a good fragrance, a very different one that L'Occitane developed (even though there's nothing like Eau du Contadour- a masterpiece that they've discontinued), I'd say the love or hate type of scent.

Scent: 6.4 / 10
Longevity: 7.0 / 10
Sillage: 6.8 / 10
Season: Preferably during Fall and Winter, but versatile when it comes to occasion apart from clubbing.
Recommended age: 25+
Overall: 7.0 / 10
18th December, 2015
DanHD Show all reviews
United States
This perfume is interesting during some stages but in the end is just too strong for me. The basenotes are overwhelming and turn into a cloying furnace of vanilla and incense.
04th December, 2015

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