Eau des Baux (2006)
    by L'Occitane

    Eau des Baux Fragrance notes

    Red peppercorn, Cardamom essential oil, Provencal cypress, Incense

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    Very similar to TF Tobacco Vanille only not quite as strong. A nice soft fragrance that doesn't go overboard on the vanilla. Longevity is about 8-10 hours, projection seems minimal. This will substitute just fine for the overpriced Tom Ford offering.

    26 February, 2014

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    From the beginning a light-pepper-related incense note appears that is the backbone of this scent. Later nutty and cypress impressions are added, and in the drydown it adds some vanilla and takes on a delightful candlewax note that persists throughout. It is never really too sweet, well-blended, with good silage and projection, and a wonderful longevity of eleven hours on my skin. A great one for autumn! 4.5/5

    05 December, 2013

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    Imagine a toasted and nutty graham cracker. I get honied grains, toasted nuts, and vanilla-not-vanilla (it's more a well smoked tonka bean). Creamy. Nicely made, especially for the price. A woman could pull it off, though it's too sweet for me in spite of the smoke and wood. After a few hours it's an animal cracker sitting on my arm. Not bad.

    19 November, 2013

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    Wooah! Cypress, incense and vanilla! I love it!
    I admit I was very curious about it, read some reviews and well got the itchy-curiosity. I like the dry-down, as I always say, I am not an expert on perfumery, but with this perfume I can clearly identify those 3 notes and it's really amaizing! I would say it's green but misterious-dark at the same time.

    I am a woman but I definitely will wear this! I just bought it!

    Pros: Price, smell

    22 October, 2013

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    Dry woods, tobacco, and a touch of incense

    Finally got around to sampling this on a recent vacation. Wow--what a stunner. This is a perfectly natural, organic wood-tobacco-incense fragrance. I happened to sample on the same day as Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, which retails for several times more than the L'Occitane.

    I found Eau des Baux superior in every respect. It was subtle but powerful. The top notes of incense yield effortlessly to a mild pipe tobacco and wood accord. By comparison, the Tobacco Vanille was a screeching, acrid cigar.

    Longevity was excellent (8-10 hours on my dry skin). Projection was moderate.

    Highly recommended.

    Pros: Vastly superior to Tobacco Vanille at a fraction of the price

    20th October, 2013

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    Natural, dry and addictive

    Organic, natural and dry. This is how i describe this addictive scent.
    From the airy red spices and cardamom, to the fresh cypress and smoky incense in the heart, until the very last drop of the natural vanilla drydown: Every single note is natural, balanced and "well behaved", unlike other similar scents on the market that play the slutty role all over the place with vanilla.
    Projection : moderate
    Longevity : 10+ hours
    Excellent scent, excellent house.

    Pros: Fresh cypress gives this scent its "natural " appeal

    16 August, 2013

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