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Bright Visit (2006)
by Azzaro


Bright Visit information

Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
Average Rating
(based on 42 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerRaphael Haury
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Bright Visit

Bright Visit is a masculine fragrance by Azzaro. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Raphael Haury

Bright Visit fragrance notes

Reviews of Bright Visit

A decent release from this house.
There is not too much going on here.
Bright, transparent and light woodsy opening and semi sweet and fresh fruity dry down.
That's it!
Nothing less, nothing more.
Average projection and longevity.
The original azzaro visit is much much better than this! but that's a fall and spring time fragrance.
01st June, 2014
got it as presnt..a major could be classified as pointless!
27th June, 2012
Too sweet, too synthetic, a major disappointment after the great meeting with Visit.
09th July, 2011
Here's an equation for ya: Chrome + Visit = Bright Visit. That said, this leans more towards Chrome and that's a sad/bad thing. Unnecessary and unappealing. Buy if only to cover up extreme body odour.
02nd July, 2011
A light, somewhat fruity, and very soapy aquatic. This is pretty nearly Azzaro Chrome without the heavy metallic notes in the top, though they start to creep in a bit later. I don't have my old bottle of Chrome around or I'd do a side-by-side, but they're close enough that if you waved this in front of my nose and said it was Chrome, I'd believe you. Only well into the mid notes do I start to recognize a hint of the cedar and nutmeg of Visit, though again much lighter (thank god!). It has a little bit of the Lanvin Vetyver chemical presence, but really only a trace. Overall, it's weak once you get past the top notes, and ultimately ends up being an "Eau de Grey Flannel" generic weak aquatic flanker of something else with name recognition. I don't see why this was necessary since they already sell tons of Chrome.
21st May, 2011
Unexpectedly disappointing for an Azzaro, if you can detect it at all with its shamefully weak (not light, but WEAK) presence and pathetic longevity. About as boring a scent and as cynical a rip-off as Baldessarini Del Mar, and utterly inferior to Eaux de Caron Pure as a lightweight summery fragrance. This absurd scent dries down in 10 MINUTES FLAT (no exaggeration) into nothing. The problem is not with my skin type as my wife had the same experience. Lack of nutmeg or resemblance to the original Visit is not a big issue for me; otherwise I agree word for word with ziffy321's review. I honestly don’t understand how any of the previous reviewers could have smelt this for long enough to have given it a thumbs-up. Even its cool modern presentation can’t save it. On the basis of its extreme feebleness alone, I absolutely can’t recommend it and regret wasting my money on it. Thumbs way down (and broken too). P.S. I vindictively found a new use for my nearly full bottle – it now sits sheepishly in the garden shed to be used as a posh substitute for methylated spirits (hee-hee).

UPDATE: Fair's fair. Still not a great scent imo (a bit too fruity in a rancid way), nevertheless I've recently found that its sillage and longevity are significantly improved in cooler weather/seasons/climates to just about acceptable levels.
11th July, 2010 (last edited: 29th January, 2011)

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