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Virgin Island Water (2007)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Virgin Island Water

Virgin Island Water is a shared / unisex perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 2007

Virgin Island Water fragrance notes

Reviews of Virgin Island Water

Virgin Island Water is one of the most "un-traditional/breaking with the classic Creed's tradition" Creed's creations, a scent speaking a more modern finally "post-Victorian" language while running its far caribbean olfactory territories. You can effectively dream far exotic Central American or Pacific islands while enjoying on skin its freshly structured tropical architecture. The structure is not complex but it exists and unveils its soapy/aqueous secrets along the way. I find the juice quite balanced and delicate on skin, I don't get "olfactive drawbacks", just catch an easy basically synthetic recipe finally delicately soapy but with a bunch of interesting shades (floral, woody, musky, spicy, salty). Soapiness is never properly lacteous since there is a basic woody-hesperidic support fixing down the scent's basically aqueous/breezy "cheerful" nature. The first impression emerging while inhaling Virgin Island Water on your skin is related to its "oceanic coconutty" exoticism afforded by a combination of ylang-ylang (heady on the side of coco water/milk), coconutty milk, boozy lime, "rum based cocktail booziness" and hints of hidden oceanic saltiness. There is an undeniable floral core finally "at distance" unfolding a subtle spark of floral variegate luxuriousness but what basically strikes me is this general delicate soapiness quite dreamy, breezy and tropical. Ginger provides a "far oceanic lands" type of freshness while it seems to catch vetiver and secret marine "molecules" in the general recipe. It is quite evident the final warmth impressed by tonkinian musk and woods but I get a touch of exotic salty vetiver providing a sort of mineral-woody saltiness playing as hidden undertone. There is hibiscus in the blend, one of my favorite glamour/chic floral patterns (on the side of sambac jasmine), providing a touch of chic cosmetical sophistication in the air. Spicy rum, mandarine, sugar cane and coconut are nicely combined in order to elicit this delicate pina colada's pleasant taste, the "edible" substance of which seems playing in "pool" with a "coconutty tanning foam-like" vibe and a freshly gingery spicy piquancy. I find this juice "honest" and captivating (really respectfully I don't see the point on several previous "banging" rejections), a pleasant versatile aroma to wear for a sunny tropical "free in the wind" holiday in company of your beloved.
05th December, 2015
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United States
I don't get a lot of complexity out of VIW, but I feel this is a scent that doesn't require it. On initial spray I get a huge burst of lime and bergamot - wow. It really smells like lemon-lime candy, in a good way. This quickly burns off and the coconut starts coming into play, mixed in with a sugary, boozy rum. The lime still stands in the background, but it's much more subdued. I know coconut turns a lot of people off, we can blame sunscreen for that, but it's very natural here and not sickly sweet. I also get bit of jasmine at this point, but it's very faint. From here on out VIW stays pretty linear on skin.

One thing I find interesting is that VIW lasts literally forever on me, while most citrus fragrances last only a few hours. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm definitely not complaining.

I'll be packing this in my bag for my trip to Turks and Caicos next year, and I imagine VIW will not disappoint. Beaches, sand, drinks, and sun are what this fragrance is all about.
02nd December, 2015
This is a scent with much hype and were I a richer person, I'd have bought a bottle straight away after testing a decant. Alas I am not.

It is a beautiful fresh clean scent with a hint of warmness to it. The coconut is wonderfully bold and simmers to down to a delectable combination of white rum and sugar cane. It's all the notes I enjoy put together rather nicely.

I can see this being a long-time favourite and staple scent for me...if I could just will myself to spend that on a perfume bottle.

10th November, 2015
I have never been able to handle anything with coconut in it, whether it's the smell, taste or texture, coconut is a no go for me. Since the wife and I built our second home across from the beach, I annually get assaulted by coconut sun products. My daughter mercifully knows Dad's aversion to coconut and honors my request for no coconut scents. All I can add is that for those who like VIW, please enjoy it, just put on some Aventus before dropping by.

EROLFA is my summer preference from Creed in both notes and performance. Love Creed, just not coconut.
06th October, 2015
Coconut and Rum. Very simple, very bland. Not even remotely worth the price tag.
17th September, 2015
I was looking for a unique summer themed fragrance, living in Florida I was hoping to find something that could survive the humidity and this was not it. I'm glad I only got a 5ml decant being as the price was really up there.

I tried hard to like this especially after the reviews and hype surrounding it but I just couldn't.

The first 60 sec was a blast of lime, then the coconut set in. After about 5 mins the coconut turned VERY creamy to the point where it smelled like make-up. I looked to see if iris was a note but I didn't see anything. I hoped that the creaminess would eventually fade but it was linear throughout the one hour long performance.

I'm disappointed in this one only because of the price and the performance. I can't wait to finish this sample so I can keep the sprayer and replace it with something else!
02nd August, 2015

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