Virgin Island Water (2007)
    by Creed

    Virgin Island Water Fragrance Notes

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    Italy Italy

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    wonderful lime opening and beautiful coconut drydown..5 hours duration..thought it was a flop but actually great!

    01st April, 2014

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    United States United States

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    This fragrance has been high on my test list for the hype it gets and for the generally positive reviews with performance issues being the main drawback.

    First applied you get a huge blast of lime followed by coconut moments after. Very natural, and indeed a tropical bliss. One of the greatest openings I've experienced on a summery scent. Fresh, tropical, and beachy.

    The opening is my favorite part, but for about the 20 minutes that it lasts the inevitable drydown follows..

    The lime settles a bit, and you begin detecting the rum note infused with the coconut, and I'm guessing the sugar cane note follows. What I get here is a sweet & purply smell reminiscent of the beverage Pina Colada with a touch of lime. The fragrance stays this way all the way through.

    Unfortunately I can't say I'm a very big fan of the drydown, but the top notes are what made me love the fragrance.


    Longevity is excellent. Definitely enough for me. Over 10+ hours.

    Projection is again, excellent. I am indeed very lucky to be able to get more than 6 feet of continuous projection for hours on end. No lotion, only 4 sprays straight to skin. Seems to work beautifully for my chemistry. Shocking.

    Overall I think it is an excellent tropical & summery fragrance. I do wish the opening notes last forever, as it would have been the perfect scent for me.

    Creed has done it again with the quality of the notes used. I do suggest everyone sample it first before making a committed purchase but it's mainly due to the performance issues a lot of people seem to get.

    I give this one an 8.5/10

    14 February, 2014

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    This is the BEST smell in the world. 100% perfect. Sadly it doesn't last long. I literally spray myself 20 times or more and within 2 hours it's gone.

    I have been told my a beautiful woman when wearing "I want to eat you." 4oz bottle for $100 from fragrance shop is the only way I'd buy. 4.0 lasts only one month.

    19 December, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Almost Gourmand

    Virgin Island Water is the latest Creed that I've acquired; and the one that left me curious since most people said that this is the finest coconut based scent in the market - I see now that they had a good reason to say so

    VIW starts with burst of fresh and crisp lime, surprisingly pleasant from someone who usually dislike lime - There's a lot of sweetness accompany the opening (but I haven't been able to detect the Rum as a single notes, it closer to pinacolada in my nose opinion - IMNO) before it changes with slight ginger and floral added to the shining coconut, gives it more character before the coconut becoming something close to a gourmand character; it's not a sugary coconut but more of a crisp coconut cookies smells-alike.

    A Great transformation from lime freshness with boozy-characteristics before settles down with mouthwatering coconut - a well crafted fragrance that have a good character and could be a good signature as well (and a good idea since it's rarer to find someone wearing this than GIT, SMW, IM or Aventus)

    Scent-wise, VIW is an astonishing fragrance with multifaceted scent that transform itself beautifully - projection's good and I had receive some compliments and people seemed liking it in positive lights, while the staying power is good the projection would quickly subdued after 2 hours

    And one more, it smelt better on the skin rather than in the clothes

    ???? for a nice tropical surprise from Creed

    Pros: scent quality
    Cons: quickly became a skin scent"

    19 October, 2013

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    The 2013 batch is a must buy

    I have the new Virgin Island Water, the 2013 batch and I have to say wow. It is amazing. It also has the new cap on it, I personally liked the old one. I previously had a 2011 batch and it had some longevity issues but this new one o man it is a beast it last on my skin for long time.Ill leave a link to the review I did of it on my youtube channel if you all are interested in checking it out.

    Pros: Everything
    Cons: its not edible "

    20th September, 2013

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    Nice unique scent

    Surprised at the reviews calling this too sweet or cloying. This is a very nice scent and I really like it. There are definitely way sweeter scents out there and this is nowhere near that. Does smell somewhat like pina coladas, but that is a good smell nonetheless IMO. To me this is bound to become a "feel good scent". I doubt I will be wearing this as often as some other things in my collection, but I am pretty sure that when I do it would be really fun. Wearing this at the office right now makes me realize how much I miss los aguas azules de la Carribean :) Good longevity so far and while not a projection monster, I think it makes its presense known.

    Pros: Positive associations
    Cons: Not as versatile"

    10th September, 2013

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