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Virgin Island Water (2007)
by Creed

Virgin Island Water information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerOlivier Creed
PerfumerErwin Creed

About Virgin Island Water

Virgin Island Water is a shared / unisex perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Erwin Creed and Olivier Creed

Virgin Island Water fragrance notes

Reviews of Virgin Island Water

Most of the notes alleged in this fragrance are imaginary. It is almost entirely coconut. Citrus? Lime? Whatever. Coconut. 3 out of 5
12th May, 2015
Absolutely stunning. If it's summer, there's a good chance I'm wearing Virgin Island Water as it flawlessly encapsulates everything I look for in a summer fragrance. You can't go wrong with this one.
23rd April, 2015 (last edited: 27th April, 2015)
Virgin Island Water is one of my favorite Creed fragrances to wear for the spring and summer along with Green Irish Tweed and Millesime Imperial. If the weather is warm, there’s a good chance I’ll be throwing this on. Upon application I get notes of citrus, lime, and coconut. Together these notes create a crisp, fresh, and natural opening. Whenever I smell the opening, I think of Pina Colada drinks. Approaching the heart, floral notes of hibiscus, jasmine and ylang ylang combined with notes of musk, ginger, sugar, and rum make their way to the front. At this point the citrus and lime fade into the background while the coconut still remains predominately strong. The coconut note matched against the florals, musk, ginger, sugar, and rum notes create a slightly floralish/boozy/sweet composition that is well balanced. Towards the end the fragrance it dries down to a musky-sugary scent with hints of coconut. VIW is absolutely gorgeous scent from start to finish.

In terms of longevity and silage that will depend on the weather. Under warm weather conditions, I’ll get between 6-8 hours of longevity with moderate to above average silage for the first 4-6 hours before the scent stays closer to the skin. Under cooler conditions, I’ll get significantly less longevity anywhere between 3-5 hours with moderate silage for the first 2-3 hours before it becomes a skin scent. For better results, VIW should be worn during the warmer months of the year. In warm weather, VIW would be a great casual scent for many occasions such as a day at the beach or an outdoor activity during the day. I personally haven’t found that many individuals not liking this scent and most were rather pleased when smelling VIW. VIW isn’t too masculine or feminine therefore both men and women can easily wear it. Overall, VIW is one of a kind and one my favorites from the millesime line and Creed overall. Well done!
15th March, 2015
Lime. Coconut. That's it, nothing else. Lasts for hours and projects like a beast. Immune to nose blindness and it doesn't have a dry you smell coconut and lime for hours and hours.

Nice, tropical and different....but its way too simple to be a classic.
03rd March, 2015
Crisp, juicy, delicious lime and a smooth, carefully calibrated rum comprise some of the most enjoyable top notes I've encountered in any fragrance. It's 15 minutes of perfection, the epitome of a tropical vacation by the beach, sipping a cocktail, and taking in the sun. As the lime recedes, and the rum settles down, a sweet coconut note becomes dominant. It's simple but again, an appealing, honest, and more or less flawless accord. Perhaps it's a little sweeter than a "realistic" coconut note, and more along the lines of coconut ice cream, but it's well done, and doesn't come across tacky or cheap in the least. If you want lime, rum, and coconut, this is where it ends. There's no need to look any further. Another excellent fragrance in that it executes exactly what it set out to do, I can find little fault with Virgin Island Water. The notes are fresh and vibrant, and the smell, though somewhat singular in purpose, is top notch. If the sound of this appeals to you at all, then definitely get your nose on it. Projection is just right (medium in this case) and longevity about 6 hours. Recommended as a blind buy.

Tommy Bahama's Set Sail St. Barts is often suggested as an alternative to Virgin Island Water. While I do like St. Barts, and recommend it as a bargain fragrance with a similar kind of summer vacation vibe, they really don't smell alike, and Virgin Island Water is better overall. In other words, they're not exactly substitutes for each other. However, someone who likes VIW, but doesn't want to spend the extra cash would do well with St. Barts. Just don't expect the same thing.
20th February, 2015
Virgin Island Water opens with a sort of citric-musky accord juxtaposed to creamy-gourmandish notes (ylang) with a tropical vibe (coconut), then sandalwood, ginger and a light floral breeze. Surely reminding of sea overall, but in a thicker, “watery-milky” way rather than predictably “calone-ozonic”. Surprisingly, it’s not bad at all: it is fresh in a rather round, rich and pleasant way, with a really peculiar and nice feel of silky, refreshing and realistic creaminess enhanced by a quite faithful and appealing fruity tropical vibe. A sort of zesty, invigorating “Tiki gourmand” mood, somehow making me think of a tropical ice cream. Still, sadly I also get a persistent and rather annoying astringent citric note which smells exactly like any mosquito repellent, as it happens in many cheap quality citrus scents. The evolution is close to nothing, meaning that as hours pass Virgin becomes just slightly drier and muskier, finally landing on a citric-musky drydown which features just less freshness and less creaminess than the initial stages. In my opinion, citrus-tropical scents are quite a tricky field: it must not be easy to make one that doesn’t end up in smelling either dull and generic or cheap. This quite nails it on the contrary, managing to be fairly distinctive in a way, and with a nice quality of notes, except that mosquito thing. It’s still basically an enhanced version of any sea-citrus-tropical fragrance, but still it’s better than most of them, at least for what I have tried. The “tropical” side especially is particularly nice. Not bad for being a Creed... but still, all considered, surreally overpriced.

20th February, 2015

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