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Blue Sugar (2006)
by Aquolina


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Blue Sugar

Blue Sugar is a masculine fragrance by Aquolina. The scent was launched in 2006

Blue Sugar fragrance notes

Reviews of Blue Sugar

WOW a headache inducing super sweet scent that leans more towards unisex or feminine than male IMO. I got lots and lots for sweet sugar with more sweet sugar and some vanilla... WOW this one last FOREVER... ugh after 2 wears I got rid of it. A try before you buy for sure...
21st June, 2016 (last edited: 29th June, 2016)
If I can describe this fragrance by the way something tastes it would have to be sugar cane. I blind bought this frag and I am so happy I did. With that being said, I don't know how they managed to get something this sweet to be a masculine frag but they did.

Very pleasant scent. That vanilla and cedar combined begins to show itself after an hour. I will edit later after I see how long it lasts.

It has good longevity.
It projects well.

This is not an everyday frag but it's definitely worth adding to the collection.

I might be off by saying this but it has the faintest similarity to Pure Malt. I truly do mean faint.
11th October, 2015 (last edited: 14th October, 2015)
I love this but at 33 I'm getting a little too old to pull this off. I'm not saying this is a "safe" frag for teens who are trigger-happy with the sprayer, it's just not a very "mature" scent. The name says it all, I need not go into any detail on the fragrance notes. It's fairly linear, it just tones down into a very sweet vanilla. Very long-lasting, I'll get 10+ hours. Seems to be EDP strength, and a great affordable gourmand. One of my faves, but not very masculine.
08th December, 2014
Diabetes in a bottle

The Good :

This is the closest thing to Gourmand you can get! It is Gourmand with the capital G, this scent totally smells like a vivid candy dream.
Its very natural smelling in a way that everyone in my area asked me if i burned some marshmellows or ate some cotton candy when i sprayed a spritzzz on my wrist.

Its grabs your attention because the sweetness covers all air in a 20 foot radius.
Details :
Opens as 50% liquorice 40% cottoncandy 10% Anise
Then evolves to 99% cotton candy caramel sweetness.

The Bad :

Drydown is the only bad part after a few hours this scent get cloying in the drydown it loses its structure and gets annoying.

Too bad otherwise i would rate it

Thumbs up for the scent till drydown.

Pros: Eatable fragrance and delicious for women
Cons: Bad drydown, breaks in pieces"

26th August, 2013
The name says it all. If your not a gourmand lover this might be outside of your scope. For me the longevity and projection sucks but on close encounters it works wonders.
15th April, 2013
Shon T Show all reviews
United States
Blue sugar is exactly what it says, "sugar." it smells really good. It is cotton candy at the carnival or fair. It is very mild and sits real close to my skin. I think it is for a younger crowd like teenage and high school. It doesn't change much at all. It's just sugar candy and that's it. If you are looking to smell sophisticated this is not for you. I wish it were stronger but it works for me.
23rd September, 2012

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