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Gucci Pour Homme II (2007)
by Gucci


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Gucci Pour Homme II

Gucci Pour Homme II is a masculine fragrance by Gucci. The scent was launched in 2007

Gucci Pour Homme II fragrance notes

Reviews of Gucci Pour Homme II

Definitely not like the original GPH, which was in a different scent class entirely (think pencil shavings, but not in a bad way).

GPH II has its imitators - HiM by Hanae Mori comes to mind, not a bad scent in its own right. But this one stands alone in its smoothness, predictability, and pleasant woody quality. Bergamot and violet leaves are quite apparent in this one, as is the black tea note. I swear that this one has a cedar wood thing going on that I really enjoy, though it's not listed above in the composition. From the beautiful bottle design to the classy scent within, I would highly recommend a try of GPH II!
19th October, 2016
Love this. Personal top 10.

I'm not familiar with tea notes, but if that's what I'm smelling, more please. I'm so tired of smelling that screeching woody note in all the designer fragrances I test.

This fragrance is versitile. It manages to be fresh without feeling aquatic, sporty or citrusy. It also has an elegant vibe, but the freshness keeps it from being a date night-only wear.

Perhaps best suited for the under-50 crowd, but I could see anyone over 25 wearing this easily. The scent stays close, but I've no issues with longevity. I can see why others have commented on performance issues, but this wasn't made for the man looking to get noticed.

This is one for a man comfortable with himself. This is for the guy who's well on his way, who's already been noticed. It's YSL L'Hommes's slightly younger brother.

What a pleasant surprise. I wish I'd discovered it sooner.

Will be purchasing a full bottle.

14th September, 2016 (last edited: 16th September, 2016)
This is a great scent. I got my bottle in 2010 or 2011 and it has absolutely no performance issues. I tried a friend's bottle first and woke up still able to smell it the next morning. When my bottle was gifted to me, the performance was identical! Perhaps I lucked out or my skin holds on to this scent for much longer. Either way, it is as good of a fragrance as it's made out to be.

Of all the notes listed, I think I smell violet and black tea. The others are most likely in there, but I can't pick them out.

09th August, 2016
Where do I even begin--Gucci Pour Homme II is such a lovely scent. My only problem with this fragrance is its popularity. Though I generally go for more old school scents, this one is an exception. The tea notes are exquisite.
08th April, 2016
Beautiful smell, not so good longevity
07th March, 2016
Only giving this a neutral because of the performance issues. I sprayed on a good amount this morning and 1.5 hours later, I struggle to get a whiff. Smells great! Classy, refined and special. Mature and almost old fashioned but 20-30 age range should be able to pull this off with some confidence thrown in.
01st March, 2016

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