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Hypn˘se Homme (2007)
by Lanc˘me


Hypn˘se Homme information

Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 241 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerMaurice Roucel
PerfumerThierry Wasser
PackagingCharles Boussiquet
Parent CompanyL'OrÚal Group

About Hypn˘se Homme

Hypn˘se Homme is a masculine fragrance by Lanc˘me. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Thierry Wasser and Maurice Roucel. The bottle was designed by Charles Boussiquet

Hypn˘se Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Hypn˘se Homme

At the very first sniff, the inner nature if Hypnose is already clear: a half-good work. Perfectly split in two parts: one is completely good, the other completely crap, and the clash is just... err. There are indeed some nice features: the mint note is fresh, green and realistically crunchy, avoiding the toothpaste effect; the spices are vibrant and lively, and overall, it surely catches that mid-2000s ômetropolitanö masculine elegance played on amber-warm-sweet notes blended with spices and woods, here also added with a dusty layer of lavender and white musks, clean and classy like a freshly ironed shirt. The family, in broad terms, is the one of Dior Homme or ArpŔge pour Homme (to which Hypnose resembles a bit, just more pungent and spicier), that type of urban, office-safe, yet somehow feminine elegance which was in fashion some years ago. So far so good: lavender, spices, woods, a balsamic breeze. It would be a good perfume, but... the ôbutö here is quite a big ôbutö (sorry for the pun), and it's represented by a completely useless, unrelated, horrid metallic-ozonic-fruity note, or better say ôfeelö, which smells quite similar to that stuff they use to build tropical-sea notes (I just thought of Azzaro Chrome for instance, but you get it in many other scents as well). Basically some kind of pungent, moldy, metallic and completely weird spicy-calone aftertaste, which is fruity in a way, but warm at the same time. And as I said, completely separated from the rest, just sitting there like an elephant in a room ľ and I mean a real elephant into an actual room. Without this nuance, which to me is quite bold, it would be a good scent, a bit trendy and conventional but good; but as-is, it's just annoying. Such a shame!

06th November, 2014

This is one of my favorite fragrances.
Hypnose is really seductive and sweet.
This scent is great for classic man.the bottle is very elegant too and longevity and sillage is good for me but nothing special.

16th October, 2014
I used to really enjoy this. It smells like a combination of Le Male and Reflection Man, a powdery lavender/amber/woods scent with good projection and longevity. The problem is that somebody pointed out a "salmon" note in this, and after that, I couldn't stop smelling it. Chances are, you'll like this, but I hope for your sake you don't pick up on the salmon note. It's a deal-breaker.
11th October, 2014
sebbesvb Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I was so keen on liking this scent after having heard some great feedback about it, that I almost blind bought it. Thank God I did go to the store beforehand. That said, it's very hard to find around here since almost nobody stocks it, and the ones that do are surprised that they have it.

All in all it's a very numb and straightforward fragrance. When you first spray it, it literally smells like nothing. Then in a bit it "evolves" into a lavender abomination (given that I like lavender, when it is not overpowering as this) that gets a tad smoky after a few hours and that's pretty much everything you get out of it. One of the plainest, most boring and unimaginative fragrances I've ever tried.
09th June, 2014
This is a very nice fragrance. The opening screams mint and lavender and the dry down is very spicy. Perfect for the office since it is not offensive. The bottle is very nice but I wish it would come in a 3.4 oz. size.
09th June, 2014
I did expect more of Roucel's work. This is a good scent, but nothing new added. Lots of cumin/spices in the opening, laying in a cedar/ambery base. Longevity is about average, and projection and sillage are low.
25th October, 2012

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