CK In 2U Her (2007)
    by Calvin Klein

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    Australia Australia

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    My idea of summer in a bottle. I find in2u to be a simple, fresh and clean scent. Perfect on a hot and humid summers evening. Not the longest lasting fragrance but I simply adore the bursting citrus opening, soft vanilla finish and slight masculine edge. This perfume envokes warmth and happiness for me and I am now on my 3rd bottle.

    06 October, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    I was truly amazed by this fragrance.

    When I first tried CK IN2U, it smelt rather like champagne. It had that familiar sourish and fizzy like quality. However, since testing it again, (this time on my skin), I must say that this fragrance is rather sweet.

    The opening of bergamot, grapefruit and currant isn't as loud on the skin as it is on paper. This scent softened into a sweet, creamy, cake-like fragrance, which somewhat reminded me of Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears.

    While on some people this fragrance is primarily tarty fruits, on others, as well as myself, CK IN2U is intimate and extremely pleasant.

    I wouldn't say that this fragrance has great sillage, because it doesn't, however the lasting power is impressive.

    I have definitely grown to like this fragrance, even considering purchasing it since discovering how different and soft it smelt when applied to the skin. I urge people to not buy this fragrance based on how it smells on paper or from the bottle.

    26 April, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    I'm not the biggest fan of this one - doesn't last very long and feels sickly on the skin while it's there. Its fresh but to acidic almost

    14 September, 2010

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    Fresh, bright, yet warm, this is what I want of a citrus fragrance. There's an interesting feijoa note hidden in there too, very summery and tart.

    05 January, 2010 (Last Edited: 09 May, 2013)

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    Turkey Turkey

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    Like nearly everyone else had said before, it's an ordinary and cliché scent. Actually it will remind you of CK One, but that one was -and is- a classic... In2U Her, can easily go as unisex in it's first half an hour, and then it turns out to a pleasant, light, vanilla scent. But in 3 hours, all of it will disappear, so be ready. At least, it did for me -and i have a fair skin that normally this kind of fragrances suit me well. In short, i didn't feel anything special about it, just another ordinary teeny perfume.

    21st November, 2009

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    I was looking for a fresh sunny fragrance. Most 'fresh' fragrances turned really naudeatingly sweet on me. This perfume is also sweet, but still a fresh, young and nice smell. It is a good scent for the summer, because the smell gets better if your skin is warm from the sun. The smell has a bit of citrus and vanilla.

    28 September, 2009

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