Embruns d'Ambre (2006)
by Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Embruns d'Ambre

Embruns d'Ambre is a feminine perfume by Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan. The scent was launched in 2006

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This fragrance has become my obsession. I had read about Ambergris so often and was curious to finally know what it smelled like. This fragrance was recommended as having a strong Ambergris note so I tried a sample/decant. I was immediately hooked! This fragrance reminds me instantly of walking along a New England beach. I can smell the salty sea spray and the musky Ambergris wafting up from the sand. At first I didn't smell the lemony note, but after several tries I get it, but I liken it not to the crisp scent of a fresh cut lemon, but to a warm, almost sugary lemon-ish cream whisper, barely there. If a fragrance can be intoxicating, this one did it to me. I can wear this every day. One thing I really like about it is that it doesn't have a "perfumy" or "cologne" smell, which I don't generally like. It doesn't smell like a perfume to me, but instead a warm, slightly sweet scent akin to the muskiness of your own skin, if your skin smelled delicious! I can wear this to work or in public without anyone saying, "Eeww...who is wearing perfume?!" (We have perfume haters at work.) Please read my other post about needing help where to purchase a full bottle of this. I can't find a supplier!
22nd March, 2012 (last edited: 23rd March, 2012)
Embruns d'Ambre is a magnificently rare find, that I thank the existing Basenotes reviews and ThePerfumedCourt for steering me towards. This is exactly as it claims to be - Oceanic Amber. It's very clean, feminine, oceanic, yet rich in a luxuriously uplifting calming way. It's feminine without being frail. Embruns is a wise, peaceful, creative beauty.

After days of cross reference, I have come to compare this to Iris Taizo PG14 by Parfumerie Generale, Cadjmere by Parfumerie Generale, Black Cashmere by Donna Karan, Odeur 53 by Comme des Garcons, and a distant relation to Fiore d'Ambra by Profumum Roma. It's probably most like Black Cashmere, but Embruns is clearly loaded with a prominent refined Amber. Black Cashmere feels a bit limp in comparison, less grounded. Black Cashmere is flying in the air, Embruns is on the beach or in the ocean, and Odeur 53 is in outer space. Iris Taizo is significantly more floral but shares the warmth factor with it's vanilla base. Cadjmere is clearly more vanilla with a hint of coconut. Lastly I mention Fiore d'Ambra as a comparison due to the highly refined Amber they share, but whereas Embruns is light and cool, Fiore is slightly darker, warmer, and spicier. Embruns is an ultimate cool fresh Amber - something I didn't even know existed.
08th March, 2010
Embruns d'Ambre is an unusual warm-weather amber, lightened by the absence of sweet back-up notes and the sharpness of lemon and "ocean" notes, which to me come across as salt and sand/silt. The lemon-ocean combination is sometimes reminiscent of citrus-flavored baby aspirin, but I happen to like that smell, and the whole scent is anchored in deliciously resinous amber. Lovely.
24th January, 2010
Apraxina Show all reviews
Russian Federation
I think it is one of most perfect amber scents. I tried it in the set of amber decants - and up to the point i knew nothing about Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan. It was love at first sight! Soft, stylish, not provoking, but clever and unordinary scent. Wearing this i think about old books and libraries, quiet evenings and feel Embruns d'Ambre like my own smell, second skin.
28th August, 2009
deepblue Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I bought this fragrance early in the summer and, while it was pleasant enough, it seemed just 'not enough'. Basically it seemed to disappear really quickly. I forgot all about it untl a couple of weeks ago when I was wondering what scent to wear to 'lift my spirits'. I found my bottle of embruns d'ambre and sprayed it on the back of my hand. Whether it was the storage or not I'm not sure but WOW! I could catch a whiff all day! I have been wearing it now continually for two weeks and will definitely buy more when this bottle is gone. It opens with a sort of fresh laundry smell - you know the smell you get when you bury your nose in clean towels straight off the washing line on a spring day. Then as is develops there is a softness, quite sweet, but not overly so, which is a real comfort scent. It isn't flowery at all. I'm not sure how to describe it really - sweet but not to much, powdery, but not too much. Certianly not a scent that will have everyone in a meeting opening windows and running for cover. I have to say this is looking like becoming one of my favourites!
24th September, 2008

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