Vetiver Extreme (2006)
    by Guerlain

    Vetiver Extreme Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    I used to own the original Guerlain Vetiver and forgot how wonderful it smelled. I now got the "extreme" verison and I like it even better. I love colognes with vetiver and this one is my No. 1. To me vetiver smells fresh and clean, especially in the South Florida climate.
    Guerlain Vetiver opens with a blast of vetiver and that delights the senses. A true classic cologne for men.

    10th March, 2014

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    Brazil Brazil

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    A Classic with a twist

    I saw on Youtube K. saying that Guerlain Vetiver was for a 70, 80, 90 yo, and remembered that the experts say that there are only two kinds of fragrances: the good scents and the bad ones. If we shouldn't say that a scent is for women or men, how can one say it is for the very oldies?Is it not fashionable? What is fashion anyway? You are what you smell, smell well? I agree that there are scents with a juvenal, youth aura that suits, of course, young people. Also I agree that thare are time and place for everything under the Sun. But I cannot agree that a scent is good but only if you are over the rainbow and beoynd together with the mothballs. Guerlain Vetiver Extreme is my frst vetiver, although vetiver is in almost everything under that same Sun. And for me it smells great, really wonderful. Walking to work I got winfss of it and I couldn't belelive it was me, my vetiver giving me that very satisfying smell that just makes one feel good with himself and the world, it was almost like the first ... , for me and I am 50+. I suppose K. could say that it is because I am almost getting there. A young profesional man can pull GVE off? Of couse he can, if he wants to be taken seriously. But that is only one of his choices and there are plenty of them. I think I don't need to say anything about notes for other serious reviewers like Ericrico have done better than I ever could. Just a final thought I wear a scent for myselfself firstly and try not to offend the ones aroud me.

    Pros: Adds a change, and a good one, to the original Guerlain Masterpiece
    Cons: None"

    30th July, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A decent 'similar but different' flanker to the original, nice to wear for a change. Similar in that it shares the same delightful nutmeg note and tonka base; different in the addition of herbs and subtraction of tobacco. Overall, darker in character; a bit more brooding. Misnamed as the vetiver is no louder than in the original. Very good; get it while it's still available.

    16 April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    I don't like vetiver as a general rule, but this one is better than most. The earthy quality, and the lack of a lush green overpowering vetiver makes it nice. I only own one vetiver, Moni d' Orio's Vetyver which is so dusty dry that it is almost not vetiver. This is spicier than that and a very wearable fragrance

    27 January, 2013

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    Venezuela Venezuela

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    More modern than the original, but still maintaining the classic look. Despite having the word Extreme, is a little softer, less sharp and snuff gone.

    15 January, 2013

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    Not as dark as Encre Noire, neither as sweet as L'Occitane Vetyver. It's a great take on vetiver that's sweet and smoky at the same time with a great balance between sweetness (tonka) and smokyness (pepper/incense) Smells elegand and classy. Longevity, lasting power and sillage are medium-high. Worth it!

    12 December, 2012

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