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Sugar Lychee (2007)
by Fresh


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Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Sugar Lychee

Sugar Lychee is a shared / unisex perfume by Fresh. The scent was launched in 2007

Sugar Lychee fragrance notes

Reviews of Sugar Lychee

Genre: Fruity Floral

The wet, fresh burst of fruit that introduces Sugar Lychee is so full and dynamic I could take a bite of it. In fact, it's so bold that it just falls short of smelling cheaply synthetic. The fruit here isn't just the lush/tart lychee note: I get some peaches, banana and light berries in the mix as well. Before this fruit salad has a chance to wear on me too much, it's joined by a very smooth tonka bean and a mysterious, nuanced floral note that may be the listed lotus.

Sugar Lychee is just as intensely sweet as the name promises, with only some remnant citric tartness in the heart accord to prevent cavities upon inhalation. After about an hour, some vey creamy woods begin to stir in the base. In combination with the intense fruit these veer slightly toward coconut, and it's at this point that Sugar Lychee has its closest brush with suntan lotion vulgarity.

As the scent ages the sweetness slowly abates and the woods become more prominent, although they never shed the creamy accent of tonka. The scent stays fairly close to the skin after the initial fruity burst, becoming a smooth, sweet skin scent. The "edible" quality of the opening remains throughout the drydown, always suggesting a tropical dessert.

Most of my encounters with the lychee note have been in meditative incense fragrances like L'Homme Sage and Dzongkha, where it provides a touch of lush harmony in an otherwise austere composition. Fully exposed in its bikini garb, as here, it's bright, celebratory note. Sugar Lychee is an unabashed "beach" fragrance, and it's really best worn on a hot summer's day. The hotter and steamier, the better. It's a happy scent, with the casual appeal of tropical drinks and the olfactory colors of paper umbrellas. This beach party in a bottle is loads of fun. To take it seriously is to miss the point
05th July, 2014
one of the few citrus scents i actually like. i wish it were a little heavier on the lychee though. i prefer to mix mine with patchouli (then again, i like everything mixed with patchouli) just to tone down the "freshness" of it. it can get a little too floral on me otherwise.
29th April, 2013
VIBERT has accurately penned this one! The notes here seem familiar yet new at the same time! This house has never been a favorite of mine, however, this Sugar Lychee is impressive.
03rd November, 2007
The perfect 'summer heat' scent - the sparkling sugar and lychee notes cut right through the humidity here in South Florida and allow this scent to really come alive. The brightness of the scent is quite refreshing, without being banal and boring. I find this entirely unisex. Longevity is average and the sugary drydown it leaves on your skin isn't sticky or cloying but instead mild, close-to-the-body and dry. One of my favorites from the Fresh line.
05th July, 2007
I plan on getting this for the springtime. It's a lovely, sparkling scent that, to me, is a dead ringer for a mojito. The citrus top notes are fresh and effervescent without being too sweet. The mid notes off lotus flower and freesia settle the soprano of the top notes down ever so slightly and the tonka/sandalwood base (I do not detect much amber) give this refreshing scent rather unexpected longevity. I expect in warmer weather the longevity and projection to be even better than it was in winter, when I tested it. A great vacation scent!
12th February, 2007
Fruity, sweet, and unique. On my body it doesnt seem to mix well with my chemistry, but it smells great on the testing strip. It's more of a feminine and floral scent. So for the men try before you buy.
12th February, 2007

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