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Coromandel (2007)
by Chanel


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
PerfumerChristopher Sheldrake
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Coromandel

One of six new fragrances for Chanel's "Les Exclusifs" range created by Chanel master perfumer Jacques Polge.


Coromandel is an oriental fragrance.

Coromandel fragrance notes

Reviews of Coromandel

After finally smelling a bunch of Les Exclusifs de Chanel at a boutique, I was happy to try a sample of Coromandel on my skin to determine if it was as feminine as the company seems to imply or if it could work for me as it seems to work for other men, and I'm glad that Coromandel falls into the latter category.

While it does involve some of the cosmetic smell that I find more prohibitive in DHI and Egoiste, Coromandel balances effectively the femininity between the oriental and gourmand. In other respects, though, Coromandel does not remind me of DHI or Egoiste---it's prettier and less heavy-handed in terms of its sweetness and floral components. The opening involves some citrus but the fragrance doesn't lean citrus in its identity. The heart involves rose, jasmine, and patchouli but doesn't become overwhelmingly floral, earthy, or herby. The dry down is pleasantly sweet but not cloyingly so. Vanilla is the main contributing base note, along with woody accords.

Powerful in terms of both projection and longevity (especially for an EDT, as I originally thought the Exclusifs line was EDP), the cost ($160 for 75ml, $280 for 200ml) is justified based on the strength and unique character of this, as I've not smelled anything quite like. I admit that after smelling this out of the bottle, I suspected I would like it, but I'm surprised how I liked it, that it could be unisex in its own way and still appealing to me.

All should try this and see if it appeals--even if it's not a good partnership, it might be a good meeting. I only have one other Exclusifs sample but can't wait to try it, either.

8 out of 10
02nd November, 2015
This is what Angel wants to be when she grows up. Much more classy and refined. Yet there is that strange combination of the very sweet with patchouli which I think creates the illusion of a chocolate note that doesn't really exist. My first sniff of this, the dirty patchouli blast caught up in my nose. Then it became a very sweet and patchouli fragrance. For patchouli lovers like myself, it is the sort of thing you are always looking for. A very different diversion from the typical Chanel brand. Worthy of getting the full bottle.
24th October, 2015

However i am not a fan of CHANEL perfumes but this fragrance is amazing!...heard that? AMAZING!a perfume for the upper class lady.It is a beautifully complex scent,with several "layers."the scents is special so it may don't be very nice for everyone it is unique, haunting in its strength and complexity.a well done fragrance with depth and character,something i admirable for ladies.LES EXCLUSIFTS DE CHANEL COROMANDEL is a reminiscence of the Christmas holidays.Sophisticated,Sensual, Expensive,Rich,Warm, Magnetic and Luxurious.

The scent blends a variety of powerful elemnts-delicate,strong top notes of bitter orange and neroli,charming heart notes of patchouli and jasmine, closing with woody,sensual base notes of white chocoalte,incense,vanilla and has a very rich dry down and doesen't smell cheap at any stage.this classy perfume is ideal for a dinner date with your man but only wear this with heels it is that sexy!any ladies should wear this perfume with her "little black dress".an bsolutely wonderful choice for cold weather.


Longevity?Excellent on my skin.

13th June, 2015
A house like Chanel has to play a few different angles at once if they want to sell their products. With Cormandel they tie together a few different narratives that target a number of key demographics simultaneously. Itís an odd dance that Coromandel performs seamlessly.

Coromandel is a Hippy Patchouli and itís an Old Lady Perfume. Itís for the old guard and the debutantes. Itís stuffy and itís boho chic. And it does it all without compromise. It starts with an explosion of citrus, flowers and bucketsful of bright, cold patchouli. Thereís not a doubt in the world that Coromandel is a Patchouli Perfume, but itís a clever one. It's similar in concept to Guerlain Shalimar. It plays patchouli in just the way that Shalimar plays vanilla. In each perfume, the material is the undisputed center of the composition, but not a solo act. Neither uses the material like a flower in a soliflor or a single-note hippy shop oil. Still, if you miss the vanilla in Shalimar or the patchouli in Coromandel, Jacques Guerlain and Jacques Polge have miscalculated.

If you donít like the scent of patchouli thereís little likelihood that that youíll warm to Coromandel. But if you take the plunge youíll find every aspect of patchouli is played to maximum effect. Iíve been looking for a Patchouli-patchouli perfume. You know, a perfume that is earthy, icy, green, powdery, camphorous and potent. The whole package. But it must be a perfume, not some headshop oil or sledgehammer perfume without thoughtful composition. Coromandel is precisely what Iíve been looking for. Itís a spectacular combination of all the facets of patchouli without compromise. The patchouli is fleshed out with incense, amber, vanilla and god knows what else, but it never feels heavy or overburdened. Oh, itís enormous. It verges on rococo, but it works without ever teetering and has an unrestrained charm that is the key to its wide appeal.

Old ladies, hippies, spoiled rich kids and fumies can all come together on this one.


17th May, 2015
Dramatic, visceral openingÖ certainly not my idea of typical-Chanel. The accord settles a little to a rich benzoin / floral / wood with a strong undercurrent of incense. This opening accord is one of those that do not reveal the individual elements that compose them: Except for the resinous undercurrent of incense and the stabilizing foundation of elegant patchouli (more of a presumption on my part than an obvious experience), I cannot pick out the individual notes but I can accept everything the pyramid tells me: citrus, rose, jasmine, patchouli, spice. The accord is full and sumptuous as I expect of Chanel, and a good bit edgier than what I would normally consider for ďChanel,Ē but it never passes the tricky boundaries of its own perfection. With an added plus, the opening accord holds on for a good deal longer than most fragrance openings, cementing its visceral ecstacyÖ

I realize the mid-level when I first get a hint of florals (rose, actually). The heart accord is a reminder that this is truly a Chanel fragrance: That combination of florals (jasmine, rose, orris) and patchouli rings several bells of Chanel fragrance-memory for me. To my nose this less visceral but more refined and elegant movement is true to both its opening and to its Chanel originsÖ and, to further prove both origins, the middle accord also exhibits very good longevity. This is Chanel at its most enduring-creative best.

The base accounts for the resinousness of Coromandel with its quality incense. The remainder of the base is traditional wood, musk and vanilla in a dense and rich combination Ė this level is also very rich in Chanel-ness and is a fitting way to close on the superb beginnings.

This is a fragrance that, on first sniff, I thought would be perfect... In a very real sense, it is perfect Ė I donít find one element at all discordant in Coromandel not one chink in its splender. Its opening is captivating. It is an elegant, refined, and beautifully structured-and-performing fragrance. But so much more than that, it is passionate and poignant and dream-worthy. And while the heart and base are excellent, for me they donít reach the visceral intensity and satisfaction of the opening and I kind of miss that. StillÖ two thumbs-way, way up Ė perfection is perfection.
03rd May, 2015 (last edited: 05th May, 2015)
I tried this 09.12.2013. accidentally. I met with a friend who was "moving" a girl, oops - a woman to be precise, a complicated story so I won't go into details, and he met her that day, he got hooked for the scent so she gave him 2/3 spent bottle. Anyway, I met him and I noticed he's fiddling with something in his pocket, he took it out and I just had to spray it on in the middle of the street.

Coromandel may be marketed as a fragrance for women, but it could have been for men, or unisex at best and it still wouldn't matter as this fragrance is such a lovely creation, not very versatile though, that anyone who has the taste for style and knows how to wear it, be it a he or she, will pull it off successfully.

Now how does it smell? Think Thierry Mugler Angel and A*Men. The idea, the DNA string of it is definitely there. Chocolate, woods, spices well mixed together, refined. Coromandel is smouldering, embracing, but also firm and strong in character. Earthy, spicy, eatable, neither dark or light. A wonderful creation not for everyday wear unless you have an occasion every day. Coromandel is truly a magnificent perfume force to be reckoned with.

(worn/tried 1st. time 09. dec. 2013.)
02nd May, 2015

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