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Eau de Cologne (2007)
by Chanel


Eau de Cologne information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Eau de Cologne

One of six new fragrances for Chanel's "Les Exclusifs" range created by Chanel master perfumer Jacques Polge.

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Reviews of Eau de Cologne

The girly cologne
The boys must all have is proof:
Coco's style remains.
25th July, 2017
Such a nice fresh citrus! This opens with a definite mandarin orange note. Not, just orange, not stereotypical but a deep mandarin. Very well made and great for summer wear. There is a depth to this not typical of straight citrus, possibly b/c of the neroli combining with mandarin. Reminds me a bit of Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St Clement's by Heeley
12th June, 2017
Chanel released two colognes designed by Jacques Polge in 2007, Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport and the Exclusif.

The strategy reminds me of that used by motor manufacturers who make their cars in a range of models to suit various budgets. These two colognes are built around the same chassis of a hard and bright lemon - grapefruit accord. Allure is the basic, entry level runaround made to a strict budget, and Eau de Cologne de Chanel has all the trimmings you'd expect from a top of the range model.

They both launch on the same basic citrus accord, but here it comes ameliorated by lime, sweetness and discrete powdery and woody nuances that soften the citrus and broaden its effect ready for what is to come.

Its when you get into the luxury floral interior that the real magic starts. With a budget generous on quality ingredients like bitter orange, real(?) neroli and a decent musk, as well as Chanel's own Grasse jasmin, rose, lavender and spice, it all makes for a beautifully smooth elegant ride.

The other difference between Allure's basic saloon and the Exclusif black limousine must be the care and attention lavished on the evolution and detailing. It holds a fine balance between shiny and matt, acid and sweet, hard and soft. Crucially the citrus head accord remains crisp and true deep into the floral heart, thus maintaining the profile's artistic integrity as a cologne. It feels as though its been made to the same standards of excellence as the EdT's.

Cologne de Chanel is classified as feminine but for the first three hours or so it conjours up for me images of Saville Row shirts and high class tailoring, but then it makes a swerve to the feminine as the powdery sweet musky drydown starts to break through the citrus glass ceiling.

This is a traditional structure that relies on impeccable materials and great design work for its success rather than innovation, and so, in this conservative context, I think that remarking on a mild sense of gender realignment in the base is a valid criticism.

However, despite that, this is still one of the best colognes there is.

09th September, 2016 (last edited: 11th September, 2016)
I do love a nice Eau De Cologne, and Chanel's is a fine example.

With so many Eau's available, I have to ask myself what Chanel brings to the table to set itself apart. I think the answer is flowers, paired up with better-than-usual petitgrain.

Most Eau's fade from citrus to wood to soap - that's the recipe. Chanel takes the focus off the citrus on top (don't get me wrong - there's still obvious bergamot and orange zest there) and instead features blossoms. It's like walking past a lime tree in full bloom, mixed with the honeyed, lightly woody smell of acacia. The petitgrain smell is obvious from the top, smoother than usual and deepened by the honey. This combination of lime blossoms and acacia and honeyed wood is what makes Chanel's Eau De Cologne special. There's no sharpness or jagged edges, just smooth honeyed citrus flowers and wood. Excellent.
18th July, 2016
Chanel's take on the classic "Eau de Cologne" smell rivals Creed Pure White Cologne, what I previously believed to be the best on the market. Whereas Pure White Cologne is very bright, Chanel Eau de Cologne is not excessively bright at the opening, but more balanced, arguably. Some might reasonably see this as a downside---after all, the EDC scents aren't long-lasting, so shouldn't they be as top-heavy as possible? I'd argue that there's some value in enjoying an EDC scent like Chanel's that is mild and reserved throughout its rather limited lifespan. It consists of a bergamot-dominated citrus mix at the top, with a very slight use of tonka to sweeten it at the bottom. There's hardly any neroli soapiness here despite it being a listed note--I mainly get the bergamusk mix.

Unsurprisingly an ill performer, Eau de Cologne does not project for very long and is more or less a skin scent within an hour of wearing, but this is almost to be expected. Even the Atelier "Pure Perfume" colognes certainly do not last as much as their high concentration might lead one to believe.

Now Creed's is one of expensive EDCs out there, at $745 for 250ml in its large Royal Exclusives atomizer size (and this price is soon to increase to over $1,000 for 250ml), or (at the Creed Boutique only) $250 for 30ml. Unsurprisingly, many like myself opt for a split of the Creed, but to Chanel's credit, theirs is priced more reasonably at the standard Les Exclusifs pricing of $160 for 75ml or 200ml for $280, and one might actually consider the larger size given that the juice is a lot weaker than, say, Coromandel or Cuir de Russie, and that's the downside: Chanel has still created a weak EDC and priced it in the same class as excellent-performing scents, so one might still find it difficult to stomach the purchase. After all, Dior has a very agreeable Dior Homme Eau De Cologne out there, and there are endless other options like 4711, Guerlain Imperial, etc. that similarly do the job. I'd suggest at least trying this in case it becomes an instant favorite, and maybe you'll see fit to splurge for it. It's an excellent scent but I'd need to give it more wearings before I determine if it's bottle-worthy.

8 out of 10

06th June, 2016
Absolutely beautiful! The perfect Citrus!

I love this! I did not expect longevity (got 3 hours of stuff others could smell near me) and about 2 hours of a lovely skin-scent. Perfect summer scent, non-offensive, easy to wear, and probably the freshest scent I own, and that includes TF's Neroli Portofino (I get great longevity and projection with it).

If anyone has a pipe-dream that an EDC should have a fabled longevity or projection, I'd invite you to revisit the definition.

I believe to enjoy this to its fullest, one should carry a small decant with them and spray without fear of offending the masses frequently and for the sheer love of refreshment on hot summer days!
06th June, 2016

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