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Aventure (2006)
by Il Profumo


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Aventure

Aventure is a masculine fragrance by Il Profumo. The scent was launched in 2006

Reviews of Aventure

Genre: Citrus

Aventure leaves the gate with a very zesty citrus opening that's quickly joined by anise, a bit of lavender, and a very sparse floral bouquet. It's all very bright and clean - maybe even a bit antisceptic. Even after quite some wear, I don't get much depth out of this fragrance. A very pared down vetiver eventually shows its face, but the composition remains something of a cipher. Sure, it's clean and outdoorsy, but it's also faceless. Generic fresh, outdoorsy scents for men are a dime a dozen, so I can't imagine paying $90 for this.
12th June, 2014
Beautiful fragrance......long lasting and smells very nice and elegant. I got it in the mail yesterday. I sprayed some on my wrist and this morning I still smelled it. I wore it to work today and already I have gotten many compliments. I love the way I smell.
26th February, 2014

Unique because of its thinness: Adventure is light, airy, spicy / citrus in a simple sort of way. There’s certainly not much substance to the fragrance and its aroma isn’t even what I would call interesting except for lack of tangibility. It’s just an unusual spicy / airy accord, but it certainly reminded me of something. Not knowing what “carambola” was, I wikipediaed it, and I found out: The carambola is the star fruit that I have been eating and loving ever since I arrived in Taiwan. I’ve always enjoyed it because of its looks and taste: When sliced, each slice looks like a perfect, greenish-yellow five-pointed star. What I like about the taste is that it is refreshing without being cloying or heavy. Its aroma is like its taste: it doesn’t resemble anything else that I know of, simply some semi-sweet refreshing fruity thing. In the opening of the fragrance what I get most are the aromatics of the absinthe and the light, almost vegetal sweetness of the star fruit. I get a bit of lemon and something that reminds me of anise. I think the anise smell can be accounted for by the lavender / amber combination. That’s it… that’s all I get the total run of the fragrance. I don’t get any jasmine, incense, or leather, but the scent is so thin that I’m surprised that I get any identifiable notes at all. It has limited sillage but decent longevity considering how light it is. Adventure is a nice little light fragrance but it lacks character and is much too expensive for what it delivers.

18th April, 2009
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United States
boooooooooring. nothing really interesting going on here...i've tried this 3 or 4 times...and every time i sit and wonder "why do people make such boring rubbish fragrances?"
11th January, 2009
Incense and leather. Good longevity. Not very adventuristic. Just a nice cool and heavy scent for early fall I think.
08th July, 2008
This juice is aptly titled. It is truly an adventure albeit a very short lived one. Musically, I would compare it to Shoegaze; cinematically like Antonioni. It needs time and space to envelop you with large, shifting vibrations. I think those who expect overtly dynamic fragrances will find Aventure too subtle. Those who appreciate less posture will enjoy the solful adventure. Aventure is very natural, slightly sweet, citrus-y, spicy, floral, incens-y, and a warm/cool leather fragrance. My only caveat is that it was not as tenacious as I would have hoped. I have not compared it to the G 11. Definitely sample first.
Aventure dries down, very quickly, to a soft amber/musk accord. I would definitely buy this if it had more tenacious heart and base notes. Too bad, because it is quite unique and spacious.
24th October, 2007

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