Privet Bloom (2007)
    by Hampton Sun

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    Privet Bloom is a women's fragrance by Hampton Sun. The scent was launched in 2007

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    I love the smell of privet blossoms. We have two large privet hedges in our yard that just finished blooming. The scent is heady, dense, soft and sweet, a bit like lilacs or hyacinth.

    Unfortunately, this perfume smells nothing like that. It's basically a very high-pitched lily of the valley scent with sharp, "clean" musks. (I assume those are musks; they have a shampoo vibe.) It reminds me of Diorissimo or even Eternity. I don't get the green leafy notes others have mentioned, unfortunately.

    I think I could wear this on a very humid, hot day; it should cut through the fug like a blade.

    28 June, 2011

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    Hampton Sun's Privet Bloom is one of the prettiest perfumes I have smelled in a while. It is a white floral that quickly morphs into a fresh green fragrance with a bit of zing that smells like freshly cut branches (in a good way!). Its ultra-realistic style is akin to those in the CB I Hate perfume line and, in particular, reminds me of CBIHP's "To See a Flower". Privet Bloom would also appeal to someone who enjoys Miller et Bertaux's #3 (the green one) which is very similar to Privet Bloom but has a touch more lemon verbena.

    Privet Bloom is refreshing and perfect for summertime wear, especially in a hot or humid climate. Last of all, and perhaps best of all, it is moderately priced.

    Here are the notes, per the Hampton Sun website: sea spray, dune grass, blue plum and privet blossom.

    21st July, 2008

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