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Emerald Dream (2007)
by Estée Lauder


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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HouseEstée Lauder
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Emerald Dream

A travel retail exclusive for Estee Lauder. According to Lauder, Emerald Dream is: "a captivating new fragrance which will exhilarate your senses, gently beckoning with an invigorating blend of sparkling freshness, alluring warmth and smooth sensuality."

Reviews of Emerald Dream

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United Kingdom
After a brief citrus-fruity-harsh chemical attack (contravening various international conventions) in the opening blast, I was fearing the worst. No need to worry though; it soon settled down to a pleasant and fresh grass-green impression, with touches of very fresh basil underneath the heath. Touches of a peach aroma were intermittently detectable in the background. Parts of the top notes reminded me of Geoffrey Beene's Bowling Green, just lacking the vibrancy of Beene's verdant creation.

In the drydown floral pieces were added to the olfactory mosaic: initially a fairly woodsy violet impression, then mimosa, whiffs of geranium, and a pleasant cyclamen to maintain a good balance.

The base turns increasingly woodsier, with the cypress gradually overwhelmed by the Kamani and whiffs of sandal; it is as if a hint of white blossoms is admixed. Delightful, and towards the end the fruitiness from the top notes as well as the green parts of the initial phase return to combine with the rest to a green-woodsy and slowly fading apotheosis. Memories of the Emerald Isle?

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent, and the longevity a superb twelve hours on my skin.

Apart from the first seconds, this is a a fresh daytime spring creation with a green-woodsy centre, executed very well and performing excellently. 3.5/5.
27th May, 2017
Harsh, bitter greens trumpet in the opening. Cucumber and tea notes dominate. I like cucumber, but these smell inedible. The tea is of Tommy Girl (yucky, headachy, hateful Tommy Girl) rather than savory bitter like the real stuff. Eventually the blaring greens quiet a bit, but they remain abrasive. In the heart I kept catching a whiff of something heavenly. I'd bring my hand to my nose and the greens overwhelmed whatever it was. I never got to the base notes; I gave up and washed before two hours were up.
19th February, 2011
The way that, to me, Bronze Goddess smells like summer, Emerald Dream smells like spring. I know it's hard not to think "green" when it's actually called Emerald Dream, but it does smell green to me -- a little bit like rain, even a little bit like dirt, in the best possible way. It's just lovely. I don't get any of the fruit notes, nor can I pick out any particular flower.

By the way, when it first came in the mail, I was already wearing perfume and didn't want to put any on -- I was on my way out the door but I wanted to sniff it, so I sprayed some on a piece of paper. It smelled boring and ugly! It wasn't until it went on my skin that it smelled good.

There are some on ebay these days. Take a chance -- pick up a bottle, spray, and it'll be instant spring! Or better yet, don't.... I'll buy them all and keep them in the back of my freezer.
01st January, 2010
I had Emerald Dream last summer and I loved it, it is soo refreshing, just sooo adorable...
Unfortunatelly doesn't last long on my skin, so I finished all the bottle in a summer:)
07th May, 2009
In the stores 2008.

On my skin, this is perhaps the very best of the younger EL-perfumes. It is truly beautiful! I am very, very close to buying a bottle. If there was a whole line, with bodylotion and deo as well, I probably alreade had bought it, but there is only the EdP.
14th June, 2008

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