Joop! Go (2007)
    by Joop!

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    A generic fruity-citrus opening straight from the laboratory with a generic flowery-woodsy drydown, not blending well and sweetish-boring. Good silage and projection though with four hours of longevity - which is not necessarily a good thing.

    07 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Go with Joop..!!! It will be well worth the journey...

    So Joop Go was the last of my 2012 Christmas colognes... Sweetie really hooked me up..!! And as the saying goes, "saving the best for last" is true.

    I am becoming a huge fan of these lesser known Joop fragrances. My first of the Joop fragrances, like many guys, was the original - while I like it, original may be at the lower end of my favorite list. Much too strong, spicy, and at times, overbearing. Not so with the lesser known Joop fragrances.

    Go is pleasant from the beginning - out of the bottle with notes of fruit, floral, and spice that settles into a sweet (but not too sweet) fragrance that is easy on the nose and masculine. Very nice - well done Joop..!! The projection/sillage is above average and so is the longevity, lasting the whole work day on the skin and shirt sleeve.

    While I have not received compliments outside of Sweetie - she loves that "sweet" smell that blends a touch of woods. I truly believe it has the potential to get you noticed. You guys know me by now - I am confident "in my own skin" - not a bad thing - it is what it is - Go offers great versatility and flexibility that you can wear any time of year, time of the day, and for any occasion. It is really that good...

    The last measure to speak of is value. A current check yields that Go is listing for a little over $30.00 for a large bottle - great buy..!! If you are looking for a fragrance with a unique scent, above average longevity, and a good price/value, I recommend Joop Go..

    The final tally of Go is 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. You will be hooked... Make it count today...

    10th January, 2013

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    Thumbs down. I can smell only very artificia and oversweetl fruits and rhubarb, with good lasting power and projection. And yes, it smells chemical. Did not work for me.

    02 November, 2012

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    Smelly Dude

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    Even though there are only two real notes to this (citrus and woody powder), and both notes are at opposite ends of the scent spectrum, Joop! Go just works. The opening is definitely on the citrusy end of the scale (I would have picked mandarine rather than blood orange, go figure) yet the powdery base also shows up at the open and gradually takes over during the rather pleasant dry-down.

    Sillage and projection are nowhere nearly as savage as Joop! Homme, but it's still one of the fragrances that is easy to overdo.

    Overall, it's a very versatile fragrance that works well across a whole bunch of occasions, outfits and seasons. Possibly best as a spring/autumn fragrance, as the juxtaposition of the wintery wood with the summery citrus reflects the change of season nicely.

    Another Joop! scent where it is so wrong but so right at the same time. I like the one a lot.

    07 October, 2012

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    Good scent but way too strong!

    03 June, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Tragic after shower with an hybrid fruity powderiness and a final apple-orange energetic pungency. Chemical, too sweet and boring. Good sillage as well as the other Joop.

    03 May, 2012

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