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Rousse (2007)
by Serge Lutens


Rousse information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseSerge Lutens
Parent CompanyShiseido

About Rousse

Rousse is a shared / unisex perfume by Serge Lutens. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Rousse

???????? i'm having a strange experience here.

i put chanel's bois des iles parfum on the top of my right forearm so that i could smell it again before buying it. i had swooned over it a year ago. this time i didn't have such an enthusiastic reaction. so, i put some sl rousse on the inside of my forearm for entertainment. i went on to put sl fille en aiguilles on the inside of my left arm. then donna karan wenge on the top of my left.

over a period of time, i sniffed them all. none of them grabbed me when i had my nose on/near my skin. i had been using the computer for some time, so i propped my chin in my right palm. sniff. oo! where is that wonderful smell coming from? sniffed the samples close to the skin. no.... this happened several times. what i liked was illusive. and it kept changing. i couldn't tell where the smell in the air was coming from.

i think it was the rousse. up close: not much. but somewhere close by: yum. maybe it was a layering effect of rousse and bois. maybe wenge was drifting over. i'll have to try tomorrow and be disciplined enough to only apply rousse.

if it is the rousse, i like it. it plays peek-a-boo. sometimes cinnamon, but faint. sometimes other spices? so many other hints, but i'm not good at isolating and naming ingredients. and i love woods, which i sometimes smell.

this isn't like any of the sl's i have tried. i think this is a private sent. just for me.

the problem is the $$$$. maybe tomorrow i won't like it....
01st November, 2016
A dry, quiet combo of cinnamon, clove and cedar.

I get none of the other notes mentioned, no orange, no carrot seed or anise (as Turin observed), no amber or vanilla.

It's not loud as some reviewers found it, like cinnamon tea or candy, to my nose. It's quite linear and dry, also long-lasting. It stays close to the skin, which makes it inoffensive for office wear.

Its only drawback comes if worn in hot weather, as there is a non-washed, sweaty scent in heat that can have a cinnamon vibe, and this might get you disapproving looks in certain situations. As a winter scent it is unobtrusive and pleasant.

Decent but unremarkable.
20th May, 2016
I think I can taste the cinnamon sticks we made as kids by dipping toothpicks into our mother's unprotected cinnamon oil from the spice cabinet. They were all the rage when I was 7, and if you were lucky, you could sell 5 for a NICKEL!

Seriously, I taste it when I smell this...not a bad thing I suppose, but sorta odd I guess. It gives the impression of opening up a tupperware container of older cinnamon candies, vanilla toffees, and something stale, but not offensive...just stale.

I don't foresee myself purchasing a FB of this scent, as it doesn't really do anything for me, but it was an interesting trip down memory lane!
28th January, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
An orange opening with an amber background gives way to a pleasant cinnamon that is, however, a bit lackluster on my skin, but is at the core of the drydown experience, with phases of a tuberose-inspired lipstick impression inserted at times. The base adds wood and a resin note, but again, whilst well blended it seems not really taking off in a convincing manner or structure. Silage and projection are good as is the six-hour longevity. Not bad at all then for a gourmand for colder climes, but just not in the top shelf.
25th August, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

Culinary spices rule the roost in Rousse. (Say that three times fast!) Serve Rousse up next to the fruitcake that is Arabie, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly nice afternoon tea. The spice rack accord at Rousse’s heart doesn’t excite me, but at least it doesn’t swamp me with fruit syrup, either. In the end, I think Rousse is a very conventional fragrance to have come from Serge Lutens, and that makes it something of a disappointment.
26th June, 2014
Aromatic and spicy amber

The central accord is appointed by a connection between spicy amber (cloves more than cinnamon in my humble opinion- a touch of almonds dust??) and woodsy resins. The latter (as combined with cloves) imprint by soon a sort of almost culinary minty/aromatic (recollection about the almond paste taste/aroma) vibe to the juice. The citrus are not fresh and watery but prevalently combined (as well as for a grated peels process) in the amalgam, providing at the beginning a touch of fruity/boozy bitterness (fading along the trip) from the peels well connected with the aromatic/simil almondy "miasma". The dry down is almost gourmand, soapy/ambery and comforting, in my opinion pleasant but a bit onedimentional and not properly complex and refined. The texture is not fully adequate in order to create a luxurious and fully structured glorious fragrance. Anyway i find it a lovely spicy/oriental so joyful and more versatile in comparison with the most part of the other Lutens concoctions of the collection. P.s= i have to add that after a couple of hours the note of amber appears less talky/aromatic and more orangy. In this phase i detect a more intense orange/cinnamon presence and the amber appears less dusty and more resinous.

Pros: Resinous and cool
Cons: Un-complex and not fully structured"

11th September, 2013

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