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Sécrétions Magnifiques (2006)
by Etat Libre d'Orange


Sécrétions Magnifiques information

Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEtat Libre d'Orange
PerfumerAntoine Lie

About Sécrétions Magnifiques

Sécrétions Magnifiques is a shared / unisex perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Antoine Lie

Sécrétions Magnifiques fragrance notes

Reviews of Sécrétions Magnifiques

Harborside at low tide on a particularly steamy August day!

I couldn't quite believe the information on this scent. If it is truly this bad, how can it be selling and how can Turin praise it and give it five stars?

However, it even excels its hype - it's so incredibly nasty that it may be the worst marketed fragrance I have ever encountered in 70 years of experience.

Intensely briney, salty and smelling of decaying crustaceans, it is truly vile, awful, beyond belief. Victor Frankenstein should have been stopped (just because you CAN, OUGHT you to?) in time, ditto the creaters and marketers - and praisers - of this scent.

Milk, blood, iodine? Surely, this was sign enough that the perfumer was mentally and ethically unstable.

Abominable and irresponsible - an insult to the art of perfumery.
02nd February, 2016
It is hilarious the amount of hate and hyperbole this fragrance generates. I guess that probably was ELDO's intention. I've read reviews for years and just on a whim decided it was time to pop my secretions magnifique cherry. I was expecting eau de crimescene. I was expecting used condom filled with spit and tampon and all the bodily nasties of the world. What I got was totally surprising. The opening is a futuristic metallic oceanic thing with coconutty, irisy nuances. I actually really really liked it. So much so that at first I was wondering whether it got reformulated or I got sent the wrong sample or something. Not to say it's not weird, it just has extremely contrasting elements that (with the aid of marketing and imagination) makes one imagine old spunk and hemoglobin. I legitimately believe that if someone were to smell this without the associations they would be much more likely to enjoy it. To me the opening seems to not be a literal interpretation of blood or semen or spit, but instead seems to be a perfumized version of those secretions, suggesting that they have inherent, perfumistic qualities. I feel like the opening is what Scarlett Johannson's character's spaceship thing might have smelled like in Under the Skin. Futuristic, sexual, and totally strange. Then cums the dry down. The truly awful dry down. My girlfriend said it smelled like dried cum (without knowing the fragrances concept..). To me, I got sour milk and nickels. Maybe it wasnt all just hyperbole... I think the inherently disgusting aspect of this fragrance is that these 'human' elements combine without any warmth or humanistic qualities. It doesnt smell like lovers in heat, it smells like a mortician extracted the fluids of a serial rapist and stirred them all together in a rusted metal beaker. Despite how terrible the drydown is, I totally enjoyed the experience of testing this and appreciate the audacity it took to make, regardless of whether it was a marketing ploy or not. I actually do still like the opening and will sniff it on occasion (the next time i'm craving the smell of sour milk and nickels), but i don't think another wearing is required. Ever again.
26th April, 2015
Got my clammy little hands on a sample of SM, as part of a library of samples from Etat Libre D'Orange. It was not something I expected to like, let alone wear, but was sure it would be an interesting olfactory experience.

Though I wished to crack into it immediately, I held off, and went through the samples as listed in the accompanying sheet, making notes for myself in the process.

By the time I arrived at SM, I expected that this would not smell nearly as interesting as promised, and might even be wearable.

Opened the bottle. Definitely milky, definitely bloody, definitely rancid. At this point it was powerful so sniffing was unnecessary. It was not pleasant, but it was true to the notes which came with the sample, and that pleased me on some level.

Dabbed a tiny bit on my inner arm. This, for me, was a mistake. My stomach heaved and heaved hard. I still had not actively taken a sniff. My mind was grasping for pink notes, sex notes, musk notes, any notes.... anything... any distraction that would allow me to wait things out to engage with the dry down.

I tried. I did. I really tried.

I am a very good girl. I do not gag. I do not flinch.

60 seconds with SM and this girl was collapsed by the bath, gasping for air, eyes streaming, and scalding her inner arm under the hot tap. These secretions were magnificently insistent and penetrating, for sure.

Not only did I vomit, and vomit hard, I vomited so violently that I had to clap my hand over my face and gulp the vomit back down to avoid drowning. Which was fun. Was able to drop the fourth batch into the toilet bowl, and vomit without having to swallow.

So yes, I got what I asked for. The listed accords were clear and present. The result was magnificently intense, and it is robust in terms of longevity. Which was tough for me that afternoon, but useful if it works for you. SM travels far, whether in sillage or from an opened phial, and should not be presumed to be a secret skin scent. I entertained the idea of keeping it to assess the dry down on another day, but my body vetoed that notion.

Oh well.

Next time I'll be in a field with a bucket, gloves and anti-emetics!
22nd March, 2015
She starts off sweet but grows stickier with time; the transparent liquid is best allowed to drip on the fingers and, in increasing degrees of proximity, close to the groin. I keep returning to her fingers, sniffing them. The scent is unmistakable. Her fingers have been somewhere without me, somewhere dark and somewhere sweet.
31st January, 2015 (last edited: 02nd February, 2015)
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United States
Piercing, shrill, putrid/metallic bilge/curdled/dried spit note floating on a base of relatively banal milky, powdery, sandalwood inoffensiveness. Like a stinky, crazy party crasher at a Daughters of the American Revolution tea. Interesting, edgy conceptual perfumery, but ultimately unpleasant to wear. The deep drydown does mellow the bilge into a fairly innocuous and reasonably well integrated iodine/saline seaweed note adding counterpoint to the sandalwood, but it's too long a ride past the landfill on the way there IMO.
29th September, 2014
Inoffensive musky-sticky-milky-calonic notes wrapped in a harsh bag of aldehydes. I approached this scent quite late, meaning that I've often heard about this one without having actually smelled it, and all the people who owned/used it said this was naughty, raw, animalic, truly "offensive" and provocative (those were people who actually bought this, so... well, no offense). So I expected something cool and challenging. Meanwhile I tested some other scents by Etat Libre and found basically no interest whatsoever in their fragrances, so when I came to this I was quite in a "prejudice" mood. And I was right, because well... this is it? This depressing tin can of aldehydes and randomly-assembled putrid aromachemicals should evoke "sweat, blood, saliva"? No. This is no way challenging. It smells bad, but in no possible creative or provocative way - just dull, boring, pointless bad. Not even that bad actually – more than bad it's a plain, uninspired, clumsy smell. Being provocative in whatever legitimate and credible way means to be able to structure your provocation and contextualise it into a more broad critical discourse – to use it as a tool, or as language. Doing random stuff like this is and giving it a meaning by mere marketing means is not art and is not provocation, it's just a depressing way to exploit a cliché - in this case, the "épater les bourgeois" cliché (and making money out of it). This said, as I said it's not even that bad or stinky - any obscure and cheap chypre from the '50s would kick this in the butt in terms of "animalicness" (or whatever effect Eld'O pretends to achieve). To me it smells more like if Antoine Lie found a disposal bag of Takasago waste molecules and – bingo!. I don't want to sound hateful, pretentious or offensive but personally it really saddens me to think someone really consider this "irony" or "avantgarde" or whatever daring stuff and is actually willing to pay for this.

11th July, 2014

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