Sécrétions Magnifiques (2006)
    by Etat Libre d'Orange

    • Launched: 2006
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Antoine Lie
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Sécrétions Magnifiques Fragrance notes

    Milk Accord, Blood Accord, Iodine Accord, Iris, Opoponax, Sandalwood

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    This is pure olfactory avantgarde.
    Starts off as a fresh, marine floral with a slightly lactonic quality. After a few seconds, a sharp metallic note kicks in along with tons of salty seaweed. After about an hour, the metal and the seaweed mellow out and it becomes to smell exactly like sea breeze (very salty and slightly metallic) with a pinch of seaweed and light florals.

    This is a very clever composition, it just plays with your mind.

    05 January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    An arresting somehow strident, (salty/sweet, lymphatic, balsamic, irony and acid) main accord of lacteous buttermilk (pinacolata, tree glue, balsams), orange sanguine (possibly bloody combined with saline metal and sticky milk), salty/ozonic iodine (probably the main feature), metal, wax, brewer's yeast and floral lipstick "assembled" by the super talented "sorcerer" Antoine Lie (Nu_be Sulphur, Puredistance Black, 888 to quote some) in order to create one of the most argued olfactory creations of the contemporary age. Yes, the bloody breath of a lady vampira wearing a pungent fruity/floral and alcaline/ozonic scent over. Indolic crudity, vegetal and human "pollen", fish head, stem lymph, dirty lingerie, sea breeze, brew, vinegar and human anatomy in a bottle. Carnal, outrageous and sweaty fragrance, musky, erotic on a womanly woman, or may be not, not easy to say. One of the very few releases indolic and pharmaceutical at once. I tend to appreciate the original creations, expecially whether unique and immediately recognizable and I've always dreamt being able to prepare magic potions as an esoteric alchemist "stregone" but given it for granted I can't say to be ready for wearing Secretions Magnifiques on me in the course of a special occasion nor in the intimacy of my loneliness (maybe replacing the Marilyn Monroe's Chanel n 5 with this cynical ELDO in order to conciliate the sleep). The truth abides often in the middle.

    29 December, 2013

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    South Africa South Africa

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    This really sticks in my throat the first few minutes, but after a short while I begin getting the coconut that totally agrees with me. I choose to smell beyond the nasty notes that are allegedly floating around in this potion. Instead I focus on trying to get the sandalwood, opoponax and iris. Soon I'll be ordering 50ml and wear the hell out of it.

    04 December, 2013

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    A long-lasting, hyper-modern and highly original lactonic floral scent with striking salty/metallic facets.

    As far as generating hysterical reactions goes, Etat Libre d'Orange nailed it with Sécrétions Magnifiques. Yet the real controversy is that scent itself isn't nearly as terrifying as people make it out to be.

    Opening with a striking juxtaposition of waxy plastic and marine notes, this is essentially a metallic floral crossed with a powerful lactonic effect. There's a faint fresh, green aspect to it as well as a subtle bread tone that runs throughout, and it's essentially a linear wear that allows you to focus on and track the individual components as they conspire to produce a legitimately original fragrance. It doesn't smell overly synthetic, but the metal effect sits somewhere between the rusty sharpness of an old water tank and the kind of metallic taste that can periodically develop in one's mouth. And that's all set against a series of milky components that also includes a semi-sweet floral note. So, in essence, what you're getting is a series of clever juxtaposing notes aren't entirely discordant, but do catch you off guard and keep your mind racing back and forth between them. In this respect, it's brilliant.

    Once you've adjusted to what it's doing and the scent has settled down a bit, it reads more as a long-lasting, bitter/sweet milk scent with some unusual nuances popping up throughout. It's not all that different in tone to Womanity—especially after a few hours of wearing it.

    Is it avant-garde? Absolutely. Is it unwearable? Not at all—quite wearable, in fact, but clearly it's not going to be for everyone. The scent indeed creates some bodily associations (mainly through the metallic effect that could be read as saliva or blood), but these associations are partially reliant on the concept and the packaging which serves to amplify them further. Without these peripheral attributes, Sécrétions Magnifiques is simply a clever, unusual composition—which raises questions about the process of production in that it appears that ELdO essentially sacrificed a perfectly reasonable fragrance (one that's no more challenging than some of their others) for the sake of shock and curiosity. This is the exploitation of sex—a conceit that should be overly familiar to anyone with a passing awareness of the way mainstream perfume is marketed—only here, it's rendered as tongue-in-cheek and as cynically as the brand's other infamous mockeries of an industry that tends to take itself too seriously (the Tilda Swinton celebrity scent and the comedically contrarian Rien spring to mind). On the one hand, this has brought ELdO great publicity and respect from the perfumista; on the other, it's falsely demonized a scent that perhaps didn't deserve it. Frankly, it would be very easy to make something absolutely vile and unwearable from aroma chemicals and essential oils, so that's clearly not what this. Instead, it's a tastefully assembled and fully developed fragrance that's fascinating to analyze while wearing it.

    There are far more offensive fragrances than this being sold in mainstream department stores on a daily basis, so if you're after a milky floral with some intriguing salty/metal facets, there might be safer options out there, but don't dismiss this based upon hyperbole and ELdO's apparently successful strategy of provocation.

    Pros: Makes an absolute mockery of the mainstream perfumery's reliance on selling sex.
    Cons: Potentially detracts from an otherwise solid composition by instigating silly hysteria."

    22 September, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    More an experiment than a perfume

    As an exercise in a trying to transform a concept into an odour that can be tried and sampled, its interesting and partially successful. But as a fragrance to be worn and enjoyed its totally unsuccessful to my nose. These days I try to evaluate if a fragrance is "good" as well as determining if I personally like it. And I think its a "No" on both counts.

    Its sour milk, slightly metallic edge isn't particularly interesting and a long way from challenging. My feeling is that, if you ignore the hyperbole and reputation, its simply meh - not particularly anything other than a fragrance thats not that "nice".

    I was slightly put off by the retail environment, the new ELdO boutique in Shoreditch. It featured a large Tom of Finland book, perched on the unit in the middle of the shop, as well as a couple of S&M accoutrement, as if to hammer the edgy point home. It all felt a wee bit puerile and dated, bringing back the Madonna Sex book era.

    I've sat on the fence with the stars rating as its important that perfumers - and the people that wear them - take these risks.

    Pros: I'm pleased perfumers are taking these sorts of risks
    Cons: As a fragrance, it simply isn't that good

    05 July, 2013

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    Smelly Beast
    Brazil Brazil

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    I got this bottle as a joke, I wanted to blind buy a highly controversial fragrance and I ended up getting this one and Lutens Musc Koublai Kahn. When I first smelled Secretions i just laughed because i didnt expect it to smell the way it does. Its a cloying aquatic white floral that smells metallic and chemical, the fisrt representing blood and the second semen.

    I wasn't shocked as I expected but the blood note is VERY disturbing on my skin and makes me wanna puke. And the worst thing is that it sticks to skin like nothing else. I tok a bath to take it out and it didn't work. It lasted all day long...

    In the end you get a very bold concept and a highly unwearable fragrance. To gimmicky for my opinion

    1 ouf of 5

    23 March, 2013

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