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Just Free (2004)
by Luciano Soprani


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseLuciano Soprani
Parent CompanySatinine

About Just Free

Just Free is a masculine fragrance by Luciano Soprani. The scent was launched in 2004

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Reviews of Just Free

Andrewthecologneguy's review is spot on, but to which, I'd like to add a couple things.

I wanna add that this is very much along the lines of Neroli Portofino, Ferrari Bright Neroli, 4711, and any other simple neroli/floral/citrus blend. It's not as natural as Andrew points out. It's very unisex (think CK One - even smells a tiny bit similar) Performance sucks, but to be honest, Neroli Portofino lasts about the same time, and projection is equal for both. One costs $15, the other $300. It's a no brainer.

I also like the bottle design, it's different and kind of old school, like most Soprani bottles are. Though despite looking cheap, has great spraying mechanism and parts. The bottle is like a tall narrow Lanvin Oxygen.

A good cheap freshy, fresh out the shower, need something light, spray and go, dumb reach kind of fragrance.

Edit: In my later wearings of this - some new findings. I find this to be very similar to Burberry Weekend, and L'eau d'Issey. As they both have this bitter floral nuance, Just Free also has it, but I prefer it in Just Free, when combining with citrus, and neroli, it blends together better than the others. In a nutshell, I think a safe bet would be to call Just Free - 1 part L'eau d'Issey and 2 parts Neroli Portofino. Add a little more soapiness, and a really good price, and I'm left with one of the better clean fragrances around. A shame this one is virtually unknown in America.
19th August, 2019 (last edited: 14th October, 2019)
The house of Luciano Soprani barely registers a blip outside of Italy where his brand was often endorsed by local soccer hero Roberto Baggio throughout the late 90's and early 2000's. In fact, Luciano Soprano Just Free (2004) features the soccer player himself on the box art, arms thrown back in relaxation, with a Cheshire cat grin on his face. Luciano Soprani himself worked for Max Mara and Gucci before setting up his house, entering perfume in the mid 1980's with the debut Luciano Soprani (1987) and Soprani Uomo (1988), but never lived to see this creation reach market, having tragically passed away from throat cancer in 1999, five years before this perfume was ever conceived and released. By the time Just Free had rolled around, Soprani's friend Dilio Ortigoza passed the company into the hands of Alessandro Turci, who then sold the perfume line to Satinine. Under Satinine, Luciano Soprani perfumes modernized and bottle designs or nameplates were re-used for a unified feel. In many ways, this house feels like Jacques Bogart to me, just with a feminine counterpart line since Bogart is exclusively for men, but the same campy packaging with a focus on fragrance performance for your dollar runs through Soprani's veins. The basic theme of Just Free is to be a merging of the aquatic and the traditional eau de cologne style, but with more attention paid to the floral heart and green aromatics found in a classic cologne over the usual sweet soapy or fruity ones found in the average aquatic of the 90's or mid 2000's; I'd say this is a rather novel idea and the execution is quite well done, with nothing really following in this vein until John Varvatos Artisan Blu (2016) came along over a decade later. Just Free won't blow anyone away, but few will suspect something this nice coming from its goofy-looking bottle.

The opening blurb in the advertisement found on the carded sample speaks of the greatness of simplicity, and while this is ultimately a linear scent meant to convey simplicity, it is really anything but in the actual composition. The unknown perfumer for Just Free clearly wanted the orange blossom of the scent to be the center of attention, alongside a healthy dose of dihydromyrcenol "aquatic" note with a side of fruity melon courtesy of calone 1951. While I'm no chemist and won't try breaking down the other aromachemicals in the scent, since we can all read ingredients lists to see that eugenol represents the clove, geraniol represents the rose, and citral along with limonene and linalool makes that clean masculine citric sheen everyone expects in 90% of mainstream male fragrances, I will say that chemistry does play a huge role in Just Free. Once you make it past that opening aquatic neroli salvo, a little bit of green verbena connects to the heart of lavender, muguet, marigold, prominent jasmine hedione and violet, which all blend very well together in almost a dandyish fashion like the traditional eau de colognes this emulates. I get very little rose but I guess the perfumer thought raw geraniol equals rose accord, so whatever. The base here is an interestingly dry but soft mix of vetiver, mastic, amber, and musk, with a bit of Iso E Super posing as "ebony wood" according to documentation. There is also patchouli listed, but like with the rose, I think some chemical here is meant to imply it. Overall, you get hours and hours of neroli over shimmery aquatics and light blended florals that finish on a a green-tinged amber and musk, which ain't too shabby considering the alternative in the genre. Wear time is barely Eau de Toilette-worthy but sillage is moderately good, and I don't need to really tell you where to use a fresh aquatic fragrance like this.

Just Free is a bit more sophisticated and sexually ambiguous than the average bear, and you're not likely to see an aquatic this floral, nor this well-composed anywhere near this price point on the market, from any designer large or small. Just Free exists in an uncanny valley of niche design with a middle-tier designer execution, especially in the ingredients budget department. I think paying Roberto Baggio to be on the boxes was the largest budgetary expense, and seeing how he is no longer present on the boxes og many newer productions of scents he once modeled for, I can see it didn't pan out well for Luciano Soprani. Just Free goes on like a niche aquatic with buckets of lovely clean neroli and a hint of fruit, then takes us through a floral dandy daydream before the clock strikes twelves and the typical designer base shows up to turn the skin scent from a princely affair into a pumpkin. Even then, Just Free still isn't anything less than enjoyable since the florals come and go the whole time, particularly the jasmine and neroli, making this a cheap thrill for somebody who loves classy fresh floral fragrances but doesn't want to shell out for something like Creed Silver Mountain Water (1995) or Whitehall by Hugh Parsons (2012). Alternatively, this is a good buy for the aquatic lover who also enjoys neroli and hints of green, and wouldn't be redundant in collections already containing the aforementioned Artisan Blu, plus is much more unisex in nature and suitable for any gender. Thumbs up from me, Just Free may be a two-bit back-alley aquatic, but makes up for it by being a really artistic one in a hilariously 90's-looking bottle that was already outdated when the scent dropped in 2004. One finds beauty in the least likely of places!
20th February, 2019
A magnificent linear wonder. All the synthetic neroli and bergamot you could ever want. Makes a great casual (think summer day quick errand) or layering must have fragrance. At the current price point it is a bargain too good to pass up. Clean, fresh, soapy citrus eau de cologne with a blue musk undertone.
04th March, 2016

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