Ice*Men (2007)
    by Thierry Mugler

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    Ice*Men is a men's fragrance by Thierry Mugler. The scent was launched in 2007 and the bottle was designed by Jean Jacques Urcun

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    50ml EdT
    50ml EdT

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    Genre: Woods

    Holy Patchouli, Batman! Sweaty, head shop patchouli is not what I expected from a blue liquid with “Ice” on the label, but that’s exactly what you get when you spray on Mugler’s Ice*Men. The patchouli comes on strong and says that way, as it is prone to do. The treatment here emphasizes the crisp, minty-herbaceous aspect of patchouli leaves, but the patchouli used is also very sharp and acidic, and the overall result seems crude to my nose.

    As the hours take their toll on the patchouli there emerges a cool, fresh, camphoraceous woody accord. This is more in line with expectations set by Ice*Men’s name and packaging, but hardly noteworthy in and of itself. The patchouli and woods run the rest of their course side by side, without taking any interesting turns. Kudos, I suppose, to Mugler for not releasing another stereotypical aquatic “sport scent,” but straightforward patchouli is a crowded field, and Ice*Men would have to do more to hold my attention.

    16th June, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    Interesting fragrance!
    The opening is really strange. fresh with cooling vibe. so named correctly.
    The cooling vibe isn't like something you get from fresh mint or pepper mint for example.
    Smell like a cold and wet basement!!
    Yeah, that's the patchouli note which give us this feeling.
    I can smell the original vibe in the background too, but it's not warm or too sweet at all. but definitely you can feel the original in this fragrance.
    In the mid the patchouli note settle down just a bit and you can smell huge dose of nutmeg and some woodsy notes. specially nutmeg. it's really strong and give you a peppery and sharp smell.
    Good projection and longevity with this fragrance.
    I like it.
    Very different and unique fresh fragrance for spring and summer.

    01st June, 2014

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    So so summer fragrance.

    I really like the opening of Ice Men. While some don't care for the menthol type opening I find it refreshing and a nice change from the all too familiar citrus opening. During the later half of the opening is when the iced coffee accord comes in and it really does smell like an iced coffee. What comes next is what really ruined this fragrance which is the patchouli. After the other notes subside that's really all your left with is this weak watery patchouli that's out of place. I realize that this is an A*Men Flanker, but this would have been much better if they would have toned down the patchouli and backed it up with some woods or a nice white musk. That brings me to the improved version of Ice Men which is Pure Shot. It's everything Ice Men should have been, but like Ice Men it doesn't project or last as well as it should. Poorly would be a better way to describe it. Overall, I still like Ice Men enough to wear it occasionally, but it's not something that stands out. Average at best.

    Pros: Cheap, different.
    Cons: Longevity and projection.

    07th July, 2013

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    A different light amen drydown and menthol/ lime opening....not my fav but interesting enough to try!

    20th May, 2013

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    I am not an aquatic fan at all but Ice men is amazing. It reminds me a bit of 360 by perry ellis but ice men is way better. 360 always had this synthetic note in it that I just could not stand. Ice men is well blended and my most favorite part of the scent is the patchouli. This scent screams manliness and sexiness. i am so glad mugler found out how to make a scent masculine and aromatic. The projection and longevity of this superb!!!!!!

    10th March, 2013

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    I did not like the way that patchouli is done on this one. That'a synthetic and herbal smell touched by hints of mint that did not work for summer actually. If you're looking for somethinh fresh, get out of here.

    15th November, 2012

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