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Alahine (2007)
by Téo Cabanel


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseTéo Cabanel

About Alahine

Alahine is a feminine perfume by Téo Cabanel. The scent was launched in 2007

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Reviews of Alahine

Old school creamy balsamic amber with such smoothness one expects it to moisturize one’s skin. Resins provide warmth and a heartbeat, but don’t mess with the overall silkiness. Floral aspects are veiled and gauzy. And in the base there’s a small nod to power – something that smells of worn leather and crumbled wood lurks within.
All in all this is a supremely easy wear, it slips on like a flowing robe, suggestive of effortless if not inexpensive chic in a bygone style. However, when it settles it also deflates and one realizes that all the emphasis on smoothness results in a flattening out – the vanillic notes in Alahine perhaps drape the thing a bit too much so that contours are lost, and a sweet orangey opoponax-like feel (I’m thinking of Les Néréides’ Opoponax) makes it all seem a bit mono.
13th January, 2018
Alahine is a lovely floral oriental with its emphasis leaning heavily on its ambery base, which billows up with pleasantly resinous sweetness from the moment it goes on. In addition, I get a slightly green, almost untamed, aldehydic rose (that reminds me just a little of Aromatics Elixir) plumped up when a little lemony jasmine joins in. And there's a gently diffused, not quite powdery orange blossom in the mix--a bit like Bal a Versailles' dainty, well-mannered young cousin. The notes listed in the pyramid also indicate lavender,which I do not smell, and ylang-ylang, which I do--banana-sweet with just a hint of the tropics as the perfume develops. Then the base kicks in, dusting all the florals in a relatively dense amber, and it all carries on like this for at least seven hours on my skin.

Charming, classical, and well-blended, Alahine is really a gem. It would make a great gift for a relatively young woman who is ready to move on from juvenilia, and it's also sweet enough to satisfy contemporary devotees of things like Black Opium. Subtle animalics in its base ensure that Alahine could be appropriate for a wider range of ages (I certainly don't feel self-conscious wearing it). If I wanted to get technical, I would point out Alahine's clever pink chypre structure--bergamot at the top, rose in the middle, rock rose (which produces both cistus and labdanum) in the base, and patchouli--and suggest that it gives the perfume a certain smartness, surrounded as it is with floriental cushions.

Perhaps best of all, Teo Cabanel offers Alahine in solid form, in addition to the regular EdP. The solid costs something like (an amazing) 30 dollars, and would make a terrific choice for tucking into a handbag, or a carry-on bag for light travelers. Seriously, what's not to like?
30th May, 2017
A tempting impression of chic elegance.the effect of the blend is a symphony there is an harmony between notes.Alahine is one of my favourites on a classy lady with jewel crown,shiny black evening gown,little smile but engrossed eyes in her is a skin scent very elegant sheer and fresh, clean,soft and delicate is Sultry, Enticing,Sensuous,Erotic,Sweet,Woody, Luxurious,Exquisite,Charming,Confident and Magnetic.

The creamy and extotic ylang ylang gently increases in strength blending beautifully with spicy pepper developes into a more balsamic strong smoky benzoin and a hint of sandalwood and labdanum while I also get a slight powdery vibe that mean slight but that serves to smooth out to a comforting yet sensual scent that never fails to intrigue.Alahine is for self assured characters who aren't afraid to espress their femininity.perfect for an cold evening at home with your partner.


Longevity?+6 hours on my skin.

15th August, 2016
Ambery, sweet benzoin and a rich rose is all I get but wow isn't it powerful! Silage and longevity are well above average. I tried this and went out to an event. After some time I realized that at times I was smelling something around me that was very warm and sweet and strangely old fashioned ... somehow out of place. I could not place the source of the smell but then I thought it must be me! Alahine is not easy to carry nowadays but it is a pleasure nevertheless. Not my style but worth trying and experiencing it.
07th March, 2015
Alahine is a floral-amber scent with vanilla, benzoin, labdanum, neroli-orange notes and some slightly animalic and woody aftertaste, which lowers the overall warmth and softness providing a subtle sort of salty, raw dryness below the overall floral and "golden" resinousness. Not much else: a floral note fairly similar to heliotrope (pollen and earthy) and perhaps something slightly fruity - probably neroli and citrus notes. The very base provides a quite conventional woody-creamy soft feel due to sandalwood and ylang. As hours pass Alahine gets increasingly softer and sweeter, to the point of becoming almost a floral-sweet-musky (white musks I mean) scent with really faint echoes of amber and animalic notes. The drydown by the way reminds me of another scent which sadly I can not remember, but I am 99% sure it was a Kurkdjian (APOM pour Homme perhaps?), so the key may be "orange blossoms" since it's allegedly the "key note" of Kurkdjian. Anyway: not a memorable scent to be honest, but a good one for sure, modestly elegant and well built.

03rd October, 2014
I voted neutral on this because the huge, beautifully baroque-scaled opening sustains itself for barely an hour before collapsing into a basic amber skin scent for the rest of the duration. Oh but the opening! For that glorious thirty to fifty minutes (YMMV), I swear to forsake all other ambers and pledge my undying love to this one. It reminds me a bit of the big diva perfumes of the eighties, like Joop, the kind of stuff you wear to knock out the competition on the dance floor. Gorgeous chewy labdanum and powdery sweet benzoin heaped high and covered with syrupy, fleshy indolic flowers like jasmine and orange flower, big buttery yellow ylang, supported by whiff of dirty patch and musk.....and then, POOF! The scent completely falls off the ledge. It is a bit shocking, to be honest. The drydown goes on for a bit, in that traditional, slightly boring way most ambers do, along the benzoin-labdanum axis. But it is weak, and doesn't last long at all. After that amazing opening, it is kind of disappointing. Like having the sexiest, most drop dead gorgeous man sit next to you at a bar and then discovering that he has no conversation.
14th May, 2014

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