Armani Attitude (2007)
    by Giorgio Armani

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    Australia Australia

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    I'm rather surprised to notice that this fragrance originated from 2007, I had presumed it had been around a lot longer than that. It appears to be a very popular fragrance for men, displayed quite often in the big department stores.

    The scent itself is rather herbaceous and earthy. It has a real masculine vibe to it, that is incredibly sexy. Some reviewers are mentioning a chocolate accord, making it somewhat similar to Thierry Mugler B*Men. I can't say that I understand the gourmand reference. There is a subtle coffee note in the opening and the heart, but it is far from what I'd call foody.

    Armani Attitude is a rather refined fragrance, one that would suit a fashion conscious man in a suit. Not to mock the fragrance at all, but I don't sense a bad-boy with 'attitude' in this particular fragrance.

    I'm a little disappointed that since this fragrance was shaped like a cigarette lighter it didn't contain a note of tobacco, which I absolutely adore. I think the blend of tobacco with the coffee, citrus, lavender, patchouli and amber would have been divine.

    Overall, the scent is lasting, however towards the drydown the sillage becomes less and less, taking on a rather intimate approach. This bothered me slightly because I wanted this fragrance to exude more confidence and power. Another interesting quality I found, was that it oddly became sweeter as the fragrance progressed. Take that how you will.

    24 March, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    The first blast is like a sort of mix made with A*Man and Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine, the coffee is immediately noticeable on the side of a powdery and milky aromatic mirrh. The lavender is in the meanwhile ready to snap becoming soon perceivable while passing time in its sort of watery, subduing and taming effect. The lemon is in the background and not instantly  present. In a while anyway lemon and patchouli start rising as well as the smell begin to become sharper. The final outcome is a "milky lemonade" with the main flavour of a starring patchouli, the masculine and easily noticeable prickliness of cardamom and the woodsy balancing sharpness of cedarwood. In this phase the smell reminds slightly One Million also because of its sort of resinous-dusty-gummy  (almost salty) final  dissonance (mainly produced in my opinion by strong cardamom plus lemon and coffee on a bed of amber). The  blend of lemon and coffee is the responsible, together with the pungent spice of cardamom and the patchouli of the base, about the extreme masculinity of the juice. The smell is autoritative, averagely shadowy but too plastically  balsamic in my opinion. The usage of lavender imprints the classic green and watery touch that is softened and contaminated by balsams while the base is averagely dusty and masculine with the chord of cedarwood and amber that gives dustiness and woodiness utterly softened by the addition of mirrh. A bit too milky and synthetic for my full pleasure.

    18 October, 2011 (Last Edited: 19 October, 2011)

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Didn't do too well for me, but please take my review with a pinch of salt, considering I live in a VERY hot/humid region. Not a generic fragrance at all.

    The coffee note is...Intimidating in a sense. It reminds me of espresso expensive cigar. Longevity is depressing, I only get about 3-4 hours with Attitude but the sillage is quite good. Never got any compliments except for a few "Hmm...interesting smell" looks. Great scent for a mature man living in more temperate regions though. Also its a bit on the pricey side? But hey, its Giorgio Armani

    12 August, 2011

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    Soapy, spicy, sweet, with a hint of incense. Smells like a sweet version of Azzaro Visit.

    15 July, 2011 (Last Edited: 23 July, 2011)

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    United States United States

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    I really enjoy the combination of notes here. They are dark, yet synthetic smelling, which actually makes this quite wearable. Dark fragrances that smell too natural (particularly niche ones) I find almost unwearable, but without doubt, a joy to sniff. I couldn't find a sample of this anywhere, then found it on I believe, and the price was right.

    Attitude falls along the lines of Double Black, and even Ferrari Black. It opens up with a very short lived citrus and berry blast, that quickly mutates into a fresh modern leather. You can start to smell a little bit of the coffee notes, but if ya wait about 10 minutes, they then take over this fragrance. Although, a synthetic take on coffee beans.. the note intertwines with the leather note to make one accord. The leather/coffee combination which is already kind of dark, eventually mixes with a fantastic patchouli note, and pretty much dries down this way.

    A big time shame in the projection and longevity departments. Another designer fragrance with star quality, but lacking in these 2 areas. Try spraying this on your clothing, and you'll expect better results; but if you're like me, ya don't like fragrances on your clothing so much.

    Edit: longevity is actually quite good. 8-10 + hours.. projection still fails though.

    22 May, 2011

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    United States United States

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    I've come to the conclusion that after trying Mania, Code, and now Attitude that the Armani line isn't for me. To me they're extremely synthetic, very little sillage, and short longevity (although Attitude is the better of the two). I think the major problem I have with Armani is the price is high and for the same price any Chanel cologne is so much better. When a cologne smells this synthetic it makes it smell cheap. There are a lot of other companies that do a much better job at this and Armani IMHO is a synthetic mess of any cologne they produce.

    27 February, 2011

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