F pour Homme (2007)
    by Salvatore Ferragamo

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    Canada Canada

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    F is for...?.

    Olivier Polge levitates some promising masculine leather and apple notes -on top an "ozonic" cloud of pepper. But the result is unremarkable, albeit agreeable. I kept hoping for a more assertive leather-combo to come along and save this fragrance from Pleasantville. But alas, the all too faint leather, (or rather “pleather” note), misplaced in the "base" of it's note pyramid, never showed up in the sillage of this fragrance. Nor anywhere else beyond my subconscious. Leaving the rest of the fragrance defenseless... in a fight against similarly styled predators, like the superior YSL L'homme, or Guerlain's mojito-inspired "Homme". Heck, even "Bvlgari Man" !

    Good luck, "F". As the Mens fragrance market closes in on you... That F may take on a Whole... New... Meaning... (LOL).

    Longevity: 9/10 (in base)
    Projection (Summer temperatures): 8/10
    (more detectable by others than the wearer)
    Art/Creatives: 7/10 (bottle, concept, and scent)
    How: Spring and Summer, day, business, office,
    everyday, casual social, great work horse fragrance.

    29 August, 2013 (Last Edited: 29 March, 2014)

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    United States United States

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    That clean, fresh-showered, feeling... Nice scent, Mr. F...!!

    Pour Homme is very pleasant scent that once you apply, you have the clean and fresh showered feeling. I am a big fan of Salvatore Ferragamo fragrances and have many to chose from. Free Time has just recently crept into my Top Ten...

    Pour Homme comes out of the bottle with aqua and floral notes - and call me crazy - I smell some minty notes somewhere... It is easy on the nose and easy to wear. The downside is that Pour Homme lacks staying power and longevity. Yes, you will get that occasional whiff up to four hours, but not that lasting power that you get throughout the day. If I get 6-8 hours, I am pleased. You may get 3-4 hours from Pour Homme...

    No "Wow Factor" compliments to speak of - but I will add that is not out of the question. The fragrance is very pleasant. The bottling and packaging are first class. Of noteworthy interest, I do love the bottle. It is clear and allows good visibility of the fragrance. Pour Homme offers great flexibility or versatility - being light and of solid universal notes, it can be worn any time of year and for any occasion. Additionally, it will make a great tight quarter office cologne - it will not offend those with sensitive noses.

    The price/value is fantastic - the current online rate is about $30 for a good size bottle.

    My final tally for Pour Homme is 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. If the projection and longevity were better, the tally would be much higher. Given the pleasantry of the fragrance, the bottle design, and the price/value, I would definitely recommend buying. Throw it in the gym bag... Play like a Champion...

    Pros: Pleasant scent.. Nice blend of notes that can be worn during any occasion...
    Cons: Lacks projection, sillage, and longevity...

    22 May, 2013

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    Iran Iran

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    I love this fragrance because of the great pepper note in it. I love spicy fragrances!
    Start with strong mix of lavender, green apple and some chili and black pepper combo!
    In the dr ydown you have all of those notes, plus mooooore pepper! very warm and spicy dry down.
    In the base you can smell again pepper and sweet amber combo which is really great.
    If you like pepper just like me, you will love this fragrance and it doesn't smell like Terre D'Hermes at all!
    Great projection and average longevity.

    20th November, 2012

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    This is another great fragrance that is sure to get the attention of people around you. I'll echo what people below have said, it isn't a very complex scent so it might come across as unoriginal but I disagree. I think it has that unique kick coming from the black pepper note that is sure to have people asking what you're wearing. I will warn you that if you are sensitive to black pepper, it might give you a headache if you accidentally over-apply. I made that mistake on my first application so be careful.


    06 September, 2012

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    Another fragrance in the line of Allure Homme , La Nuit de L'Homme...
    Very sweet , with a spicy pepper note that tingles your nose , but with a very feminine touch .
    If you want a good modern pepper fragrance try Bang

    10th January, 2012

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    Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

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    I will divide my review into two parts. Positive and Negative parts.
    It has a pleasent and very fresh smell. Perfect alternative (simply it cannot be my 1st choice) to wear during spring, as a credit to its freshness. Longevity is also not bad despite its a very light perfume.
    Only negative side for me was its plainness. You cannot find anything extraordinary in this scent. I mean you can find 1000s of these scents in perfume market.

    14 May, 2011

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