Ambrette 9 (2006)
    by Le Labo

    • Launched: 2006
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Average Rating: 2.5

    Based on 34 ratings
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    Ambrette 9 information

    Ambrette 9 is a unisex fragrance by Le Labo. The scent was launched in 2006

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    50ml EdP

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    United States United States

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    No perceptible odor whatsoever. Am I anosmic, or is this an expensive joke?

    09th June, 2014

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    A Le Labo with a name containing -ette and no.9? I was expecting something simple, light with ambrette and maybe a touch of amber. What I got was an extremely light scent with ambrette and a whiff of a very light amber with a touch of citrus, with aldehydes. Extremely close to my skin, neither any significant silage nor projection, and two hours of longevity. Not bad, but not enough, I am afraid, of nearly everything that matters.

    20th January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Fruity musk. Ambrette 9 is a thin and synthetic concoction of slightly acidic, sort of fresh, fruit and musks. The fragrance is so subtle that initially I couldn't detect anything but a light (non-sweet) fruityness but as it started to react with the skin, synthetic musks made their presence clearer turning Ambrette 9 into a transparent, inoffensive but overall pleasant "clean-fragrance" Nice but unremarkable.

    Lovers of the "Jardins" serie by Hermes should dig this.

    02nd January, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I can barely smell anything here... just an incredibly light baby powder experience with some insipid musks.

    This is an all-round embarrassment from a great fragrance company... and the final insult is they're still asking a ridiculously inflated price for it. An expensive joke indeed.

    27th June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    This is a great example of a "skin scent" to borrow a term used by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. In fact, she has a line of several skin scents, and these are great for those (again, to quote/paraphrase from the DSH site) who want to try out fragrances without smelling too "perfumey."

    Ambrette 9 (for bebe) smells very, very similar to DSH's Formula X (their best -seller in Japan.)

    It is also very similar to White Musk Accord from The Perfumer's Assistant.

    Perhaps since I am accustomed to this type of fragrance, I get alot more out of it than some other bn'ers, it would seem. Yes, it is subtle and close to the skin. It's supposed to be. Know this before you buy/wear/critique it.

    If you do have the "osmotic receptors" to appreciate Ambrette 9's quiet muskiness, you may find it as intimate, special and, in its own way, thrilling, as I do! (BTW the longevity on my skin was 9+ hours.)

    05th June, 2011

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    Austria Austria

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    The opening with a distinct note of apples that lingers all the while is nice, but soon the powdery smell of (I assume) the amberette dominates. It's a smell I could tolerate in others, but would not necessarily use on my own. I could imagine using it in solidarity with a baby powdered up to the ears, though I'd more likely try to find unflavored powder.
    I bought this with lots of other Le Labo samples, admittedly without realising the intended use - then again I'm all against reading and assigning labels anyway, trying to become androgny incarnate ;-)

    23rd May, 2011

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