Rose 31 (2006)
    by Le Labo

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    Rose 31 information

    Rose 31 is a men's fragrance by Le Labo. The scent was launched in 2006

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    Genre: Floral

    Rose 31 is a dry, doughy, and peppery rose from the moment it lands on my skin. The rose is accented by attractively bitter green notes and bold cedar, which soon blend into a seamless, stark, and dusty rose accord that projects strongly from the skin and leaves plenty of sillage behind it. There’s a bit of powder, along with something mildly astringent in the background, and these notes can make Rose 31 a little bit sneeze-inducing if I sniff it too closely. In time the doughy element reveals itself as a tangy, yet well blended patchouli note.

    Rose 31 continues on a straight course for some hours before the floral notes subside to leave a bone dry and powdery cedar-dominated drydown. When compared to some of the other fine unisex/masculine rose based fragrances, Rose 31 seems close to a straight up rose scent. It lacks the dark, spicy profundity of Czech & Speake No. 88, the leather bar cruelty lurking in Montale’s Black Aoud, and the crisp green notes and fruit that decorate Diptyque’s L’Ombre dans l’Eau. In the purity and focus of its rose accord, it comes closer to Serge Lutens’s Sa Majeste la Rose, but where the Lutens rose is moist and voluptuous, the Le Labo scent is desiccated, like dried petals in a cedar box. Rose 31 is a distinctive take on rose, and I’d recommend anyone who enjoys cedar-heavy scents like Tam Dao or Satellite’s Padparadscha give this Le Labo offering a try.

    26 June, 2014

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    Like everything by Le Labo: Weak.

    08 June, 2014

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    A standout by far, the rose is the loud talker for about a few hours then, it dies down but it still remains a lead in this fragrance. The amber also plays a supporting member in this masterpiece along with the nutmeg and cedar.

    06 June, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    This is a good and quality rose based fragrance.
    The opening is strong, dark and sweet rose scent plus some spicy notes.
    It doesn't smell like smooth an light feminine rose based fragrances. it's very dark and masculine.
    In the mid, the rose note settle down and small dose of woodsy notes and vetiver joining in, but they are weak in the background.
    In the base very smooth, light and transparent rose note dominate which isn't masculine and may be feminine for you but it's very natural and pleasant and give you a very relaxing feeling.
    Average projection and longevity.

    01st June, 2014

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    Got this as a sample.

    This is great stuff from the start. I get cinnamon and subtle rose. It doesn't last very long and would probably be better on my wife anyway because it smells exactly like her Chaos by Donna Karan.

    19 February, 2014

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    The opening rose is gorgeous: a rose that is elegant, bright, with hardly any sweetness on my skin, with a green leaf note, beautifully done. Then caraway with vetiver are added in the drydown. After about three hours the scent very rapidly collapses and from then on remains very close to my skin. The rose is now only a shadow of its former self, and in spite wood and labdanum making a restrained appearance in the base, this latter phase is not only quite unoriginal but plainly disappointing. The silage and projection are good throughout the first three hours, and the overall longevity is quite good at six hours overall. A nice summer scent for cooler days; just hovering at the border between a neutral and a positive score due to the substandard second half. I ask myself: if this scent would only display the beautiful first three hours and then vanish, would I give it a positive score? The answer is: yes; so it is an overall thumbs-up, but only by the skin of it's teeth

    27 January, 2014

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