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Rose 31 (2006)
by Le Labo


Rose 31 information

Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseLe Labo
PerfumerDaphne Bugey
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Rose 31

Rose 31 is a shared / unisex perfume by Le Labo. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Daphne Bugey

Reviews of Rose 31

Rose 31 is a 'rose' fragrance that is beautiful and frustrating. Rose is not the main actor: it's in the supporting cast. This will be unsurprising to anyone familiar with the Le Labo range: Le Labo, for some strange reason, names its perfumes in a manner at odds with the compositions. Most of the names are misnomers, and Rose 31 is no exception.

Back to Rose 31: it is primarily a dry, woody fragrance. There is a mild spicy aspect to the composition, attributable to the cumin; this lends an imagination to the perfume. The other aspect is, of course, the rose. The rose is a sleek, polished, and urbane affair. The dry, peppery woods are a blend of cedar and iso e super notes. This rose-cumin-woods structure is reasonably well done and even attractive. Yet, it is hard not to look beyond the shortcomings.

The central gripe about Rose 31 is that it is rather thin from the mid phase onwards, somewhat unsatisfying, and too bare bones. Additionally, it is rather muted on skin and duration is about five to six hours based on a generous application. At this market segment one would expect something of a higher quality. Nonetheless, it is an improvement on something like Lumiere Noire pour Homme, with which it shares a similar rose note. Rose 31, though, is in much closer territory to Declaration d'Un Soir - and the latter is at least as compelling as Rose 31, and at a sixth of its price.

A more concentrated version with less synthetic wood notes in the dry down would be a great improvement. In its current state, Rose 31 yet another niche fragrance from yet another niche brand where everything talks louder and prouder than the product itself: the perfume.

15th May, 2017
Wow. An amazing rose scent. Rosey enough for a woman to wear, woodsy enough for a man. Beautiful grasse rose with a smokey wood undertone. Suitable for formal or every day wear. I think it smells more in place during the winter months, because it has a holiday vibe to it. Up there with Rose Ikebana at the top of the rose fragrances for me.
08th May, 2017
This was the first expensive niche perfume I ever bought. I thought I was being so brave wearing a rose perfume, and smelling it now, I just laugh that I ever thought this was anything other than butchness defined.

Rose 31 is probably the best display of Le Labo's signature grit. It's that mix of faux castoreum, smoky leathery tar, and upfront cumin that comes together to smell like very old, very dirty, very sweaty leather. It's what gives the funk to a lot of Le Labo perfumes (their Patchouli, Oud, Vetiver, and the like). Here, the funk is paired up with cedar and rose, though they mostly brighten and uplift the dirty elements - I doubt much of anyone would smell this blind and say "oh, it's rose!"

All in all, I'll always have a soft spot for Rose 31, but I almost never wear it any more. I'm just not a big cumin fan, so I'm voting neutral, though it's a very warm-hearted, loving neutral.
24th October, 2016
The "Human" Rose...

Now, this is one I like very much. There is something about it which strikes the perfect balance between beautiful and dirty, sensual and soft, dry and wet. Rose 31 has all of those things.

I love rose fragrances, but I know they can sometimes be hard to wear. This is one I think everybody would like. It mixes Caraway, Myrrh, Vetiver, Woods & Spices with the Rose. The Rose here is full and prominent yet at the same time soft. It doesn't feel overwhelming in any way, nor does it scream "Rose!" in your face.

It's one I definitely appreciate. A very beautiful fragrance which is worth a try from anyone who wants a different take on Rose, or who doesn't like Rose fragrances in general. This may be a good starting fragrance for that.

Rose 31 is the very first fragrance I've tried from the house of Le Labo. I tried it along with the shower gel, shampoo, conditioner & body lotion. In fact, those alone are enough to perfume your body for the entire day! I recommend this one and it has made me interested to try more from the Le Labo range. Really good.
02nd March, 2016
To me, this smells like Fever Pour Homme by Celine dressed in evening formal wear. A little sparse but rich with spice. The cumin wears on me after a bit but the rose shines beautifully bright against the inky-black olibanum backdrop, like a finely cut ruby at a jeweler's shop.
25th December, 2015
This is a pleasant sweet rose that walks the unisex tightrope nicely, being a dark enough rose for men but maintaining an overall floral character that's flattering for a woman. It's not my favorite rose, and as a man, I'm not sure I'd reach for it, but Rose 31 does seem to express its main note in a very full manner. The sweetness of the cedar and guaiac wood take a suitable backseat to the rose while rounding out any sharpness with their own subdued sweetness.

Longevity and projection are definitely weaker than most of the Le Labo EDPs that I've tried, so it would require quite a few sprays to obtain a strong projection and/or substantial longevity, but men especially might consider it useful that Rose 31 is a little weaker if it leans slightly feminine. I don't, as my opinion is generally that a fragrance needs to be stronger when the price exceeds double digits. Still, I enjoy this as a pleasant rose.

7 out of 10
28th September, 2015

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