Rose 31 (2006)
    by Le Labo

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    Got this as a sample.

    This is great stuff from the start. I get cinnamon and subtle rose. It doesn't last very long and would probably be better on my wife anyway because it smells exactly like her Chaos by Donna Karan.

    19 February, 2014

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    The opening rose is gorgeous: a rose that is elegant, bright, with hardly any sweetness on my skin, with a green leaf note, beautifully done. Then caraway with vetiver are added in the drydown. After about three hours the scent very rapidly collapses and from then on remains very close to my skin. The rose is now only a shadow of its former self, and in spite wood and labdanum making a restrained appearance in the base, this latter phase is not only quite unoriginal but plainly disappointing. The silage and projection are good throughout the first three hours, and the overall longevity is quite good at six hours overall. A nice summer scent for cooler days; just hovering at the border between a neutral and a positive score due to the substandard second half. I ask myself: if this scent would only display the beautiful first three hours and then vanish, would I give it a positive score? The answer is: yes; so it is an overall thumbs-up, but only by the skin of it's teeth

    27 January, 2014

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    As soon as I smelled it today at Saks, this perfumed reminded me of L'air du Désert Morocain by Tauer. It's spicy, aggressive, enveloping, a pungent and intoxicating floral with something grittily delightful beneath. Originally formulated for men, it made this woman buy it. Couldn't resist.

    Pros: Spicy dirty rose

    13 October, 2013

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    Smells great for a few minutes, then fades.

    I purchased a full bottle after reading such hyped reviews and am sorely disappointed. I don't blame it on the house - it is more on me, my skin chemistry doesn't work with it. The smell fades VERY quickly - at best 30 minutes. Smells good while it is there.

    Pros: Smells like earthy rose.
    Cons: It doesn't last."

    18 July, 2013

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    Roses for men!

    This is just an absolute gorgeous scent on a man. Seductive without being too feminine. I find it very comparable to Creed Windsor, I'm shocked nobody has already mentioned that! Both are shockingly similar. Bought a bottle the day after I received a sample, Yes........... it's that good.

    Pros: Long Lasting, incredible sillage and projection
    Cons: Very Expensive"

    14 July, 2013

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    Incense and wood

    This one has a lot of incense and woods (cedar) which smother the rose note slightly, until the florals (rose) kicks in and mellows the whole fragrance. This one could be considered unisex IMO. this one could be worn year round, as long as you go light on the sprays in the spring and summer months.

    Pros: Very nice fragrance
    Cons: Dirty scent

    27 June, 2013

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