Matthew Williamson Sheer (2007)
    by Matthew Williamson

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    Matthew Williamson Sheer Fragrance Notes

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    Matthew Williamson Sheer is a women's fragrance by Matthew Williamson. The scent was launched in 2007

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    Seeing as I have owned this quite a while and used up more than half my bottle I thought it was high time I reviewed this little gem.

    I have no idea if this is still in production, I do see it occasionally for sale still but often discounted so I'm thinking it probably isn't.

    On me this starts off fresh tea, slightly floral (though not heavy white florals more fresh florals) on top of a wonderful spicy ginger base which I love!! This cloud of fresh tea spices follows me around all day and remains linear throughout. It deepens up perhaps ever so slightly (I must mention as I have previously often perfumes go quite musky on me and any spice/musk will be brought forward)on others this may develop more, and any florals may be more apparent at the start. In other words my chemistry is destined to make the most of the ginger note here!

    Those who love Jennifer Lopez 'Still' should give this one a try. It has a similar Earl Grey tea aspect, however this one is heavier on the spices. That being said this is in no way heavy, it manages to remain a 'fresh' 'light' perfume even given the truck load of ginger (gorgeous). Quality is really good compared to most celebrity perfumes when considering the price is roughly the same if not a good bit cheaper.

    Double thumbs up from me, I would advise anyone who enjoys fresh perfumes to give it a whirl. Probably wouldn't appeal to those who only like the sweet ones xxx

    13th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 19th December, 2013)

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    On youtube there was a "my favorites perfume" video: I liked a lot of her perfumes and I knew all of them, but one. It was Matthew Williamson Sheer. So I really wanted to try it because it was her all time favorite and she seemed to like the same ingredients as I do.
    I found and bought it on Ebay, untried ;)
    And now.... now I am obsessing about it!
    It is beautiful!
    It develops so easy and almost like in steps: every note makes me sniff my wrist again and again.
    It is much more intriguing then all other mainstream perfumes I know, not simple, not flat, not just a view notes that punch you in the face but subtle, almost step by step you can enjoy it.

    In the video she said it has been discontinued. Here in this topic it seems it is still in production... but on Ebay there were high prices so I don't know what to think.
    If you google well you can still find it for about 20 dollar without shipping.

    Everything you want from a sexy femine perfume without being punguend or to sweet... but fresh/floral and the drydown is so soft, gorgeous!
    I love love love this one!

    06th June, 2010

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