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Reflection Man (2007)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerLucas Sieuzac

About Reflection Man

Reflection Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Lucas Sieuzac

Reflection Man fragrance notes

Reviews of Reflection Man

Alas, had to give this a thumbs down. Reflection Man is just too loud, reminding me too much of another similar scent that I've sworn off years ago: Joop! for men.

Atrocious, loud, poorly constructed of otherwise nice fragrance notes. Disappointing.
15th August, 2018
Aggressive, overwhelming, persistent. Like a joop flavoured chemical cosh. Had to wash it off. It still kept assaulting me nasally, even after 2 good scrubs with soap and water. I felt like "young Alex" in "A clockwork orange" where he gets drugged to make him feel ill (the bit where his eyes are forced open whilst violent video's play on the big screen). Sorry but this is a no for me.
20th July, 2018
High expectations from the youtube reviews of this fragrance, so I purchased a sample. I could swear that they sent me a jacked-up, high octane version of Joop instead. If you like the sweetness of Joop that lasts forever in a day, this would be the one. Unfortunately for this reviewer, I am not a fan.
19th April, 2018
This isn't really like anything else I've tried from Amouage. It's restrained, even a bit boring. It's pretty much a floral with some citrus on the opening... I've seen some reviews describing the opening as bitter, but I think they've just been reading the list of ingredients rather than actually paying attention to how it smells on the skin. It's not remotely bitter. It gradually gets more and more powdery and there's a bit of a woody vanilla (and something else a bit artificial and I'm not sure what it is) in the dry-down but it doesn't dominate. It's a well-done modern tribute to the barbershop, but it doesn't do this any better than a lot of other scents like it (almost anything from Dunhill, for example, who specialize in this kind of thing) and it has no real distinguishing element. Maybe that's what it's supposed to do, stay in the background, be polite, not push itself forward at all, but I like my scents to have at least something interesting about them.
17th March, 2018
I can see why so many people love this scent. Reflection is an aromatic scent built from old fashioned fragrance combinations that are often found in toiletries, fine milled soaps and barbershops around the world. The opening is bitter orange leaf, pepper, rosemary and neroli that turns a bit powdery over a layer of orris that smoothes out the mid notes. The base is a classic masculine sharp edged cedar, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli perfect finish. This same combination can be found in many other popular stalwart colognes such as: Villoresi Uomo, Aqua di Parma Essenza, Stetson Cologne and MFK Pluriel. This is a classic but soapy aroma that is done on a slightly more refined level to reflect the Amouage standard level of quality. Reflection risks making no enemies and is a steady and pleasantly upbeat friendly clean cut fragrance.
17th January, 2018
This opens clean, fresh, luminous.
Everything used here fom the top down is clean, crystalline and yes, reflection is the right name for this.
There is a fresh, high pitch, breath-mint note that carries this scent from start to finish and the partivular rose note here lends an underlying sweetness in conjunction with the other white florals. A creamy sandalwood (again clean), reveals itself in the drydown and finally some minty patchouli and cedar.
My main issue with this fragrance is that i find it quite linear and something that i might find boring to wear given that it also has very good performance.
As an older guy in his 40s the other thing is that this feels 'young' on me.
8 hours longevity, good projection.
A like for me.
10th October, 2017

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