Reflection Woman (2007)
    by Amouage

    Reflection Woman Fragrance Notes

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    50ml EdP
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    Croatia Croatia

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    thumbs up for vintage version from the mosque bottle, its much better then mens Reflction that is utterly boring composition with beautiful ingredients synthetic feel to it,

    Vintage Reflection is green fruity violet, it starts creamy , reminded me of Bois de Violette in its emotion , very soon it goes away from violets and becomes watery ozonic fruity scent (some watermelon?), but very natural smelling, almost like Ellena Jardins creations....with nicer ingredients, this can be nice summer scent but

    as with many amouages i expect the new batch is not worth owning at all

    01st March, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    A really grassy/indolic (watermelon smelling like) accord of violet, citrus, probably faint grapefruit and freesia welcomes the visitor with a pungent and cool olfactory hug nor deprived of a minimal touch of ozonic feel (effectively i would define it more properly fruity/aqueous than strictly ozonic). In a couple of minutes, while the infamous violet holds on stout its forbidding (for some) work, the cool/aqueous influence from citrus and freesia recedes a bit and what i mostly detect in the air is a sort of boring agreement of cedarwood and violet/jasmine over a musky bed. Frankly i don't catch properly any trace of amber although going on with the development you detect a watery/metallic "violety" feel's subsidence and gleams of softness around. Anyway the final outcome is nowadays really common and constantly crossed by many brands around. Nothing special in my olfactory book.

    17 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    I don't like this at all, but to be fair, i have not given it a full wearing yet. The topnotes and instant impression are of a bowl of cucumbers and watermelon, chopped up, and luring vegetarian gourmands, to come bury their nose in juicy vegetable delight. Not my cup of tea at all, though the drydown may improve it, i hate the top too much to persevere. I am not a fan of those aquatic, melony, cucumbery greeny pale blue type of smells, and i have had to add some woody perfume oil to try and disguise the offensiveness. I appreciate that others may love this frag, i am giving my opinion only. When i dislike notes this much, i find it impossible to perceive anything else, other than what is distressing me. I wish the smell would just go away. Sorry to Reflection lovers, but thumbs down for me

    07 October, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    This provoked a specific olfactory memory from my Indian childhood. A tree, whose name I don't think I ever knew, would burst into blossom, small whitish flowers with petals that looked more like little hairs or wires. The scent was linden-like, light, lingering, smelling carried-on-a-breeze even when sniffed up close. Reflection Woman seems to be those blossoms bottled.
    A watery, green-tinted freesia of great subtlety, this has a transparent quality that makes it ever so easy to wear. That it's accomplished, there's no doubt. But when the overall effect is of such simplicity, one wants to pay eau de cologne prices rather than the king's ransom demanded by Amouage.

    18 May, 2012

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    This fragrance is totally inoffensive - a fruity-floral where the fruit seems to be watermelon. There are some fragrances (Poison comes to mind) which are basically unwearable but one gets the impression that they might be nice enough if diluted 1:100 and worn by someone a mile away - they are not dull; they have character, even if it's a character that you don't really want to get to know.

    It's easier to define Reflection by listing what it isn't. It isn't loud, ugly or odd, but neither is it beautiful, fascinating or quirky. In fact it would be suitable for any fairly pretty, nicely-brought-up girl with no character at all.

    02 May, 2012

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    Francis Roucel

    I know this is not the guy’s real name but please bear with me, you’ll see my point. Reflection Woman from Amouage is simply lovely. Really excellent stuff there, it hits you immediately with freesia, and an excellent freesia to boot. If you like the flower, like I do, there is no way you won’t like this scent. Well done Monsieur Maurice Roucel. And it is not just freesia, the scent of a whole bunch of fresh spring flowers will surround you. Again, all I can say is: bravo!

    And now to the Francis part. There is a scene in the movie Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince where Professor Slughorn tells a story about Francis, a goldfish. When Lily Potter dies, Francis, the goldfish: puff, vanishes too. Just like that. And so did the perfume from my wrist. And after about two hours, mind you. Puff, gone. Now, this I find not to be OK. Especially for something that costs 190 EUR for 50 ml. Puff, money gone and then puff, perfume gone. Between those two puffs, it is magnificent.

    Stars on my smell-o-meter: three out of five

    08 July, 2011

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