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Chocolat Frais (2006)
by Il Profumo


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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Not enough ratings.

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HouseIl Profumo

About Chocolat Frais

Chocolat Frais is a feminine perfume by Il Profumo. The scent was launched in 2006

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Genre: Woody Oriental


I don't care much for gourmand scents.

I'm not a chocolate freak.

I was distinctly unimpressed by Il Profumo's Chocolat, and had hoped that Chocolat Frais would be more complex and appealing. It's got fruity notes in there along with the chocolate, but I still think it's dessert, and I'd rather eat my dessert than wear it. It's reasonably well-executed but it's just not my thing.
11th June, 2014
Interesting. This is in my opinion an intellectual, " bistro kind", boozy and chocolatey fragrance that arouses a sort of parisian "tea rendez-vous" atmosphere. The smell is slightly aromatic because of the airy chord of herbs, absinth and aromatic almond, but is also liquorous and slightly medicinal because of the interaction between the blend of seasoned fruits and the medicinal chord of rum, almond and licorice. There is a certain level of sophistication and decadence in the air but the averagely dry kind of coolness makes the scent highly wearable also for office and daily time outside. Just for the lovers of the genre anyway.
11th March, 2012 (last edited: 05th April, 2013)

I must have reviewed two dozen chocolate-noted fragrances. I don’t think I have a favorite one because they don’t seem to be highly differentiated. Chocolat Frais belongs with the other chocolate creations, but there are some minor variations: It has a fresh note but that doesn’t make it a fresh fragrance. It still smells mostly like a chocolate fragrance with some discreet, but well-chosen fruit notes. It has below average sillage and fairly decent longevity. Its fresh note is not spectacular, in fact it barely qualifies as “competent,” but, for someone looking to smell like chocolate, it is a fragrance worthy of sampling.

07th June, 2010
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Can't believe no-one has detected the orange in this -- it's a chocolate orange. I purchased this some years ago as I was in a gourmandy phase and I really liked it then -- it was sweet and sexy and lasted all day on me, but the novelty wore off eventually. You could do a lot worse if you are still the hungry type though. Won't ever return but will thumbs up.
02nd January, 2009
I don't find Chocolat Frais 'FRESH' at all. In fact I might rename it (at least for the first hour) Chocolat Musc or even Chocolat Skank! It opens on me with a very heady musk note and then starts to blend with dark chocolate. Not too sweet and one of the least gourmand-y scents I've every tried. It's definitely not overdone on the chocolate. A hint of vanilla, a tiny pinch of fruit and generic white flower, but mostly musk and chocolate. I like it. Only doesn't last long and fades into nothingness in 2-3 hours. Reminds me of Angel, but, whereas I find Angel repellant due to a strong body odor accord, I find Chocolat Frais wearable. Must come back to this...It might be FBW.
24th December, 2008

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