Dragon's Blood
    by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

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    Dragon's Blood is a unisex fragrance by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

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    Basically Dragon's Blood is a linear, white floral of some sort. It's projects a very clean kind of feel, like clothes drying on a clothesline or a "Just out of the Wash" candle of some sort. So, I can assume this particular dragon's blood is a female's blood? There's a little bit of spice here too, maybe carnation or something similar.

    Nothing impressive. In fact, it's BPAL white noise. It smells like many of their other scents (such as Wolf's Heart). And, I'm rather surprised about the name as well. Usually BPAL scents are very accurate in naming their scents - i.e., the names they choose go well with the actual scent. I don't get that in this one at all. What about a dragon's blood makes someone think of clean flowers? The closest I have come to killing a dragon in real life is while playing Skyrim and I can guarantee you that my character never smells this particular scent while fighting a dragon or absorbing its soul. I think of tough, dry, fire, hot, stinky and reptilian smells, not white flowers. So, maybe there's something I'm missing here, but this just didn't cut the mustard with me.

    28 April, 2014

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    Canada Canada

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    The BPAL website says nothing about its ingredients. All I can tell is a simple flower oil, not sure which, and that it will stain your clothes badly. It is red like blood, that part is done really well, and the oil takes about 30 minutes before it dries enough that it would stain anything that touches it. Anyway I don't really like it.

    16 June, 2009

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