Green Tea Tropical (2007)
    by Elizabeth Arden

    Green Tea Tropical Fragrance Notes

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    100ml EdT
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    A gorgeous twist on EA's Green Tea (much nicer than the toxic smelling Spiced Green Tea). It adds the most mouthwatering edge to the original, it reminds me a lot of Escadas Sunset Heat, which I also LOVE, but with the green tea scent still remaining strong underneith all the added fruit. Staying power is pretty non-existant though, which would be my only negitive.

    15 June, 2008

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    So this one is not out in all markets I believe. This one has Lychee, Dominican Passion fruit, and I can tell you right away: there are basically, 3 types of passion fruits (ok, there are many more but I like to classify them this way): 2 yellow ones, one acid and bitter very slightly sweet with a wrinkled exterior, one sweet with a smooth shiny exterior and one purple, with either wrinkled or shiny exterior and it could be lightly sweet to sweet with hints of acidity. All taste and smell differently. Also, their exterior smells differently from the interior as well. The one used here seems the sweet variety Ėand the interior part of the fruit. It also has Dragon fruit a.k.a Pitaya, wich is mildly sweet and there are many varieties as well; Marco Polo tea, wich could be green, black or red (all very aromatic) and itís not specified wich one is it in the directory, but Iím inclined to say itís the black variety and not really the green one, maybe itís a bit of both; Green tea, wich I guess itís the same as used in the original GT, Chinese Magnolia (aromatic as well, ití a big flower), musk, sea moss (donít know what sea but itís not a salty one LOL ) and drumroll please: Tropical blackberries: so when they say tropical I imagine itís either in the tropic capricorn or the tropic of cancer and not really the ďtropicsĒ as we know them (between the equator) as they (the blackberries) are more difficult to harvest there Ėbut not impossible- so theyíre found in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and countless of other countries fall into either one of the tropics (Cancer, Capricorn), and I can say that the creator of the scent apparently comes from Mexico, therefore my conclusion is that they are sweet, dark, warmer mexican blackberries!. It all adds to the exotic part of it doesnít it?
    How many times have we heard about tropical scents: exciting, exotic, fun, free, fruity and so on? Here, they all seem to fit, sadly though, it seems that this tropical twist becomes the first fruity-floral that we dread so much without really being a real fruity-floral, and based on tea!
    Itís not a bad scent, but to some, it can be boring.
    For those scared that this is another ďescada limited edition fruit bombĒ: itís not.
    Elizabeth Arden can add another good green tea to their line.

    11th June, 2007

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