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Shisha (2007)
by Ava Luxe


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Shisha

Shisha is a feminine perfume by Ava Luxe. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Shisha

Shisha ~ OMG ~ I accidentally got some of this on my fingertips, from opening a tiny sample vial, and couldn't get rid of it! It is vile. It smelled something like aged/rotting spicy sausage. Honestly, I hope my nose is never exposed to this again. Undoubtedly one of the worst frags ever created.
03rd April, 2009
Urine? URINE? I just don't get that -- not at all. (And not that I mind a little "pee pee" note once in a while . . . after all, I AM a huge fan of Kouros. But I digress.)

I seldom find myself liking jasmine heavy fragrances, but this one's really quite nice. There's honey and spice mixed in alongside the jasmine, and there is, therefore, no mistaking this one for anything but a feminine fragrance. Sorry, guys, but unisex it ain't. Sensual, yes, but unisex? No.

Warm, almost smoldering base of sandalwood. Flirty only in the coyest way, but not really sexy. Just comforting and (again) a tad flirty.

16th February, 2009
Well, if you need a baseline for "scrubber" Shisha's perfect. And watch out, because you can't get it off. What was I thinking? As tdi says: urine -- or worse, the ancient residue of sneaker-dust and powdered urine on a NYC subway staircase. No smoke, nothing but foul, one-note uric acid and some awful, artifical reek. IMO, this scent would be perfect for someone whose favorite fantasy involves humiliation in a disaffected toxic chemical plant. Just don't wear it in public
23rd October, 2008
Am i the only one getting narghile (waterpipe) from it at the top. Wet green tobacco and some hash (should be a morroccan shisha) then a bit smoky. Then after some incense sweetness arises and ends with amber. I cannot imagine myself smelling like that at office but it becomes so near to skin in time so why should not be?
07th October, 2008
tdi Show all reviews
United States
Given the notes listed and the fairly good reviews I was anxious to try Shisha. Well, now that I have, one word comes to mind.....URINE. I like a good dirty smelling fragrance as much as the next person but I consider myself to be way too young to go around smelling like I just pissed myself. Body chemistry is a confounding thing!
13th October, 2007
Tabac, Honey , Raisin , Aubepine, Indian jasmine , Amber, Sandalwood, Spices
Incense, Musk

I get the honeyed tobacco, amber and musk in a lovely, gentle meditative dry down, which is nice, since it starts out like an ashtray. There is no really smoke at the end though. Its a very edible scent but lacks any real tobacco power. Still very nice.
27th May, 2007

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