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My Voyage (2007)
by Nautica


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Year of Launch2007
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PerfumerEllen Molner
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About My Voyage

My Voyage is a feminine perfume by Nautica. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Ellen Molner

Reviews of My Voyage

I picked up the gift set of this fragrance for $20 about four years ago, around the time it first came out. I was drawn to its inoffensive, fresh-out-of-the-shower scent. I enjoy it from time to time but honestly, it falls victim to being a forgettable fragrance. I have a 3.4oz bottle that is hard to ignore and yet I still forget I own it.

I get a very watery Nantucket lotus upon first spray. That lotus scent sticks around just long enough to have you believe this is a strictly aquatic soliflor creation. About two minutes later the lotus mellows and steps aside to let the bitter citrus zests ( lists grapefruit, bergamot, key lime and bitter orange) settle in. I swear there is a strong presence of linden blossom, not necessarily lime, though it is not listed. About an hour later the aquatic and citrus elements combine to make a barely-there whisper of a fragrance. This one does not last long enough or have enough muscle to make it to any kind of baseóno musk, no amberóbut leaves behind a trace amount of lily-of-the-valley. It makes for an amazing muguet fragrance, so itís really most unfortunate this one does not stick around long enough to really develop.

I really do not follow any ascribed rule about seasons and scents; if I feel like wearing citrus scents in the winter, I will and, conversely, if I feel like wearing a heavy floriental in the summer, again, I will. This, though, was meant for summer. It does not want to compete with your natural musky scent. It is not trying to fight the salt and sweat of your skin but rather complement it. It is winter and Iím not giving this scent anything to stick to so, as of this moment, Iím a bit disappointed. If I had spent $60 for the bottle I have now Iíd be pretty miffed as this one is a high-priced body spray. A great summer scent for $20, not a penny more.
10th December, 2011
zztopp Show all reviews
United States

My Voyage is a floral-aquatic for women which does the tried-and-tested and never rises above mediocrity. An alcohol-laden blast of lime and bitter orange greets you when you splash it on - more bitter orange than sweet zesty lime, the citrus combo is far from photorealistic but does its job in linking up with an aquatic floral accord in the heart notes. The salty slightly screechy aquatic note is thankfully relegated to the background while a floral landscape of lots of light tea-floral like peony, a little muguet and little to no lotus persist till the base of amber and musk takeover and complete this generic performance.

My Voyage knows its knows its displaying a worn out formula with generic if not ghastly materials, and consequently it keeps the volume low...the notes whisper instead of blasting out and the general light nature of the fragrance ensures that the fragrance may bore you but wont annoy you. There are too many quality aquatics and fruity-florals out there that are more worthy of your $$ but if you wind up with a bottle of this either spray it on when you have nothing else to do or just file it under the "Generic", "Been there done that", "Cash-in", "Don't care" or "Not going on MY voyage" labels..

Rating: 5.5/10.0
16th May, 2010
Straight from the bottle My Voyage smells monotone, a little too sweet and a tad on the boring side. On wet it smells a little more aquatic. Finally My Voyage dries and settles into a light, airy, pleasant scent that has a definite key lime undertone with a bit of grapefruit mixed in it. I personally adore this fragrance because it's fresh without being overly cologne-y like Light Blue. The sophisticated floral notes add that feminine side to it. Definitely a scent I wear everyday. It doesn't give the heavy synthetic alcoholic and musk base that most designer brands have. On the downside it also is a pretty subtle, delicate scent that needs to be re-applied every 3-4 hours or so. Overall though, My Voyage one of my staple fragrances.
04th April, 2010
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
green and a bit of floral. very stale smelling imo. bermuda blue is 20 times better than this. too much lime and orange that goes on very sour.
07th March, 2010
This was a blind purchase for me. I saw this tester on eBay and bought it because it was $20 (with $1 shipping) for a 3.4 oz bottle, I figured that I would give it to my sister if I didn't like it. I am glad I bought this because it is a very clean and very fresh scent. The blue juice looks like the ocean and the bottle kinda looks like a boat. It is a light crisp aquatic/ floral on me. The notes I smell are bergamont, peony, citrus/ lime, and amber. It is light, soft, and so refreshing. My Voyage reminds me of a crisp sea breeze on a warm summer's day. It is very casual, this could be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or to the office. I love the versatility of the perfume, it is nice for every day wear. Nautica's My Voyage for Her is amazing.
04th January, 2009

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