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Vanille Fleuri de Tahiti
by La Maison de la Vanille


Vanille Fleuri de Tahiti information

AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseLa Maison de la Vanille

About Vanille Fleuri de Tahiti

Vanille Fleuri de Tahiti is a feminine perfume by La Maison de la Vanille.

Vanille Fleuri de Tahiti fragrance notes

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Reviews of Vanille Fleuri de Tahiti

My second try in the La Maison de la Vanille sample set, I find Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti even more femininely floral than Vanille Divine des Tropiques. For me, the ylang ylang is the defining white floral aspect of the entire fragrance. In the background are the amber and a pinch of vanilla, but I don't get much more out of this.

Performance is good like Tropiques, which ended having excellent longevity for an EDT, my expectation of Tahiti is the same based on its projection through a couple of hours.

Overall, it might be pleasant for a woman but doesn't work for me. It's less sweet, but less versatile and unisex than Vanille Divine des Tropiques, for one, but certainly some could prefer this.

6 out of 10
28th June, 2016
Exotic amber/vanilla.

Delicious un-complex fragrance more properly ambery/benzoinic than vanillic for the most part of the short evolution and with a touch of old-school feel that you can detect by soon since  its beginning dominated by a sheer aqueous ambery vibe with a touch of well modulated bergamot (far less prominent, the latter, than in the more floral and equally dark Vanille Noir du Mexique from the same brand). The note of ylang-ylang is soon wonderfully influencing with its touch of exotism and the slightly spicy amber-ylang ylang-vanilla combo conveys us for a while in the far exotic souther lands of the Pacific. In this phase i still detect more precisely amber and benzoin that effectively the vanillic presence while i don't smell frankly any (neither faint) fruity/floral presence able to imprint more changeability to an hardly evolving juice. The exotic light amber keeps on to be mastering till the end when the vanilla turns more easily out in a really well calibrated way and this is a sort of vanilla/tobacco agreement with dark accents as surrounded by hints of darkening incense, "smokey-tobacco like" tonka and soft woods. Exotic.

Pros: Fluidy amber/ylang-ylang for long than vanilla with tobacco undertones.
Cons: Lack of complexity."

27th September, 2013
As a vanilla lover, it was with anticipation that I awaited the delivery of my order of the five samples in this line. The descriptions were enticing and I couldn't see how any of the five could be anything but marvelous.

However, when I tested the samples, i found them nauseatingly sweet.

The problem for me is that all five fragrances are OVERWHELMINGLY vanilla, so much so that I most likely won't be able to use them . Still, they smell wonderful for a short time so I'll pass them along to someone more tolerant of excessive vanilla.
25th June, 2012
I didn't like this one as easily as I liked Vanille Givree de Antilles and Vanille Divine des Tropiques, however I'll admit that this fragrance does grow on you.

This fragrance opens very strongly and very sweetly. The scent reminds me of raspberry jellies. I'm actually surprised that raspberry isn't listed as a note here. I also smell marshmallows.

This is all about fruits and vanilla. If you don't like sugary gourmands, stay clear of this one. I don't get a whole lot of florals in this fragrance, to my nose I detect vanilla, bergamot, ylang-ylang, some berry notes and a subtle, smokey incense lingering in the base.

Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti doesn't evolve much throughout its composition. It lacks complexity, however this doesn't bother me so much. The fragrance is unique in a way. The sweet vanilla and fruits smell very much like an expensive and tasty dessert served at a high end restaurant.

The scent is very lasting. I had a shower a few hours after applying, and after all the soap and scrubbing, the scent is still there. Not that I mind though.

27th August, 2011
It took me several attempts of trying Vanille Fleuri de Tahiti before i could say I actually liked it. When first sprayed, all I smell is artificial fruity notes when on my skin with undertones of vanilla. IMO there is a little bit of spice, maybe spiced vanilla? I did not like the combination of artificial fruit mixed with vanilla and the way the notes played on my skin, but after several attempts I must say that I appreciate this perfume now and I do enjoy wearing it. I would suggest sampling this a few times before purchasing. I have not smelled a vanilla scent quite like this one, it is unique and definately is not for everyone's taste.
15th November, 2009

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