Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar
by La Maison de la Vanille


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About Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar

Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar is a shared / unisex perfume by La Maison de la Vanille.

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Reviews of Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar

Another lovely offering from La Maison de la Vanille, Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar is very similar to Vanille Noire du Mexique, both very agreeable vanillas that aren't influenced by a ton or floral or spicy characteristics. But where Mexique is provocative and dark, Madagascar is subtle and blended with woods.

I really don't get too many of the listed notes---sure, lavender could be in the mix but apart from that, the florals are unusually shy and I'm mostly left the with mixed base of sandalwood, incense, and vetiver, which are all subservient to the main vanilla note, as with most of the other La Maison de la Vanille fragrances.

Performance is solid for an EDT. I might have to get a full bottle of this in addition to the Mexique. Impressively blended and very pleasant. A recommendation for vanilla lovers.

8 out of 10
01st July, 2016
I have never tried (smelled or tasted) the “true” Madagascar vanilla, so I am not sure if this scent is faithful to its name. What I can say is that is surely smells much good and looks natural indeed, this meaning it’s rich, nuanced, at the same time almost austere with its straightforward, sweet and dusty vanilla note gently surrounded by a whiff of flowers, spices and discreet woods. The opening is really great and pleasant, almost “narcotic” for its power, although sadly it soon quietens down. The evolution is subtle, but not boring, as you get some nice nuances and overall the sweetness is really discreet and tamed down. Basically it evolves on a woody-ambery vanillic scent with a really dry, velvety, dusty substance, which makes it pleasant and refined to wear – even for “non-fans” of vanilla (well, of course if you hate it you’ll hate this scent; but surely it’s more versatile, realistic and appealing than others). The flowers are almost unperceivable but they’re there, especially the carnation (crunchy and sour), which emerges after a while. The same for sandalwood, which I get after one hour or so: clean, subtle, less sweet than usual. It’s anyway all about shades and hues around this central “monolith” of vanilla, so even if overall this scent is less boring than others, it soon becomes a bit monotone. Nonetheless it’s warm, elegant and pleasant, just a bit linear. Finally, the persistence is not huge (which is good for me in this case).

30th November, 2014
Fluidy incense and light vanilla.

For a long while at the beginning i detect a sort of barber-shop classic (type of almost "laundry") feel which i suppose is aroused by an accord between the listed lavender/aromatic herbs, sharp flowers, bergamot and probably vetiver. This feel is fresh and aromatic and holds on to endures in a such fresh way for a while. At once a sort of fresh incensey feel starts to upheave holding on to be light, aqueous and slightly dusty for long with a sort of cosmetic-soapy "baume type of" undertone. Any stickiness actually for the note of incense in substance, just a well blended touch of "liquid" incense well combined with fluidy vetiver and light aromatic/fruity ingredients. The dry down descends soon slightly warmer with the vanilla intervention but still light, airy, freshly soapy, averagely sharp and fluidy. I suppose this is an "easy" (i mean softer, more airy) take on the main tame by the brand La Maison de la Vanille, for sure a less properly vanillic and warm one in comparison with the darker and more intense Vanille Noir du Mexique and Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti. Not bad for sure despite the lack of texture and complexity and despite i don't crave in general for the note of dominant vanilla in perfumery. Anyway i prefer by far the latters before mentioned.

Pros: A more versatile "easy" vanilla.
Cons: Boring, lacking class, complexity and texture."

30th September, 2013
As a vanilla lover, it was with anticipation that I awaited the delivery of my order of the five samples in this line. The descriptions were enticing and I couldn't see how any of the five could be anything but marvelous.

However, when I tested the samples, i found them nauseatingly sweet.

The problem for me is that all five fragrances are OVERWHELMINGLY vanilla, so much so that I most likely won't be able to use them . Still, they smell wonderful for a short time so I'll pass them along to someone more tolerant of excessive vanilla.

Update: perhaps I was overdosed on vanilla when I first tried this. In suslequent use I find this to be a great vanilla and, the sillage and longevity are unbelievable. if you like vanilla, you'll love this.
25th June, 2012 (last edited: 22nd August, 2012)
Finalising the series from La Maison de la Vanille, Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar concludes my testing.

Unlike the other fragrances in this series, I really felt the citrusy bergamot in this one. For a good hour or so, this was vanilla and bergamot with a subtle hint of coriander.

While still sweet and vanillary, the additional citrus and spice gave this fragrance a rather exotic charm and a delightful richness.

I feel that Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar is the most unisex of the series. The rounded spiciness and smokiness of the vanilla could wear well on a man in my opinion.

Towards the drydown the incense note can be truly felt alongside the vanilla, which is now darker and slightly chocolatey. This is also vanilla in a natural, dry-like finish, rather than being syrupy or creamy.

The lasting power, as with all the other fragrances in this series, is unbelievably good. The sillage is also commendable.

It is hard not to like such a fragrance as Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar. The scent is both soothing, warm and snuggly. All in all, this fragrance is sensual and charming.

04th September, 2011
heartening and chummy vanilla. I’ve no idea what is frosty about it, if they’d called it réchauffée it would have been nearer the mark and yet would have made no difference. Unless it has to do with crystals. Nutty like the Missoni edp, which could be the rose they share, though that seems unlikely. Delicious : the flowers do not press themselves on you and the patchouli and opoponax and tonka make a firm cushion. “Vanille Givrée des Antilles is named after a vanilla considered to be inferior in flavour to most others: it isn't much used in food. In perfumery, though, it has its place because of its floral aroma. ("Givrée" means "frosted", a reference to the crystals of pure vanillin which form on the outside of the vanilla pod after fermentation.)” (1000scents). So now you know.
01st February, 2009

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