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Iris Ganache (2007)
by Guerlain


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Year of Launch2007
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People and companies

PerfumerThierry Wasser
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Iris Ganache

The fifth fragrance in the L'Art et la Matière range.

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Kotori Show all reviews
United States
Iris Ganache opens sweet and violetty, as I imagine violet candies might be if eaten with white chocolate. It's rich and soft and sweet, without inducing a toothache. After a nap, I found it had dried down to delicious, soft, rich, buttery white chocolate. Mr. Kotori was especially entranced. Alas, something lovely that I cannot have!!!
26th August, 2017
From the listed notes, I think I'm picking up iris (orris root), something sweet such as white chocolate, with vanilla, and something edgy such as musky patchouli. I get an association with cola and, more fleetingly, wet hay.

I get associations with Dior Homme Intense, Coromandel, Shalimar Sur la Route du Mexique, and Musc Ravageur, and it falls in the middle of these, as listed, in order of preference.

It's sweet, but not overly, and complex. It delivers on its name: it smells like iris (orris root) and pastry cream.
12th July, 2017
It opens very sweetly in something like (delicious) cough syrup, then come the usual hard times from this line. Except they seem to last longer for this one. It gives something bitter, balsamic and animalistic. The iris is only present in the form of powder. It's not bad, but it can be too original (or weird) for many people. Sample first (especially considering its price).
24th April, 2017
I received this rarity from a VERY generous friend in the form of a 5 ml decant. I spent a few days just sniffing it...trying to decide what I thought.

I was...underwhelmed. I sense I just uttered blasphemy in the world of fragrance, but I cannot be untrue to my nose.

I love the fragrance profile of Iris - the many facets of iris - cold, creamy, floral...but I could not detect any of that here. Instead, I smelled something like a really rich desert. I have nothing against desert (in fact, as I type this, the scent is convincing me to perhaps mix up some Ghirardelli brownie mix and eat it raw), but I draw the line at sweets with ambers and tonkas.

I have no doubt that for those chocolate scent lovers, this must TRULY be a heavenly scent, but I do wonder if they too experienced the mild silage and rather short-lived longevity as I did.

All in all, I am very grateful to have had opportunity to get my nose on this legend.
27th June, 2016 (last edited: 28th June, 2016)
A friend has gifted me with a generous sample of IRIS GANACHE. It may be that I am slightly anosmic to the chemicals in this fragrance, because, even wet on my fingertips, the effect is very faint and diaphanous.

I confess, iris is not my favorite perfumer's note when given a starring role, yet here, the sweeter notes make it seem less raw, rooty and carrot-y.

Funny, I do not detect the cinnamon, and the white chocolate is more of visual "fantasy note" here than a creamy edible. I'm amazed at those here who find the chocolate strong and sweet.

Yes, I get the initial feeling of APRES L'ONDEE... that "spring rain-wet violets" note that is lovely, feminine and nostalgic. The opening also seems to have a faint almond quality, with its winsome cherry-like nuance, but it vanishes quickly. I also have moments of being reminded of JE REVIENS, with its curious "vintage 60's hairspray" quality. The iris adds its slightly bitter, slightly aromatic rootiness to the mix, and with the delicately emerging sweetness, I do indeed get the "vintage cosmetics/lipstick" vibe.

I do agree with the post-er here who mentions the plastic-y smell of dolls' heads from one's childhood. But true perfumistas will agree that "plastic-y" is not necessarily a fault or putdown: it can sometimes have a fascinating, sleek quality, as it does in scents like Dior DUNE.

Interestingly, I smell the cedar-- it adds an unusual masculine baritone buzz to the Edwardian girl-y vibe of the "white" notes-- yet I am not detecting patchouly... unless it is just so exquisitely blended here, it serves more as a subliminal "body".

All-in-all, this is a pleasant but faint and somewhat "un-fleshed-out" or "unfinished" perfume. I don't think I could covet this and weave my life around it as others here seem anxious to do. But maybe its transparent simplicity is exactly what's good about it.
02nd April, 2016
The initial notes of Iris Ganache are balmy and sweet. The balminess actually reminds me of some SL fragrances, e.g. La Myrrhe. The scent isn't similar but its "texture" is.

The smell of iris is pronounced but surprisingly it does not have a powdery feeling to it. Instead it's perfectly entwined with the balmy notes. There's also something that creates a slightly plastic-like atmosphere and pulls the top notes away from the gourmand area. A few hours later the these notes have fainted away and the smell is now more edible. It definitely resembles white chocolate.

I feel very comfortable wearing IG but I'm also afraid of getting too attached. What an ill-fated love story! It breaks my heart to know it's discontinued. Oh Guerlain, what have you done!
15th February, 2013

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