Padparadscha (2006)
    by Satellite

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    This one walks a fine line between hot and spicy (pepper overload), but it has a nice amber base to support it. Juniper is a note that I despise, and despite the notes above, I don't really any from it at all. Instead, I get quite a bit of clove. There's some cedar and sandalwood, but both ride pretty low in the mix. Picture Ambre Sultan with a slightly more powdery amber base, then switch out the spicy opening with some serious peppers, and you'll get an idea of what this is. I think it'd be great for colder weather, but not exclusively so.

    28 November, 2013

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    Padparadscha is a very rare sapphire; the rarest of all is the totally natural variety, with no sign of artificial treatment. The name is derived from the Sanskrit/Sinhalese "padma raga" (padma = lotus; raga = color), a color akin to the lotus flower. As rare is this kind of sapphires as rare is scent`s composition. Warm amber and musk put their arms around you, then comes cedar, juniper and sandalwood and it finishes with hit of red and black pepper, it doesnt remind anything else, it`s so special, so magical and deep, amazingly balanced like a symphony with bass accords, a real treasure in pink color. Even color of the bottle matches the color and beauty of sapphire...

    08 February, 2013

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    Padparadscha opens with an amazing combination of jasmine, supported by both cinnamon and clove (even though neither are listed as official notes). The spiced jasmine is shortly joined by a very well-done fiery red chile pepper that is the primary heart note with a juniper berry undertone that is somewhat reminiscent of pine needles. A woody base of cedar creeps into the heart notes but stays relatively well-concealed, content to remain in the background while the hot spice smolders. Sandalwood adds a last bit of sweetness working with the remnants of the jasmine presented earlier to counter the continuing spicy nature of the scent. Projection is above average and longevity is average.

    Padparadscha is a hidden gem of a scent (and it is named after a rare sapphire so I guess that is apropos). It is a chile pepper lover’s dream come true as that aspect is extremely well-implemented. With chile pepper as the star you might expect it to be a very dry and hot scent, but the jasmine, clove and cinnamon temper the heat and add just the slightest touch of subtle sweetness to the overall composition with the juniper and cedar adding perfect support. This is definitely a superb composition crafted by a nose I confess to have never heard of in Dulon. I will endeavor to keep an eye out for further releases by Ms. Dulon and her company Satellite as not only is Padparadscha a powerful release, it is very reasonably priced at $80 retail for 100ml. That is a steal for this type of quality, scoring a very strong buy recommendation. Bravo Dulon! Padparadscha is beyond excellent and earns a well-deserved 4.5 stars out of 5.

    31st July, 2012 (Last Edited: 17 August, 2012)

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    Cedar and pepper...then up close cloves and sandalwood. No structure.

    01st February, 2011

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    Rita LeftCoastNose
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    At the opening, freshly cracked peppercorns and strong green juniper wood. After a few minutes, the pepper blows off, the juniper bows out, and fresh cedar wood steps in seamlessly joined to the most flawless, unforgiving sandalwood I’ve ever smelled. There is fillip of amber at the tail, to sweeten it one tiny little bit and to give it finish. Deep under the fresh woods is a sturdy base of campfire coals. It is stiff, bracing, and uncompromising. The only sweetness is the amber—just enough to make it wearable.

    I’ve read “Padparadscha” described as arid, and I think that’s correct. It’s as rough as a cat’s tongue, and to breathe it in deeply dries out the back of my sinuses. Named after a pink sapphire, there is nothing crystalline, cold, or static in this fragrance. When I smelled it, the hot pepper slap, the fresh cedar sap and sandalwood fireworks going off, I said to myself, Oh, Sweet Shakti.

    10th November, 2009

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    Notes: pepper, cedar, sandalwood, juniper, amber, musk

    A startling opening of cedar and pepper—very aromatic, very dramatic, and quite dry… The aromatic accords of the opening are unique; they are exotic and warm and yet, very quickly they all come well within the parameters of wearablity. They are coniferous-woody and pepper-spicy and they are presented with flair and passion. The fragrance, though, doesn’t have very much sillage—it stays close to the skin providing an exotic cedary / juniper ambiance but for too short of time. Even though the fragrance appears to be constantly morphing into woody variations, it never seems to reach much of a sandalwood presence, and its amber also holds back, leaving it quite dry even in the dry down. Its main characteristic is that of a beautiful, resinous cedar that reminds me a bit of Sequoia by CdG, but Padparadscha is more challenging and, after the initial burst, less aggressive. Padparadscha is a unique unisex woody / spicy fragrance that is refreshingly exotic, surprisingly wearable, but could use much more longevity. (Rewrite of 24 April 2007 review.)

    31st October, 2009

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