Coney Island (2007)
    by Bond No. 9

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    Bond's 29th scent. Coney Island is a fragrance designed for the summer and contains notes of Margarita, Guava, Melon and Sandalwood.

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    What a truly strange smell this is. Don't let the topnotes fool you - it's a bright explosion of sweet lime made sparkly and effervescent by a generous dollop of aldehydes. As the lime quickly fades, a subtle ginger comes in, meshing with the aldehydes to create a CDG Soda effect, but that is fleeting as well. The real stars of Coney Island are the weird chemicals.

    This one sent me running to my little box of chemical ingredients to try to figure out what I was smelling. There are those aldehydes, which smell sparkly when mixed with citrus or ginger but more like frothed egg whites on their own (I can definitely see how other reviewers have said this smells like eggs - it's those aldehydes). There's an overdose of calone, which has an eggy undertone itself, but mostly smells like salt. And there's also a ton of Allyl Amyl Glycolate, which is sort of like a fake galbanum, but with a huge plasticky chemical brightness to it. All the ingredients listed in the pyramid (chocolate? cinnamon? whatever...) are overwhelmed by the chemical smells and only vaguely seem to ground the crazy synthetics.

    Honestly, I've enjoyed wearing Coney Island, but only because I'm an ingredient nerd. I don't think it smells very good (more like a chemistry experiment gone haywire than anything remotely "beachy"), but it's kept me entertained. Points for weirdness, but with points deducted for smelling kind of gross, so I'm splitting the difference with a neutral rating...

    31st December, 2013

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    [LEFT][/LEFT]It took me a while to get used to this scent. It smells like the beach in a way that is very different than how most perfumes handle it. It doesn't have any of that "fresh air accord," nor any trace of island flowers.

    Personally, to me, it smells more like Montauk (the beach, not the perfume) or Cape Cod. It sure doesn't remind me of Coney Island.

    Coney Island (the beach) has a very distinctive smell. I can't really put my finger on what it is, but I think it's a combination of the sand there and the wood used for the boardwalk when it's wet. (The sand is brought in from Florida.) You could blindfold me and bring me there and from the smell alone, I would know I was there.

    Bond No. 9's Coney Island is a very unique scent. It captures the smell of salt air. I almost expect my skin to feel tacky when I use it. Light, yet long-lasting. Nice for the summer.

    Pros: Smells like salt air, long-lasting

    07 June, 2013

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    I'm sorry but I don't smell any type of margarita or citrus in this scent. Being from Ca. I've had my fair share of Margarita's & this doesn't smell like any of the ones I've had. In fact when I first bought it & put it on I hated it! It smelled like wet dog! I admit my olfactory system tends to get a bit loopy after migraines but I wasn't liking it.

    Then of course after about 1/2 hour it changed & I started to like it. I can't pick out singular notes like a lot other basenote reviewers but it does smell very clean & refreshing after it dry's and has decent staying power.

    It's not a favorite of mine but it has it's moments & uses. I'll definitely be wearing this in the late Spring & Summer.

    22 March, 2013

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    I like this scent, I really do..but not as a fragrance. If I had a can of this sitting in the bathroom for those times when you need a strong smell to cover up get the picture. The margarita and caramel chocolate blends well, I truly smell the margarita!! I just wouldn't want it on me, or someone I was near. Like most Bonds, it is linear and dries down similar to when first applied.

    23 February, 2013

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    This fragrance opens up with a sweet Lime/ margarita scent. A very unique twist to the over done "Citrus" summer fragrances. A very distinguished opening, then about 10 to 15 mins into the dry down it almost becomes a gourmand vibe, with a chocolate and creamy caramel perfectly blended together in mid dry down harmony. After and hour or two it has the base notes of sandalwood and Cinnamon that lingers for the rest of its duration. This a very unique fragrance mixed well with aquatic notes, and gourmand. This has been my go to bottle in the summer. Highly recommend this fragrance by the house of Bond no.9 !

    14 December, 2012

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    Nice summer scent that starts very citrusy and refreshing,

    The heart is caramelised sugar that gets wrapped up in vanilla and woody notes after a while.

    The longevity is good for about 6 hours max.

    Lovely bottle and packaging, however on the down side, the price tag is just excessive for what the juice quality is all about.

    Get it at a reduced price if you can.

    Thumbs up!

    27 August, 2012

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