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Coney Island (2007)
by Bond No. 9


Coney Island information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseBond No. 9
PerfumerRichard Herpin
Parent CompanyLaurice & Co

About Coney Island

Bond's 29th scent. Coney Island is a fragrance designed for the summer and contains notes of Margarita, Guava, Melon and Sandalwood.

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Reviews of Coney Island

This one ranks pretty low on my scale for a Bond.
At first, it smelled like candy in a trash can. It works well layered with Little Italy, but is not worth retail price.
29th August, 2018
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United States
heavy salt and there is something in there that's very off putting to me. just doesn't work for me.cant get pass that pungent bitter salty vibe....
01st February, 2018
Love this stuff. It took me a little bit to appreciate just how interesting it is...

Strangely enough, at first it seemed linear to me.

I don't know how I had that impression. The way this scent changes with time is a big part of what I like about it.

The actual accord is difficult to describe. But, for me, it definitely conjures boardwalk/twilight imagery.

This is one I'll always have in the collection.

I do think the projection/longevity could be better, but I just go a bit heavy with the sprays.
23rd June, 2017
One of the most unique scents in the Bond line. Starts with a lime "margarita" then it develops into the reason I bought it, the caramel, chocolate, salty scent that has a smell that you can truly taste. The salty smell also gives off a feeling of being at the beach where the salt just lingers out of the ocean into the air. Real neat stuff. I don't like the first 30 minutes or so on me, but when it calms it's really nice.

If you're lucky enough to catch the guava notes then you will be truly blown away by this one.
25th April, 2017
I sampled Coney Island while looking for some new summer fragrances for my collection. I typically avoid the Bond line because of their prices (but if you look hard enough you can find them reasonable), and they seem to appeal to a younger, less conservative crowd. However, I have to say I really liked this one.

IMO Coney Island is a more complex version of a Tommy Bahama scent or one of the CK Summer editions. The whole composition is very pleasant and has a nice, yet sweet, ocean vacation appeal. I don't think the comparison to Creed's VIW is accurate, as I didn't get any of the suntan lotion scent that dominates VIW. Another thing that impressed was that CI lasted a long, long time on my skin, 8+ hours, with average to soft projection. Incredibly good for s summer fragrance.

Great fragrance, but it doesn't fit what I'm looking for right now.
21st April, 2015
Coney Island is a weird yet fun fragrance. First of all, I was surprised to see a fragrance with these type of notes being marketed for summer use. Cinnamon, chocolate, cedar? YIKES! Well...... Not so much. :) Coney Island is a unique composition that starts off with a blast of melon, cinnamon & aqua notes. The beginning is strong & comes at you full force, but don't let that steer you away from this beauty. As it mellows down after a couple of hours, the musk, chocolate, lime & melon all appear on my skin in harmony with no note outdoing the other.

Coney Island projects nicely and last about 8 hours on my skin, which is good for a summer marketed fragrance as many of them are fleeting. I would think the cinnamon, chocolate, cedar & sandalwood are responsible for the fragrance holding up thus far along with higher quality of materials used. The only thing problem I find with Coney Island is versatility! If your not going to a beach & or amusement park, picnic, maybe even a zoo, I don't see where this would fit in. I would not wear this to the office as it does not fit in with that type of setting at least for me.

I do applaud Bond No 9 for creating a fragrance such as this. They stepped out on a limb & ran like the dickens! Rather you like this or not, it deserves credit for what it is.
30th October, 2014

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