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Curve Kicks for Men (2007)
by Liz Claiborne


Curve Kicks for Men information

Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseLiz Claiborne
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchClaiborne Cosmetics

About Curve Kicks for Men

Curve Kicks for Men is a masculine fragrance by Liz Claiborne. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Curve Kicks for Men

Another Curve flanker that I was impressed with!

Curve Kicks, with its dizzying array of scent notes, is actually quite pleasant overall. It starts with a noticeably strong citrus kick, which dries down to a powdery, minty, pungent quality reminiscent of Hugo Boss Soul.

Longevity is pretty decent. I find this to be great for casual occasions, day or night, all year round.
21st April, 2017
When I saw the note pyramid which included almost everything but the kitchen sink, I expected a synthetic bomb and I cringed before I applied it to my skin. I didn’t need to cringe – it’s not that bad… in fact, it comes across as a more or less pleasant scent. It’s synthetic but the synthetics are tolerable.
In spite of the seventeen ingredients mentioned in the pyramid, Curve Kicks seems a bit thin to me. If all those notes are there, you can’t prove it by me. The top accord depends on aquatics, mint, and ginger with a tiny help from some citrus synthetic. It’s not bad… but I can tell immediately that there is not enough substance in the accord to keep it going very long – in fact, “lack of substance” is the main problem or the entire fragrance.

The middle accord hands itself over primarily to the cedar note – and, oh yes, there’s a little labdanum synthetic underscoring the cedar. Very little amber there – it’s not too sweet, and I applaud that, what sweetness appears, seems to come from a light, pleasant musk. Again, the main problem with this accord is its lack of solid olfactory substance.

The base peters out way too quickly. What I can catch of it is a neutral wood base sweetened by a mild musk. It’s okay, but very generic, quite synthetic, and a bit too short-lived. I would think that this should probably be more than a skin scent. I noticed what sentimus said about Iceberg Twice, so I got out my bottle of that… He’s right on all accounts – Curve Kicks is similar to Iceberg Twice; it is less complex, with poorer sillage, and less lasting power than Iceberg Twice; and Iceberg Twice does not have the synthetic aura that Curve Kicks has. Still Curve Kicks is not terrible – but there are many, many better ones out there.
28th August, 2015
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
great longevity sillage and projection. a lot of notes mixed together but it's a sweet and somewhat immature scent that is borderline feminine but i love it. great compliment getter that you will enjoy yourself. the cedar amber woods and patchouli are the most prominent notes that evolve the scent. i love it!!!
11th January, 2013
I don't know about other reviewers but I personally think that this is the best Curve for men. Well, maybe not the best (Soul is the best), but definitely the 2nd best. I wear this out frequently in the fall and in winter, cooler days and sometimes in the evenings. I give it thumbs up and recommend to everyone to give Curve Kicks a try.
02nd July, 2009
Acerbic and grating mint bomb that dries down into generic, semi-musky, somewhat woody nothingness.

This churned out bilge is Insense Aquamarine with less charm. (And Insense Aquamarine didn't have much charm to begin with.)
18th April, 2009
Herbaceous and minty, sounds like they should go together (ginger and mint? blech) but alas it's truly terrible and medicinal. Take it back.
27th December, 2008

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