Vecchi Rossetti (2008)
    by Hilde Soliani Profumi

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    Part of the Teatro Olfattivo Parma 08 collection.

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    I was immediately struck by the similarity of Hilde Soliani Profumi VECCHI ROSSETTI to Bvlgari's first fragrance, POUR FEMME, created by Sophia Grojsman back in 1994. The key links are the violets and the roses, but there is also a glamorous—even theatrical—quality to both of these resinous perfumes. In a side-by-side comparison, I find that BVLGARI POUR FEMME is richer and more complex to my nose—which makes a lot of sense given the vast range of notes present in that composition, as compared to the modest number included in VECCHI ROSSETTI.

    So I guess that Sophia Grojsman has outshined the competition once again. I'm not one to charge perfumers with plagiarism, and I certainly don't think that a niche perfumer such as Hilde Soliani would consciously copy a famous perfume and then charge more for the so-called knock-off than the original costs, but I do think that Sophia Grojsman has managed to stake so many claims to so many clearly identifiable segments of the grand olfactory map that she represents a force to be reckoned with! She seems to possess a particular form of perfumic genius which is able to identify uncharted territory and make it her own in an iconic perfume against which all others in the same neighborhood (but created later on down the line) are bound to be invariably measured.

    25 September, 2011

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    The overall effect is makeup, aerosol hairspray (think Aqua Net), nail polish remover, bug spray, and waxed wooden stage floor. This is a wonderfully and amazingly true and complete olfactory expression of an old performance theater—the place itself, the performers, and the patrons all included...I mean the entire atmosphere is capture here. Its vintage perfumy character is very pleasantly evocative for me. This is probably my favorite perfumy (vs. soliflore) violet fragrance. Ultimately, VR is not only intellectually fascinating but also entirely wearable.

    Projection, sillage, and longevity are all excellent.

    14 May, 2011 (Last Edited: 26 December, 2012)

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    l got this as a free sample with an order from Luckyscent. Their web page won't load right now, but if l remember correctly, this scent is supposed to evoke the smell of an old theatre. lf that's what you're looking for, it certainly does that, complete with musty, stale make-up, polished wood & spent cigarettes, like an abandoned dressing room. lt's hard to distinguish notes, although there is something in there that reminds me of Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden. lt's unusual & interesting, but definitely not something l want to smell of. Thankfully it doesn't last long.

    08 February, 2011

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